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  1. What did you pay for your truck?

    +1... In my area, GM Employee Pricing does not apply to 2019 Silverado/Sierra.
  2. Leather front bench seat?

    Base LTZ has leather bench seats. However, you loose them by adding most of the packages.
  3. Issues after 70k miles

    It's been working fine for over a week, so the issue is fixed as far as I'm concerned. If the check engine light comes back again, I'll just take it to the dealership.
  4. Issues after 70k miles

    First code was P2097...
  5. Issues after 70k miles

    Originally, they just replaced 2 but light came back on, so the replaced the other 2. Overall, i had to take the truck 3 times to the dealer to get it fixed. And guess what, they tried to blame the K&N filter for it. At the end I agreed for them to put a new one in.
  6. So I had a check engine light popup a week ago and dealer replaced all 4 banks of sensors and the catalytic converter, totalling over $1,500 in repairs (covered by extended warranty). Truck has almost 70k miles and the extended warranty is good for another year and/or 5k miles. With this in mind, have you guys had any major issues on your trucks between 70k and 100k miles? I'm not totally convinced with the 2019, so I'm thinking about keeping the truck until the next Tahoe comes out.
  7. Most of the vehicles I know with push button can only be remote started with an app. Good to hear that we can still do it from the keyfob.
  8. Not trailer related but I noticed the push botton to start/stop the truck. Will we be loosing the capability to remote start from the key fob?
  9. Rear air vents!

    The lack of rear vents almost made me buy the redesigned Tundra back in 2013. Also, as you know here in Texas, one of the first mods is to install window tint. Heck, sometimes my arm still gets sunburned with it, so don't want to imagine what it would be without it.
  10. Rear air vents!

    Those vents under the seat (2014+) that some people are mentioning only blow air when the ac controller is set to floor or split. They do not work in normal/front ac mode. Having true rear vents make a significant difference for the back passengers.
  11. I bought my 14 LTZ before the High County came out and it doesn't have that feature.
  12. Houston Auto Show

    Great. I guess I know where I'll be going this weekend.
  13. For those in Houston, is the new Silverado being displayed at the auto show?

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