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  1. No worries! You should swing by their shop and see what they do, they are a great group.
  2. Yes it's called Vinyl Wurx and their located in woods cross. Tell them Mike with the Matte Black Silverado sent you and they'll hook you up!
  3. I had mine done by a place here in Utah called Vinyl Wurx (they also do all the wrap jobs for Diesel Brothers) they did a phenomenal job and are really detail oriented, my whole truck was 4k.
  4. Cleaned up some of the wrap and put a dark film over the fog lights.
  5. Got most of what I want done, matte ballads wrap, chrome delete, need to darken the tail lights next.
  6. Blacked out the turn signals on the side view mirrors today
  7. Ain't that the truth. I've noticed that about all truck forums unfortunately. Everybody is a genius and everybody knows everything on these things ?
  8. I'm not talking about painting them with black paint. I'm talking about a light darkening. In my years as a cop, I've never met somebody who rear ended another car with slightly darker tail lights ?
  9. Has anybody had lucky darkening tail lights?
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