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  1. That's interesting. From the description, i assumed there were no hardware changes. I honestly don't have a need for adaptive cruise. This was more of a curiosity than anything.
  2. Hmm, that's interesting. Will bring up the PCV to them. I just hope it's not the transmission but something simple instead. I'm on a loaner wait list right now so the earliest they can look at this among other small issues is 2-3 weeks which is perfectly fine with me because it's not a priority. I'm not noticing any shifting issues and the squeak/chirp only bothers me when i'm listening for it. Hopefully it resolves by itself before they can have a chance to look at it.
  3. Must only be for the Silverado. When i was looking at the color options, the Red Quartz was the most expensive at $595.
  4. Let me preface by saying i'm indifferent to adaptive cruise control and more asking this from a feasibility point of view. I was looking at the adaptive cruise control description on the 2020 GMC models and it seems adaptive cruise was implemented using the cameras rather than radar. It seems to me that 2019 models with Driver Assist II package (forward emergency braking, distance, ...) already have all the hardware to support this. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but if there is no new hardware, then it's only software. Does anyone think GM would/could offer this for the 2019 models?
  5. Honestly, if i were to do it again, i would probably go with the Dark Sky Metallic (i believe this is the color i'm thinking about). I love my red but i'm currently experiencing "Red Car Syndrome". It seems like every truck i see is red. I would have preferred some exclusivity. Funny enough, i think the Red Quartz is the most expensive color. Overall, GM did an excellent job with the color selection. You really can't go wrong with any to the point where it's actually really hard to pick one.
  6. I also don't have hard numbers but anecdotal evidence. When I was purchasing my AT4, the 3 dealers i visited had a total of over 90 AT4s among them and less than 20 were 5.3, everything else was 6.2. I guess you could interpret this in 2 ways. 1st way is the 5.3s are selling at a higher rate leaving the 6.2s on the lot or the 6.2s are selling at a higher rate so the dealers are ordering more of the 6.2s instead of the 5.3.
  7. Started hearing a squeaking/chirping noise and I'm almost 1k miles in. Sounds a bit like low volume crickets underneath the truck. I hear it on cold-start, auto start-stop and occasionally on the highway. I think i can get it to repeatedly happen when i apply light throttle. I assumed it was coming from the exhaust flappers. Yesterday, i got underneath the truck after starting it and listened to the flappers and even turned them a few times. No squeak in the exhaust section. Point of origin seems to be from the engine bay. I have to take my truck in for some other issues and will ask them to look at this. I'm hoping it's just loose drive belt or sth and not the transmission. My main reason for going with the 10-speed was to avoid the supposedly troubled 8-speed. Sigh!
  8. You learn something new everyday . This is my first time hearing about Wilwood, had to google them. They look a lot like Brembos with a Wilwood inscription. Then again, that statement probably goes for any multi piston caliper brake. I wonder how much the factory default kit is worth. Maybe, that can help offset the cost for the Brembos.
  9. Yeah, Brembos are awesome. Would get them if they weren't so pricey. $2,096.25 for the front and $431.25 for the rear on shopchevyparts.com seems a bit much. Not sure what is special about the rears though, looks like it's only red paint. If i did get them, it will probably be just the fronts
  10. The 6.2 recommends premium, does not require it. I put premium in mine but i have tried both and i didn't notice any performance or mpg difference. I would agree with you on mpg. I get 16.5 mpg for 50/50 city and highway driving.
  11. Hmm, that's what i'm expecting them to say too. At the very least, whilst i'm there, i'll check it out on another truck on their lot to be sure they are all the same. It's not the worst thing in the world for me but if it's actually a defect, I would rather they resolve it.
  12. Oh, ok. That's good to know. Will bring that up to them.
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