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  1. I understand the inventory issues, but still can't believe how much these trucks are selling for. Hopefully good for my gm stock price, but keeps delaying a purchase which is fine by me.
  2. That truck from hiley is not a fair representation as it has over 3k miles on it. 2WD is also an unusual truck.
  3. 10 trillion and counting has evaporated. GM can discount trucks over 10k and still make over 10k? Things have to change!
  4. Curious to see if GM gets more aggressive with pricing as 1-2 trillion dollars of wealth has just evaporated. Also would help to say where some of these deals are happening.
  5. On the sierra they are dark sky and pacific blue. I forget the exact chevy names, but that first pic looks like the equivalent of pacific blue to me. These are colors, like so many, that need to be seen in person!
  6. Curious as well. Is there a certain build date after which they have addressed/solved this problem?
  7. Yeah, stupid question. I'll have to have it scanned.
  8. My 09 silverado with 70000 miles occasionally throws the check engine light. No real pattern to it. Sometimes its gone the next morning, other times it stays on for a couple of days. Seems to run fine, no misfire, no gas smell etc. Been a great truck and I'm sure this is NBD.
  9. I agree, you did well. I'd buy tomorrow at that price but I can't get the dealers around here (mass.) to agree. Did you get any "special" discounts, ie miltary, lease etc. I do not qualify for those.
  10. I should have added to my original post that I have always been a firm believer in mud flaps. Was curious if the factory ones were good enough. I can definitely see adding better ones than what it comes with.
  11. Looking at a SLT with running boards and from the factory it comes with "small mud flaps"? Do you feel it's worthwhile taking those off and putting on better ones?
  12. Why do you feel it is a must on 5.3? Transfer case?
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