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  1. Been away for a while. After almost 4 years of enjoying the Gibson, I decided it was time to change things up a bit by getting a new exhaust. I listened to pretty much every exhaust available for the T1. I think one of the newcomers that wasn’t available when I purchased the Gibson is the AWE OFG. I love the sound of the AWE but for almost $2400, that’s a bit much for me to spend on the truck at this point in its life. So Borla it was. I went back and forth for a while trying to decide between the Borla Touring and S-Type. I have listened to the Touring in-person a few times. It’s about as loud as the Gibson so wanted something with more volume. I was leaning towards the S-Type but got a bit concerned as many claim it is a tad too loud, especially cold start. In the end I went with the S-Type and had it installed a few days ago. Long story short, I am both a bit relieved and slightly disappointed. Not nearly as loud as I thought it would be based on the threads here. Recently got a Camaro SS 1LE and the factory NPP exhaust on that car is loud. Maybe that has skewed my perception of loudness . I was a bit concerned the S-Type cold start might be louder than the Camaro but thankfully it’s quieter. I’m honestly slightly disappointed in the volume. It seems barely louder than the Gibson from first impressions. One major plus for the S-Type is that there is zero drone. The Gibson has a slight drone which I got used to over time. The S-Type sounds like stock exhaust when cruising, you can barely hear it. Even when you put your foot in it, you don’t hear it as much in the cabin. It’s fairly well isolated from the cabin. The Gibson is tuned for low revs and has a deeper tone compared to the S-Type. Overall, I think it was an ok upgrade. Hopefully it gets a tad louder over time. Maybe I should try the Atak harmonizer in-place of the S-Type resonator. I am going to have someone drive my truck so I can listen to it from outside. The general consensus I got from this sub was the S-Type is bonkers loud. That has not been my impression. Anyone else has a similar experience as me? Previous post on Gibson
  2. Hello All, I got my truck back from the shop after having the supercharger put on and when I totally pin the throttle I hear a loud squealing noise from mid cabin. The supercharger whine is awesome but gets drowned out by the squeal under full throttle. I had a truck before make that noise when the exhaust I put on was not clamped down right. It made me think of the flapper valve in the GM Borla exhaust I have and was wondering if that could be it. Its in the same area I hear the noise? The tune took off the cylinder deactivation so I no longer need the flapper. Any suggestions on the flapper? I was going to tack weld it open but wasn't sure if that would stop the noise and also thought about cutting out that piece of pipe and welding in a new piece. Any suggestions? I know [mention=118595]1SLOW1500[/mention] has dealt with several modded trucks. What do you think?
  3. After intense searching on CL and FB Marketplace, I finally found a good deal on a catback. I was really hoping for the Borla Touring or Corsa Touring, but what came up is the Borla Atak, not that I'm complaining! So I made the deal and it's currently sitting in my garage, brand new in the box, waiting for me to install it. I've watched a million videos (not literally but probably close to it!) on YouTube. I know it's gonna be loud. Do I want an exhaust that loud? How much louder is it going to be after it breaks in? What about when I tow? Am I going to go deaf when driving through the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky? When I was 20, I would have NEVER hesitated to install something like this, but that is not necessarily the case now. I know it's gonna sound BA, but I'm hesitant. Help!
  4. Finally came to a decision and went with the BORLA ATAK for my 2019 Silverado 6.2L LTZ. I know there aren't any videos out for people to hear/review so I will make sure to post up here once its installed near the end of next week ! I'll also be installing the GM CAI from shopchevyparts.com , will report dealership experience and post pics as well ! Anyone already have this set-up installed? Opinions? I've only heard the ATAK on older models and am just going for it. Wish me luck
  5. Looking for a new exhaust for my 6.2 AT4. Leaning toward the Borla Atak system. Appears to deliver some sound and performance gains. Talked with Borla Engineers and they say absolutely NO drone on the Atak system ay any RPM and no problem with cylinder deactivation. I just don't want it to be too loud at cruising speed but have not heard of any complaints. Ready to pull the trigger on this but looking for any first hand experience with the Atak system. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I currently have the GM Borla Performance Exhaust on my 2018 6.2L and I want more sound. The guys at muffler shops recommended I replace the muffler with this one: https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/mufflers/street_chambered_mufflers/40_series_original/parts/430402 Part number:430402. I am aware that my current system has a flapper which eliminates drone but would that carry over to this louder muffler?
