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  1. My piece of plywood has worked great!
  2. $7000 off msrp

    At least it's getting better. Still a shit ton of money for a pickup. I remember when my Father bought a truck for 10K and it had an automatic/I thought he was crazy!!
  3. I know any new model will have "some" issues, and also a forum is where the worst of the worst will show up but it seems like an awful lot of issues to me. Comments? I'm thinking a 2020 here as I never made a deal on a 2018 and I'm fine with that.
  4. I tried and failed getting 15 off 57ish list. Dealer reached out to me with "new" $500 coupon but I think I'll wait for a 2020. Easily get 13k off, maybe 14. Possibly presidents day sales 13-15? Don't know what you mean by losing warranty coverage? Warranty starts upon purchase. IMO they should knock off at least 15.
  5. Definitely seeing more of both on the road now, but not as many as I thought I would. Wonder how many people like me waiting on a 2020?
  6. This is good advice for everyone.
  7. You're looking at aprox 35k pre tax. Better to look at it this way/easier to compare. Tax % won't change no matter where you buy it, but if you pay less you get taxed less. I would buy something/somewhere else. Good luck.
  8. $895 dealer fee? Run Forest run.
  9. I understand what your saying about pricing. As soon as I posted my previous comment I knew I would get some flak about my old and dated comment, but I will stand by it. Not trying to insult anyone, but it's been out a long time and in need of some updates. One of the problems is GM didn't knock it out of the park with the 2019. I obviously don't hate the 18 if I'm considering one at 57 list, but just need to get more off than what's being offered. No problem if I can't. My current silverado is still fine.
  10. IMO the 11-12K is not nearly enough for a 2018. FWIW I have been looking at 2018's listing aprox 57K and I know I could get 13 off but that's still not enough for me. I have failed at 15 so 13-14 may be as much as you'll get? 13 will definitely not get me to buy. Again, IMO the 18 is such a dated and old platform that GM needs to step in and help some more. The 19's will hit 10K off soon enough but the QC concerns me for now. So I'm either at a 2018 this week/possibly Presidents day sale or thinking about a 2020 late fall. Your money/your call.
  11. Black02Silverado's 2019 Silverado

    I like the idea of removing the emblems, especially on the fenders. The tailgate I'm not as sure about, but can see doing that too. Congrats on the new ride.
  12. Agreed that quirk can be a royal pia/aka sleazy. I did buy a 2009 from them but have inquired after that and there were always "issues". Buyer beware.
  13. Local dealer (Quirk Chevy) is offering 9K off list.
  14. I understand the computer will allow for regular unleaded, don't care if the gas mileage is affected slightly for the worse, but do worry about long term consequences of not running super down the road. I plan on keeping the truck for a long time. Call me cheap if you want, but an extra .40/gallon on top of the price for the 6.2 seems like a lot to me.

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