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  1. Were you able to get firm pricing and see the available colors?
  2. Curious who has ordered a 2023 sierra 1500? Who have you used and have you received pricing? Thx
  3. Hard to say from those pics, but I definitely like the look of the screen. Not sticking out like an after thought. Need to see more, but it's way beyond time for the updated pics.
  4. I'm surprised we haven't seen better pics by now. Looking forward to more detail.
  5. My guess would be yes. Oh so slowly some pics are coming out. Seeing as they can't build enough 21's, I guess no rush for them on 22's. But I'm holding out for a 22.
  6. Where the heck are the pics of the 22"s? Figured there would be more out by now.
  7. I went on the beach one time without lowering air pressure as I was only going to be a few minutes. Mistake. Got stuck immediately as I hit some soft sand. Lowered psi and was fine.
  8. Not sure if this belongs here, but my specs are HTC, ELB, 2LT, NPP, MSRC, front lift, 2 tone grey/black interior, and grey hash marks. Can't wait! Definitely waiting for the 22 sierra here. Is it too much to ask for a non leaking slider? I like the 19-21, but looking forward to the updates.
  9. I'm trying to give gm my money and they won't take it! C8 HTC on order (sept delivery) and I want to wait and see the 22 sierra improvements. Let's go gm, get moving! I hope my garage looks something like this in the fall.
  10. Did you pay 55k for it? That seems like an awful lot. Regardless, trading this soon you'll take a bath. Why/what are you trading it for?
  11. sorry, but worlds dumbest question. I hate red, but if you like it, get it. same with black or white or silver or grey.
  12. Either the salesman is a liar (shocking) or you have a typo. No way there's 150 lbs more of sound deadening material in there. I removed the interior of my 04 Corvette and added sound deadening material and it made a huge difference. Weight? Not positive but maybe a pound or two?
  13. A dry sliding rear window would be nice!
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