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  1. I am wondering if WeatherTech's mounting system will dig into the paint on the fender lip? By the looks of it (see photo) it may. IMHO this is a perfect place for rust to take hold, especially in areas where road salt is used.
  2. You have everything 100% correct with regard to my Silverado's wheels and tires. Thanks for the clarification, I really appreciate the information you provided. Years back, one of my Brothers in Arms decided to go at it (verbally) with a Captain. The Captain said to him "Richard, in a battle of wits, you're an unarmed man". Now that I have the info to go forward, I won't be Richard II.
  3. Thanks a million newdude! I'll post an update when the matter is resolved.
  4. Anyone? I will be contacting the dealer today about the speedo issue. Since they gave me a BS story last time around, it would be great if I knew what can (or can't) be done before I speak with them. Thanks
  5. Agree. My question at this point is whether or not the dealer has the ability to reprogram the PCM for the tires that are on the truck? I do not want to go with an aftermarket solution that may cause other issues down the road.
  6. Thanks "Billet Bowtie". Using the tire size calculator (https://www.discounttiredirect.com/learn/tire-size-calculator) and inputting the original factory tire as the "Current", then the tire that came with the truck as "New", the results were: Not happy that the dealer gave me a total BS story. Not happy that my odometer will be showing extra miles. I assume that the mpg calculations will also be off. If anyone knows a solution other than the Hypertech device, please chime in. I have seen elsewhere that there may be some sort of change that can be made via the PCM?
  7. A smaller tire/wheel was installed. Am I correct in assuming that that the 2.6 mph difference would be in the other direction (when the speedo reads 65, actual rate of speed is 62.4)? Thanks
  8. Hello All. I recently switched back to Chevy and purchased a 2019 Silverado LT 4WD DBL. The truck was delivered to me with 18" x 8.5" wheels, and 265/65 R18 tires. I later found out that the truck came from the factory with 22" x 9" wheels, and 275/50 R22 tires. I was told (by dealer service) that the hub had some type of "servo" that would automatically compensate for the wheel/tire change, and the speed displayed on the speedometer would be correct. Can anyone tell me if the information I received was accurate? I believe the speed being displayed is higher than the actual speed, but really don't know for sure. Thanks!
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