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  1. Is GM now providing bigger discounts in July vs June?
  2. As I was adding gas to my truck today, i noticed that the tanked moved when i placed the handle in. Hopefully someone can give the part number or name for the part that's missing where the tank connects to the body (by the fuel door). Thanks in advance!
  3. Dont think anyone will be buying this one. $444k is a little too much. https://www.dennisdillongmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2019-GMC-Sierra_1500-Double_Cab_Standard_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_SLT-Boise-ID/3347519013
  4. Truck Month

    Since GM now reports quarterly sales, I don't expect any other discounts/incentives until April. Once they report 1Q sales, they will see the decline and have to adjust.
  5. +1 On the jump seat. It gives me one more seat to put the kids in when they are fighting in the back. Do i use it all the time, no, but its available when needed. Been looking at upgrading to a 2019, but don't think Chevy offers a universal remote (garage door opener) in a jump seat configuration. In order to have it, i must upgrade to bucket seats.
  6. Extended warranty

    Chevrolet Extended Limited Warranty. Not sold on all states. https://www.chevrolet.com/protection/extended-limited-warranty Downside is that it's only good for 5yr/60,000 miles.
  7. Did anyone get the new GM extended warranty? If so, what are the terms (months/mileage) and how much did you pay for it?
  8. We went to the car show this last weekend and compared Ram vs Silverado. We looked at the Ram Limited first and all I can say is that if felt sad sitting inside the High Country. Even my kids asked why this new truck (HC) had the same interior as our current truck (2014 LTZ). One of my friends just bought a Ram and if he dosent have any issues, I will be buying one too later this year.
  9. Looks like Ram outsold the Silverado in 4Q 2018. I'm sure that caught somebody's attention in GM headquarters. Therefore, the increased discounts that started early January.
  10. Do they make the 6.2 in 2wd? I tried building one, but could only get it with 4wd.
  11. Normally, the key fobs have a real key inside of them and the vehicle has a place to insert this real key. I wonder if the truck will still turn off if the real key is inserted?
  12. +1... In my area, GM Employee Pricing does not apply to 2019 Silverado/Sierra.
  13. Base LTZ has leather bench seats. However, you loose them by adding most of the packages.
  14. Issues after 70k miles

    It's been working fine for over a week, so the issue is fixed as far as I'm concerned. If the check engine light comes back again, I'll just take it to the dealership.

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