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  1. Rock chips in paint is covered by warranty?
  2. I got mine from ShopChevyParts last year. They have it on sale for $559 and they offer 5% off coupon for new customers which should help offset the shipping cost.
  3. The head unit has bass control in the equalizer settings but it mostly affects the truck's speakers.
  4. Then the kicker subwoofer bass level is not adjustable so it will either be too strong or too weak. Do yourself a favor and get the knob.
  5. You can configure it however you like. Use the radio equalizer bass control to add or remove bass from the doors and the kicker subwoofer control knob to add/remove bass from the kicker.
  6. Thanks for the responses y'all. Will definitely be getting it repaired sooner than later. I was hoping to get through at least 1 year without any damage but oh well. I will be proceeding with the thread consensus of PDR for the dent and touch-up paint for the chip.
  7. Found this over the weekend while washing the truck, very disappointed . Still trying to figure out how it happened . Looking at the angle, best guess is a stone was flung from behind by a lower vehicle. There is a dent which is hard to see from this angle but i'm more disappointed with the chipped paint. Any thoughts on how i could get this fixed economically?
  8. Nice truck. There is no need to acid wash the upper grille. There is a 3rd party black one available. I've been looking to do the same with my AT4 but the black AT4 grilles they have currently don't support front camera. Looks like this black denali grille supports front camera. For the lower chrome grille, you can get the black one from the AT4. The chrome fog light bezel is where you might ran into an issue. You can sandblast and have them painted black or you could vinyl wrap them. Hope this helps. http://www.topgearautosport.com/part/A1289TG2259/GMC_Sierra_1500_2019-2020_Glossy_Black_New_Denali_Style_Grille.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyon0-4_r5gIVhcDACh3M0wlNEAQYASABEgJvcfD_BwE https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-2019-2020-GMC-Sierra-1500-SLE-SLT-Denali-GLOSSY-BLACK-Upper-Hood-Grille/184087549096?fits=Year%3A2019|Model%3ASierra+1500|Make%3AGMC&hash=item2adc7914a8:g:FqMAAOSwM2dd-oZe
  9. I believe it's newish. I think it was available for the 2018 models forward. This is the press release that was sent out. https://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2018/oct/1015-cca.html
  10. GM themselves now offer extended bumper-to-bumper warranty. It extends the 3yr/36k bumper-to-bumper to 5yr/60k bumper-to-bumper. This one is not a service contract. I'm surprised most people don't seem to know about this. The extended warranties provided by 3rd parties are not warranties, they are service contracts as pointed out by others. The extended bumper-to-bumper cost $1k and can only be added at the time of purchase of the truck because it's tied to the VIN and they have to check that option when the vehicle is marked as sold in the GM database. I got this when i purchased my truck. Some might disagree but it was a no brainier for me.The links below explain it, you can check for yourself. https://www.gmc.com/protection/extended-limited-warranty https://www.chevrolet.com/protection/extended-limited-warranty
  11. It's interesting that we had different experiences from 2 different GM vehicles. I would have thought the Buick and Cadillac would share the same system. Maybe i got lucky because the rain-sense on my CTS was rock solid reliable. Probably the only reliable thing on that car, lol.
  12. Lmk how the rain-sensing bit goes. It's one of the few things i was disappointed didn't come on the T1. Once you've experienced reliable rain sense wipers (came from a '16 CTS), it's hard to go back. It's a luxury, i know. A pretty nice one though.
  13. I have the Gibson too and i love it. The "coming loose" is not exclusive to this Gibson, all clamped systems will come loose. When i was having mine installed, the installer recommended i tack it in place else it would it come loose. I went ahead with it. Best bang for buck.
  14. These splash graphics on ebay don't look bad. Not AT4 specific though. It also seems to go around the lights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-and-up-GMC-Sierra-Denali-1500-2500-Raptor-Style-Vinyl-Splash-Graphics/232803524009?epid=16004864498&hash=item36342bdda9:m:mNsN6cv3e2LD1wTA1J6QFcQ
  15. Thanks for giving it a listen TLDLTD. I was beginning to think i was losing it, lol.
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