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  1. Stretch to Fit A/C Belt

    they have ones like the type linked below that have a removal and install tool http://www.sears.com/pbt-stretch-fit-belt-kit/p-00922024000P?sid=IDx01192011x202447059&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9LPYBRDSARIsAHL7J5mWPyKECROeflOtxajpXdeNy0bgz5OrQcINwAcCq5UJbVMgnBzIhPUaApjWEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNXwn5_Dq9sCFQ4IDAodumoGPw
  2. Win A Pair Of Sylvania Cube-X LED Lights!

    Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? Yes. I accessorize the truck to the point where it has the features I wish to have on my vehicle but not to the point where I am sinking money into a vehicle that I will never see back. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? YES but only after reading reviews so that I can determine if it would be a high enough quality to justify saving the money. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? No.
  3. yet another tire thread

    I was just thinking to replace them when I get this next set of tires since they will be unmounted. I read mixed things online that it can last 10 years or so and wasn't exactly sure. I have the relearn tool but can't easily knock the tire off the bead and put a new sensor in at home so I didn't know if it is truly a waste to put new sensors in or just leave the factory ones alone. It probably doesn't cost much to leave them alone and if it does randomly die on the new set of tires have it unmounted and replaced and then remount the tire but I just don't want to have another rim leak issue from screwing around with the tire to replace a dead sensor. If I can go 2 sets of tires on these factory sensors I will. I wish I had the higher level sensor tool to read how much battery life is left in each sensor.
  4. yet another tire thread

    The only one I wish that had a sensor is the spare just because it's a bit of an annoying pain to crawl under the truck just to check the pressure. Oh well. Mine thankfully isn't really rusted and doesn't leak.
  5. yet another tire thread

    Oh yeah believe me it is. Did you get the same OEM TPMS sensors or did you get some other brand 315mHz sensors? I wish I could just ditch the TPMS sensors all together. I check my tires twice a month for pressure.
  6. yet another tire thread

    My bad I didn't notice your picture haha. Good point. On my Envoy I had BFG's (the long trail T/A) and loved the tire. They were excellent even in deep snow. Never tried to go far off road with them though. I agree with the corrosion but at the same point all the steel on my truck is rusting from the tons of salt we put on the roads. I am debating on scraping and grinding off the rust on the frame and priming/painting it or just leaving it go. I tried to help the rusty frame on my Envoy and it was a disaster. It was rusting faster after I cleaned the frame off and put POR15 on it than it was before I tried to clean it up. Mine being a 2014 has the pathetic job of the wax dipped frame where newer ones are better for the coating (still wish they painted the frame).
  7. yet another tire thread

    Thank you for that. Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking but figured i'd ask around and see what everyone's opinion was. I barely go off road and maybe next summer if I get the new tires by then it will be my first time driving all the way to outer banks in North Carolina to drive on the beach. I don't care about fuel economy. I previously had a GMC Envoy and that truck was worse on gas than my Silverado is. Like I told my girlfriend, I bought a SUV and a pickup for a purpose, not for fuel economy. If I wanted to have great fuel economy and not have a vehicle good for hauling things then I would have a rice burner like her Hyundai Accent. haha. The cooper A/T3's seem good except for the reviews for snow/ice are less than that of the Kuhmo's. I'm also debating on if I want to just leave the stock spare alone or maybe see if I can salvage one of the current TPMS sensors and throw it in the spare tire and possibly consider getting a new spare as well. I never rotate my tires to include the spare and am not blowing money on getting another aluminium rim for the spare so it matches the factory rims but just thinking since the spare tire is as bad as the SRA's and i'm not sure if it would be good to have a crap tire like that on the truck with the newer/better tires as it wouldn't really grab at all. Idk, just thinking in my head.
  8. yet another tire thread

    So I am about to be in the market for tires on my 14 Silverado 1500 and figured i'd get some opinions on here. I currently have the pathetic SRA's and one of my rims has a bead leak (I tried to fix it at home but couldn't break the damn thing loose from the rim and ended up putting 2 dents in the side of the rim from trying to beat the bead off the rim but oh well). I have 6-7/32" left on all 4 tires and the traction is pathetic like others mention. Snow is horrible, rain is okay but I always spin the wheels when I try to pull out somewhere. I have a 3.42 G80 rear end and the max towing package on my truck. I myself do not do much towing aside from the occasional order from lowes or when I go camping. I don't really expect to be towing a massive amount of weight but I always drive off road when I am camping and also plan to drive on the beach as well at times. I had 2 tire punctures from 2 small self tapping screws on the stock tires. I also do not have a lift on the truck and do not plan to lift it. I figure that I may have about another year of life left on my stock tires before I need to replace them. Looking through the forum it seems that most members have upgraded their tire to one that is slightly wider than the stock 265/65r18 that the truck came with. I was thinking about either sticking to the factory 265/65r18 and picking the passenger rated Kuhmo Road Venture tires or upgrading to a light truck tire with a wider size of 275/65r18 that is the same Kuhmo Road venture. The price difference on tirerack is $127 to upgrade to a slightly wider tire and have the load rating for a light truck. What is everyones opinion on this? Should I save the money and stick with a passenger rated tire or should I upgrade to a heavier duty light truck tire? I'm not concerned about a rougher ride (the potholes around western new york are horrendous anyways) I just don't want a horrible drone noise when on the thruway. And does anyone have a recommendation on a TPMS sensor that does not have the bendable rubber stem? I found a few knockoff ones online that are solid metal valve stems but didn't know how durable they would be as well as if the TPMS sensor battery would last long enough.
  9. NEW guy from WNY

