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  1. Not many owners have a clue of these reasons. Thanks for talking it how it was intended.
  2. Helps direct airflow to the radiator, helps with aero as well.
  3. It is a possibly. The scanner we used is set up for it. I'm hopefully thinking the firmware is not up to date.
  4. My abs, stability lights are on, but when you try to read the codes, nothing is there. I have never seen this happen before. The cruise control does not work, nor the trailer system. I checked the fuse panel under the hood, fuses are all OK. Any ideas?
  5. I do not know the number. Maybe try looking on their website, I know I have seen them. The camera is mounted on the outside edge, to me it looks like they would catch on things.
  6. When I bought mine it was only 1k for the system. Bed cam, both side mirror cams, wireless cam for my race trailer. I had to buy the tire mirrors separately. Now they have cams for the stock mirrors, but they stick out from the side, not underneath. As far as programming, that is what the dealer said they had to do because the signal was not correct. Were they lying, who knows. Truck had zero miles, the camera system was also new on the market at the time...
  7. I have what sounds to be the same system, it's called Intella Haul. I also have the White Automotive option added to the rear camera so I can see what's behind me while driving. When I ordered my '17, I had the dealership install the system. They will need to program the truck anyways. Great system, now they are making the trucks work a similar system right at GM...
  8. If you do it right, that will be a good test for the female version of our trucks! LOL
  9. You all should take note, this is what customer service is all about!
  10. I know, I've had lifted truck before and do now. But, you still need to know your vehicle, and the footprint it takes up...
  11. Put the tires back in we're they belong, your wheel bearings will thank you... Another plus is that you won't be grabbing the grooves in the road all the time either. Trust me I know, I used to have a '72 K5 with 40" ground hogs, I had to add two stabilizer shocks. That thing grabbed every groove in the road, it would pull all the time because of it. It was my every day driver...
  12. A while back, a guy at work bought a brand-new 2020 GMC, Both my vette and his truck were backed in. I parked to his right. When he went to leave, his right rear tire and rim did a number on the left front corner of my vette. It looked like I was in a race at Daytona. Scrape marks, tire marks, you name it... His insurance covered everything, I added a couple bucks and got a RK sport hood while it was at the repair shop. Because of the height difference of the vehicles, he never even knew I was parked there...
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