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  1. No, it was done by the shop that painted the fog light bezels.
  2. I haven't noticed any camera issues but i haven't really paid close attention to it. It seems to work fine, no distortion observed.
  3. Got it painted gloss black. I was going to wrap it but the wrap experienced some shipping delays so ended up getting it painted. At the time of purchase, there weren't any aftermarket bezels available. Believe me, I already checked. If you don't need it done immediately, aftermarket bezels will probably show up at some point as they did for the grille.
  4. They are available on Ebay from multiple sellers but i purchased mine from TopGearAuto. It ended up being the cheapest even with shipping since they don't charge tax.
  5. Black denali grille installed with fog light bezel painted black. I wanted a black AT4 grille but there doesn't seem to be one available that supports the front camera. Anyways, i think it looks sharp. Deadpool would approve of the theme ?.
  6. Installed some sound deadening in the front doors and floor. No more rattles. Sounds very clean now. Great bang for buck. Recommended.
  7. Had no idea what that was lol, had to google it. Looks interesting.
  8. Thanks. Applying to the floors were much easier than I had imagined.
  9. Finally got around to doing this. Installed some deadening over the weekend. Did front doors and a bit of the floors. Only left with the rear doors, will do that later. Disclaimer: I make no claims of being an expert on this. Audio engineering tends to have a lot of controversial topics so I’ll try not to step on any landmine. TL;DR -> You should do this. Best way I can describe the improvement is the sound system sounds very clean. It’s actually a little bit weird. I can really crank it up with no rattling or resonance from the doors and the bass sounds very tight and less boomy. You don’t have to do any measurements like I did, just stick away and enjoy. Keep wanting to go out for a drive it so I can listen to it?. @OnTheReel, good tip on the fabric tape, definitely made the clips tighter. Didn’t end up using the butyl tape though, the vapor shield on mine was still sticky for re-application. Summary 1. I took measurements before and after with the UMIK-1 and REW software. I didn’t do any tweaks to the system. Just wanted to see before and after performance from installing the mats. Will probably tweak and dial the system in later. 2. Frequency response didn’t show much variation pre and post install. a. I didn’t see any improvement in the mids which was a little disappointing. Nevertheless, resonance improvement won’t show up in frequency response anyways. b. Freq response results tells me my system is unbalanced and that I like a lot of bass ?. Don’t judge. I actually found that a little surprising as the kicker knob is only halfway and my settings are bass=2, mid=4, treble=4. 3. Spectrogram measurements show that post install, the bass decays faster. You can see in the pre-install that the bass has some decent magnitudes even past 600ms. Much tighter now. 4. Material is not expensive and it’s very easy to apply. a. The doors are not hard to take apart. Some of the clips are stubborn but they should come off with a little persuasion. b. I’m not sure how much improvement came from doing the floors but they are the easiest to apply. You just lift the carpet and roll it on. It definitely killed some of the Kicker sub vibrations that travel through the floor. I think it’s maybe a tad quieter now but I haven’t measured the noise SPL post install so can’t say for sure. Will measure it later. 5. Knock test didn’t disappoint and the door has a much more solid thunk to it when closing. 6. Surprisingly there is actually some factory applied sound deadening. I have highlighted it below. There is a deadening mat that goes across the top section of each of the front doors applied from factory. Who would have guessed. Install Pics I applied a bunch deadening behind the white material below. Didn't remove it, just lifted and applied.
  10. If you are still looking for this, you can request it by sending an email to [email protected] I think that is how the majority here got theirs, including me.
  11. Yes they are flatter than the factory badges and better quality. The factory ones are just cheap plastic imo. They got destroyed by the heat gun when taking them off. I should probably have been more gentle.
  12. Got these from my buddy @PabloK but I think this is the Ebay listing for them Black AT4 Badge Link. The seller (vroomvroom) also has red ones. If you wanted something cheaper, decals are now available. Not quite as sleek but they are at least options. Decal Link and picture below.
  13. Installed black AT4 badges and removed the Sierra. I think it came out well.
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