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  1. Did you buy the trick new? I ordered mine new, it has the remote option as well, and it does not have the tag ons that you show... I can't believe they would do that from factory...
  2. No problems, easy to add or delete tune if going to the dealer. I added a Pedal Commander for off road, or track...
  3. When, where? I used to be in the Avalanche club as well...
  4. Roger that, I will have to check that. I do know the seat memory works fine, so it must be sectioned off...
  5. Not sure to tell the truth. I'll disconnect, and see what happens...
  6. Just replaced original one about a month ago..
  7. I reset the memory 1, then moved the the mirror. I then pushed and held button 1 (as I always do), the mirror did not move at all
  8. No, my son drove the truck, he moved the mirrors. When I got in to drive, I hit the memory 1 button, nothing. So, I set the mirrors to how I wanted them, set the memory. Then I moved the mirrors, and then hit memory 1 again, they did not move.
  9. Tried tapping, and holding... The memory for the seats still works when I shut the truck down, or start it up.
  10. I noticed that when I hit the memory switch on the door, nothing happens. I purposely moved the mirrors, then hit, not set the memory switch, nothing happened. Any ideas?
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