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  1. If you are still looking for this, you can request it by sending an email to [email protected] I think that is how the majority here got theirs, including me.
  2. Yes they are flatter than the factory badges and better quality. The factory ones are just cheap plastic imo. They got destroyed by the heat gun when taking them off. I should probably have been more gentle.
  3. Got these from my buddy @PabloK but I think this is the Ebay listing for them Black AT4 Badge Link. The seller (vroomvroom) also has red ones. If you wanted something cheaper, decals are now available. Not quite as sleek but they are at least options. Decal Link and picture below.
  4. Installed black AT4 badges and removed the Sierra. I think it came out well.
  5. Looks good. A little hard to tell from afar though. But it goes very well with the black bumper.
  6. 14-15 mpg on the highway isn't great but it will get better over time. You can install a tonneau to improve it a little bit if you don't already have one. You can also do a test: Drive a stretch of highway at 50-55 mph to see if it improves. That speed range is the most efficient for the AT4 and most vehicles for that matter. Also, do you happen to live at a higher elevation?
  7. USB-C is rated for 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles if your phone supports it. With that amount of cycles, if you plug it in 5x a day everyday, it will still take about 5 years for it to wear out.
  8. That would be a real bummer. We will see what the troubleshooting reveals. Thanks for the help. I will update this thread if i find anything new.
  9. Yep, did that too. I followed the "jingling jingling" thread for a while and was convinced it was the same issue just manifesting a little differently. I tried the 4wd test that was recommended as a fix. Ringing was still present, didn't change one bit.
  10. So I got my truck back today. They were not able to reproduce it and I was not allowed to go on a test drive with the tech because of the virus. They also didn’t listen to the audio clip. Ironically, this would have been the perfect time to debug this with the tech because the roads are pretty empty. Oh well. They told me to bring it back once everything returns to normal to go on a test drive with a tech. On the bright side, they fixed my 3 recalls. What’s interesting is, the loaner I got was a new 2020 SLT 5.3 w/8-spd. It made the same noise though it wasn’t as loud as mine. So we can rule out the 10-spd and perhaps the 6.2 engine itself. Whatever the issue is, it has to be a shared component between the 5.3 w/8-spd and 6.2 w/10-spd trucks. I honestly didn’t notice this ringing when I first got my truck. I suspect it was always there, like the loaner but it just got louder over time to the point where I could readily hear it from inside the cabin or with the windows down even with an exhaust. My next steps are to try to debug this a little further. The first thing I plan on doing is getting the truck on a lift, pedal to 40mph, get the ringing to happen then listen for the source starting from underneath the truck. I suspect the ringing requires a small amount of load in order to occur so I might eventually get it on a dyno and repeat the process. We shouldn’t have to debug our own vehicles whilst under warranty but I guess this is the card we have been dealt. Oh well.
  11. That thought crossed my mind too. It makes sense when looked at in isolation. However, when I considered all the other factors, it wasn’t adding up to pinging being the culprit. This is the flow I went through: 1. I have tried the whole fuel spectrum (except race fuel) and the ringing still exists. 2. From what I know, if pinging will happen, it will happen during increased load. The ringing that I’m experiencing only happens during light load. So far, I have not heard it happen during medium to heavy acceleration either from a stop or while moving. It only happens during light throttle while cruising. 3. If you listen closely to the clip, you will notice that when the ringing starts, about 0.5s in, there is a clunking sound then the ringing gets a little louder. To me this is the real clue. Whatever made that clunking sound is what is causing the ringing. I doubt that clunk came from the engine though or else it would be pretty audible during idle.
  12. You can use the heated steering wheel fuse. Works fine on mine.
  13. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow. If it comes back with "can't reproduce your issue", I'll try this.
  14. I have done the brake-throttle before. If memory serves me right, I only hear the squeak when I do that. Don't worry about leading me down the wrong path , at this juncture, I will take any suggestions. I'm curious, did you or your friend do any modifications to your truck before or after you started hearing the ringing? I'm trying to do a compare and contrast to see if the problem can be isolated that way. The only modification I have done to my truck drive-train wise is install a cat-back exhaust. So far, this seems to be localized to the 6.2 w/10 speed unless someone with a 5.3 chimes in and says otherwise. To me, this points to a very small dppm on a part/assembly that is causing this or else this thread would be blowing up with multiple 6.2 owners complaining about the same thing. My truck was built on 6/7/19 at Plant G if that helps. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow and will play the recording for them. My first priority will be to get them to acknowledge the ringing. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the inputs, I appreciate it.
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