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  1. Been thinking of adding a heated steering wheel, where can I get all the parts I need for the best price?
  2. For me, the main glare come from the passengers seat. During hunting season is the worst, bright orange everywhere!
  3. Exactly what I have done in the past, and currently do...
  4. Have you seen the Rough Country flares? I think they will be what you are looking for, could be wrong, who knows? I have the smooth style on my truck, no drilling required, no holes in my truck. IR lights, just mount them as normal, you can also get a remote search light like I have, that has a remote control. It has a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug, or hardwire of you like. I can't remember if it is just shy of 360°, or just over. Or also swivels up and down. It has a suction cup mount, or a base with magnets on the bottom, that locks the unit in. It has a push button release so you can leave that bar mounted, and remove the light when not in use. I tested it with the base at highest speeds with no problems at all.
  5. I have a like new AFE Momentum HD for sale. Everything is there, it fits 5.3 and 6.2. Asking $350.00 shipped obo...
  6. Sorry, sorry spellcheck took over. I meant set up, I used to have a galaxy when I was stationed in Georgia a few years back...
  7. What is your art up, kind of range are you getting?
  8. Why did you safety wire your drain plug? Is it baking out on its own somehow?
  9. When I ordered my '17, the dealership had it more than I did the first 4 months. I sent in, and called but never heard from anyone... Maybe my responses were too negative? I even told them to take the truck back at one point. Can't believe all the issues I went through, this was my first new vehicle purchase, when I sat down with the salesman, and new car manager to order, and check boxes to get the truck I wanted, I expected that was the truck I would get, not so when it finally came in... I purposely drive 40 minutes or if my way so I don't have to go to that dealer.
  10. Looks like what I did to mine a while back, I still have the front hitch for whatever may come up. I figured I'd I needed a trailer for one, get one big enough for both.
  11. So many good reasons to get rid of the lt1, and go LS...
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