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  1. I will be doing a custom tune and doing the filter and oil change. Would ac delco be better than Amsoil? Or would mobil 1 full synthetic be best? I have read that theres a new full synthetic for this transmissions
  2. I purchased myb14 silverado in december 25 2019.it has a 3 year warranty. I have a problem with 1-2 shifting wrong. It almost gives you whiplash. I have had it updated 2 times and what I do it goes away for a bit then returns. When I did the diablo can tune it made it worse.i have tried taking it to the dealer I got it from. They have a hard time recreating the problem. I was told it has to learn my stile of driving. This does not seem right. Am I wrong. What should I do.
  3. Sorry, had trouble logging back in, lost my phone and all my password. Ether way. Thank you. It was because I unplugged my maf sensor.
  4. Hi, I bought a 14 silverado december 25 of 2019. It came with a 3 year transmission warranty. I feel it has a problem. From 1-2 it shifts funny like it is slipping but not really. I decided to get a diablo tuner i3. I did the 93 diablo tune and 1-2 got worse. It almost gives you whiplash. I have had it updated 2 times already but when I remove the tune it goes away but it comes back after a while. Can I get some advice. I took it in to get looked at but they cant recreate the problem. All other shifts are great and the truck has a lot of power.
  5. After using the valve cleaner I got codes p0113, p2097, and p2228. I reset them but came back on after starting the truck two time. Is this normal or did something happen?
  6. Thank you guys for the help. I have an idea of what to expect now.
  7. I have a 14 silverado with power adjust towing mirrors with turn signals and would like to switch to regular mirrors. Would the harness be a plug-and-play? Or do I need to cut the harness?
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