    Welcome to the forum. I'm just outside of Buffalo in Cheektowaga and have a 14 Silverado 1500.
  10. Coolant smell in cab

    Being a 2014 like mine, i'd put money on a crack in the radiator near the top. Look around and check the top of your radiator where the plastic sides meet the body of the radiator. Mine cracked on both sides at the top and was a little low on coolant. I took it in for service since it happened to smell just after I bought it used from the dealer and they had replaced the rad and thermostat as a part of the recall below. I drove away with it replaced and then the dealer called and said mine wasn't affected. I argued with them over the phone and they dropped the matter and I didn't pay a dime.
  11. I'm not sure which line is the inlet (pretty sure it's the line at the bottom of the rad on the drivers side) but when I did a flush of my transmission on my old 04 Envoy I did a pan drop first, changed the filter. then I pulled the line off of the radiator where the fluid comes into the rad and hooked up a rubber hose to the line and put the other end in my vacuum canister so it would not make a giant mess. I had my girlfriend start the truck and let it sit in park and continue to run the truck until the oil coming out of the hose would start to burp. Then I had her shut the truck off and I filled up the transmission and had her turn the truck on again. I had her keep doing this until the fluid coming out is the same color as the fresh fluid I was putting in. Then I had filled up the transmission again and had her shift the truck through each gear several times to pump out the fluid in the different servos and galleys in the transmission. Then I reinstalled the line on the radiator, filled up the transmission and went out for a ride. The only issue with what I mentioned is that i'm not sure this will apply for our new transmission since we have a thermostat on it from the factory. I don't know if that thermostat blocks the return or supply line or maybe even both when it's not warm enough. My envoy did not have a thermostat on the transmission.
  12. mychevrolet app

    Like previously mentioned it's a 5 year free basic service from the date of manufacture of the vehicle. It doesn't matter how long you've owned the vehicle. I have the basic and only use the app on my phone to start my truck in my building at work other than that I never use the damn thing. I attempted to install an aftermarket remote start I had in my previous truck in my silverado and failed since it would only turn on the accessories and not try to crank the engine. I am going to attempt that again in the spring/summer to see if with another brand bypass module I can get the truck to actually start up. I'm hoping I do because it's a security and remote start combo and I can get up to a mile range so I can still start the truck in my building at work, plus I wouldn't have to worry about the whole 10 minute remote start nonsense from the factory where it runs for no more than 20 minutes and you have to hit the button for remote start twice, it's super annoying.
  13. Remote start help

    Like mentioned you would need to turn the temp knob to your desired temperature and then set the mode selector how you wish. When I had my old GMC Envoy that had manual heater controls, I had set the fan speed to high, temperature all the way to heat and the mode was set to defrost and floor. That way it would defrost my windshield and front windows as well as heat up the cabin for me. If when I went out to my truck it was really frozen then I turn the knob to full defrost. In the summer months, I would set the fan speed to high, temperature all the way to cold and then put the mode to blow out of the dash vents and the floor. I never use the recirculate button on remote start operations.
  14. I can't speak from the headlights that are HID projectors from the factory but in my old GMC Envoy I put aftermarket HID projectors in and the headlight had a small bit of hazing like that from the intense heat output of the light. Projectors will take the light and focus it on one spot and not spread it out like standard reflector lights will do so they can haze the plastic.
  15. For non-canadian trucks you can just turn the headlight knob to the left of where it is on automatic and it will disable DRL. It will read a message on the DIC of automatic headlamps disable or something like that. For Canadian trucks, try to turn the knob to the right just once to turn on the running lights. Your headlights should stay off in this mode (at least they do on mine and I have a 14 silverado with the halogen bulbs, not sure about the newer HID/LED lights) and then when you get out turn the knob back off. I know in my old GMC Envoy there was a way to wire up the DRL to a relay so it would keep the DRL's disabled every time you turned the truck on. This probably won't work since the DRL is controlling the led portion of your headlight and then when it gets dark enough you are turning on the headlamps and parking lights as well.

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