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  1. The radio on my 23 sierra denali blinks off on it's own, and happening a little more frequently lately. It's not a reception issue. Have an appointment in two weeks at the dealer. I asked if they knew anything about it and they didn't. I have heard of other people with the same issue and was hoping for some info prior to taking it in. Appreciate any comments.
  2. Pro clip looks good but not for denali. Any suggestions?
  3. Crazy that new 22's are still arriving! They still have more on the way. I bought a 23 Denali a few weeks ago for 5k off. Check out cardinal or laura if interested. More discounts coming imo.
  4. I'm cheap but spent the money on the retrax pro mx and so far very happy. Install was very easy and would be a lot easier second time around. Love the clean look of it. Washed myself the other day and all was dry inside. Rolling has gotten a little easier now that it's been on for a few days, and I hope it gets even easier. Just have to down size the tubing to fit through the existing drain holes.
  5. Geesh, we're tougher than that here in Mass. Start it and drive.
  6. If they'll do the $1400 for both ways and 8-10 less grab it! Who cares your truck is on open transport? How do you think it would get to your dealer down the road if you ordered new? I got 5k off, $870 to ship, $1200 in cc points. Still a far cry from the 10k I think the discounts should be, but I finally caved and a hell of a lot better than msrp around here.
  7. Have you checked quirk? They're starting to come around on pricing. I feel pricing has to drastically change, if not now then very soon. Having said that I just purchased from someone same distance as laura. No trade. Shipping was supposed to be $820, wound up at $870 and that was pulling teeth to get there. Shipping went fine in the end.
  8. Dealer found one and mailing today! Thx for the comments and especially pics.
  9. Yes, I have one downloaded. I'm a firm believer in, and actually read the owners manuals on my vehicles. Make notes here and there. Can't beat going to the index and finding exactly what you want. Damn thing has more tech than apollo missions to the moon. Would be nice to be able to navigate.
  10. This is bullshit. A printed manual should be required IMO! Not directed at you. Thx for the info.
  11. If you get a chance could you please post a pic? I have no idea how this is a problem at the dealer.
  12. Sorry that's the wrong pic. The pic is what I feel I should have. What I got was titled "essential operating and safety information".
  13. Seems like a stupid question to me, but did you receive an owners manual for your 23 Sierra 1500? looking online there seems to one about 450 pages long. I just got a 23 1500 Denali yesterday and imo no manual. I’ll post a pic of what I got, 160 pages.
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