  7. Trading in truck and looking to sell the exhaust I had on it for about a year. It’s in great shape. Asking $650 with shipping costs paid by me. Part number is 140550BC on borla’s website. Pm or reply if interested. Located in Orlando, Fl if anyone wants to local pickup and avoid dealing with shipping. IMG_3932.mov
  8. Hi all, I am a relatively new member to the forums and a first time truck owner. I've had my truck for about 2 years now and finally decided it was time to upgrade my baby. After months of researching, I decided to start off with a leveling kit, wheels, tires and rode on that for about 8000 miles before I saved up enough to do a lift. As it stands, I decided to go with the 4 inch BDS lift kit with the fox shocks upgrade. I narrowed my choices to Fabtech and BDS after tons of reading on this forum and the conclusion I came to for the price points, BDS made more sense and appears to be more spot on with the suspension geometry. Given that I am no expert, I could be wrong on that, so definitely don't quote me. The shop that did my install is an authorized BDS retailer and as a result, they prefer installing BDS kits on their trucks. One thing I noticed is that most people try to jump up to the coilovers right out of the gates in the name of preserving ride quality and Im here to say that you don't need to do that. Even the guy at the shop told me that it wasn't necessary to do and it doesn't guarantee that you will enjoy that ride quality. I was in that same boat until I decided to go ahead and try out what BDS has to offer before I spend more money on the kit itself. Ride Quality My experience of driving my truck pre-level and post-level - I felt no difference in the drive itself except some amount of additional harshness going over speed bumps. At that point, I expected that amount of harshness, in fact I expected worse based on reading what people had to say about how leveling kits ride. My experience of driving my truck after going from the leveling kit to the 4" lift - the ride is absolutely beautiful. Having driven a friends Yukon Denali, I can say that the ride of the truck is slightly floaty on the road similar to how the denalis ride, yet still very connected (not sure if that makes sense to anyone else but me). I absolutely love the way the truck rides and I feel that it's on par with stock, if not a little more insulated with the added suspension travel that absorbs some of the bumps and imperfections of the road. As it stands, I have driven with the kit for about 450 miles thus far and I have zero intentions of adding the coilovers to the setup. (500 mile suspension re-torquing coming up soon) Another added point of comfort for me is if my ride quality does deteriorate for some reason and the coilovers become a necessity, getting rid of the front shocks is not like throwing away an expensive pair of shocks. I also potentially have the option of adding kings in the event I ever need to go down that route... I hope that for someone out there, this helps make a decision on the kits with the plethora of information available and I'm happy to answer questions about this lift. Daily Drivability With this being my first lifted truck and first truck to begin with, I was really concerned about how drivable the vehicle would be compared to stock. The only difference I notice regarding drivability is making a turn when the wheel is at full lock in either direction feels like there is more turning radius involved, but hasn't been an issue. The bed and the bed steps are still very reachable / usable - I'm 5'8". The sidesteps are a little bit taller to get up to than before but it's not a pain in the ass or to the point where I hate the truck or my decision - I'm going to be keeping an eye out for a good deal on articulating running boards from AMP or RBP eventually. For anyone who enjoys driving fast - I haven't felt powerloss in the vehicle, especially being that mine is a 6.2L. I did definitely notice that there are a few moments where shifts take longer, but Im sad to say I need to address an issue that involves the torque converter and creates a shudder when accelerating as though you're driving across rumble strips but that's a different topic for a different time. It drives fast, feels stable, and is fun as hell. Fuel Economy Impact I honestly haven't had any impact on my fuel consumption since I began upgrading items on the vehicle. This might change over time, but as it stands I get about 20-22 MPG highway and a range of 13-16 MPG City based on traffic levels. Other Notes - 2017 GMC Sierra SLT Premium Plus Package with Z71 Package | 6.2L V8 - Denali Cluster Retrofit - 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers - SCA Performance 20x9 Black Widow Wheels | 0 mm offset - Blacked out emblems - Rough Country Tri Fold Bed Cover - GM Borla Exhaust with Dual Outlets (There's actually a tilt downward in the exhaust because the dealer failed to correctly install them with the appropriate hangers to the frame - going to be corrected soon) - Black Chrome Exhaust Tips - Rear Wheel Spacers soon to come (BDS lifts push the front track width out, I want to even out the stance) - AMP Research power steps soon to come - Cold Air Intake soon to come Pictures
