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    09 silverado/04 corvette/C8??
  1. Pick it up, drive sensibly you'll be fine.
  2. Have you ever banged your shin on it when it's in place? Only takes a second to take it out/put back in. Well worth the effort. Even if you're used to avoiding it, it will save someone from unknowingly walking into it.
  3. It's illegal to leave it in here/can't get an inspection sticker with it in.
  4. I had a Big 10 back in the seventies, but I don't ever remember seeing the gentleman Jim. That's awful.
  5. I definitely like removing the fender badges/GM has gotten carried away here/way too big/out of place. The rear I don't mind as much whether it's trail boss or 4x4.
  6. I assume same tint as rear windows. What % is that? Did you do the coating yourself? Mind sharing the cost of mods? Looking good.
  7. I'm surprised this is an issue. Seems like it should have a simple detent in place to hold it up.
  8. My piece of plywood has worked great!
  9. $7000 off msrp

    At least it's getting better. Still a shit ton of money for a pickup. I remember when my Father bought a truck for 10K and it had an automatic/I thought he was crazy!!
  10. I know any new model will have "some" issues, and also a forum is where the worst of the worst will show up but it seems like an awful lot of issues to me. Comments? I'm thinking a 2020 here as I never made a deal on a 2018 and I'm fine with that.
  11. I tried and failed getting 15 off 57ish list. Dealer reached out to me with "new" $500 coupon but I think I'll wait for a 2020. Easily get 13k off, maybe 14. Possibly presidents day sales 13-15? Don't know what you mean by losing warranty coverage? Warranty starts upon purchase. IMO they should knock off at least 15.
  12. Definitely seeing more of both on the road now, but not as many as I thought I would. Wonder how many people like me waiting on a 2020?

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