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  1. Really, just like that you give it all away? You must be really fun to be around if someone is telling a joke...
  2. Clock Work Orange, and Jacobs Ladder were two that you had to watch a few times to try and figure out what you had just seen...
  3. I bet you do get good range with a aftermarket unit, I know I always have. I can still use my phone app if I want, just think they really missed on the range from factory. I use the Drone app, along with the Compustar on my vette. The range on that remote is about 1/4 miles, plus have the phone app as well, worth even penny. It even gives feedback, vehicle condition, location and more. Pretty much what I would have expected from factory, given the price we pay for a brand new vehicle...
  4. My factory remotes have terrible range, 100 feet away is max...
  5. I wonder why the guy you quoted claimed to have money range then ?
  6. Did you buy the trick new? I ordered mine new, it has the remote option as well, and it does not have the tag ons that you show... I can't believe they would do that from factory...
  7. No problems, easy to add or delete tune if going to the dealer. I added a Pedal Commander for off road, or track...
  8. When, where? I used to be in the Avalanche club as well...
  9. Roger that, I will have to check that. I do know the seat memory works fine, so it must be sectioned off...
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