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    2019 Silverado LTZ
  1. I had a 2018 Ram 1500 before I bought my 2019 Silverado. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the interior of the Chevy but I’m here to tell you, the Ram is a nightmare. First off, the infotainment system constantly had problems. It wouldn’t start or it would reboot in the middle of driving. If I plugged my phone in, it would sometimes freeze up not allowing me to adjust the air, volume or any other controls (super fun in the middle of winter). My truck would be completely off and the radio would magically turn on blasting music in the middle of the night. The interior of the new Ram is no different, beautiful in pictures but cheap to the touch. That’s ultimately what made me switch to Chevy. Here is a clip of what it’s like inside the Ram 🤣 96439429-1A12-440E-BC69-253BFF8FA66D.MOV
  2. I completely agree. I had a Ram before and the interior looked pretty in pictures but was so cheap feeling in real life. I also didn’t opt for a new RAM because I sure as hell don’t want to control EVERYTHING off their glitchy infotainment screen.
  3. Disappointed with 2019

    As a previous Ram owner, I’ll tell you that the pics of the inside look beautiful but feel very cheap. The infotainment system never worked right and I hate having a massive screen that controls everything. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the Silverado and simple things like the thickness of the doors.
  4. Thanks! Yes level and 275/60R20 nitto ridge grapplers
  5. Finally got the black bow tie on! Now I need to delete that stupid front plate bracket.
  6. Where’d you buy the bug deflector?
  7. Thanks! It’s must leveled with Nitto grapplers and fuel XD wheels
  8. Had paint correction and ceramic pro done to the exterior, interior and wheels. So far I love it! Hope the pic does it justice.
  9. I did the LTZ with leather and a jump seat and love it!
  10. How much did that run you?
  11. I want to remove mine but am not sure the holes it might leave.

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