  9. 1 ) ARE II Cover painted to match body color Deep Ocean Blue Metallic(Perfect Condition no damages) Ceramic coated used for about 10K miles/ will only fit the short bed. asking $900 obo 2) Borla GM Spec with Flapper - Dual rear exit (Chrome Tips) 5.3L Crew Cab / short bed / Used has about 10k miles on it and there is absolutely no drone. asking $850 obo 3) Weather tech floor liners front and rear (Crew Cab) High Country - Mocha color - $125 for the set - Would best match the High Country brown interior The Items are coming off a 2016 High Country Crew Cab 5.3L short bed Located in Connecticut. Please shoot me a message if you are interested in any of the items. (If interested I can meet somewhere or you can pick it up. Will not be able to ship these items)
  10. Hey everyone, I need some advice! I've spent countless hours using the search function, sending PM's to members (and you guys don't need to respond again if you don't want to), and listening to YouTube videos (which suck because you can't hear what they sound like from inside the cab going down the road)...but I still can't make up my mind! I want to do a muffler swap on my truck (details in signature). I don't want to spend the money on a full cat-back system...I'm just going to swap the muffler and cut the factory tail pipe so it dumps over the rear axle. I want the sound to be deep and aggressive under acceleration....but close to stock (no drone) while cruising....and without any goofy stuff going on when it switches to V4 mode. My budget is around $200. I've narrowed my choices down to 5 different mufflers....and will explain my concerns & reasons for hesitation with each one. In no particular order: Magnaflow 22" 12589 - I'm concerned about it being too quiet (unless I'm at WOT) for people to even notice, and also worried about drone while cruising (I've heard too many people that complained about magnaflows having drone) Borla Sport 19131347 - I'm concerned about it being too loud in the cab while cruising and switching V8/V4 (or just too loud in the cab in general) Borla Touring 19131346 - Basically just concerned that it's going to be too tame, and I won't hardly be able to tell any difference from stock. Not worried about the drone with this one though. Dynomax VT 17949 - I'm worried about the spring/valve assembly breaking or rattling...and having to get it fixed or replaced after a short period of time. I like the concept, but the moving parts make me nervous. Dynomax Ultra Flo 20" 17233 - Can't find a single sound clip of this muffler on a 5.3; worried about drone and V8/V4 noise I would appreciate any advice (or sound clips) you all can provide. I'm a nervous wreck over this situation, and I can only afford to do this once! Also, please skip the comments about Corsa (I know they're awesome, but I refuse to spend that much money on a muffler) and straight pipes (been there, done that...over it). Thanks in advance everyone!
  11. I have a Borla Atak Muffler that I just put on my truck a month ago. It has one month of usage. Sounded great and loved it as a Cat-back system. I Decided to do long-tube headers with cat-delete and that muffler is just too loud with that setup. So I have replaced the muffler and am now selling just the muffler. I would like $200 for it, plus $20 shipping to anywhere in the USA.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew when Borla was going to come out with the ATAK catback system for the 2019 5.3s and if they’re planning to at all. I see where they have the touring and the s type but not the ATAK.
  13. All - I have for sale the Borla Cat Back Exhaust in Touring Edition: PN 140535 on the Borla website. I had this installed new from the factory, the Touring is a fantastic, rumble... I would call it just the right amount of deep sound. You won't believe how nice it sounds over factory exhaust until you try it. It is in great shape (almost like new) as you can see from the Pics, I polished the tips and the muffler to show you just how clean it really is. The rest of the tubes were left as is, since you will be installing it and getting it dirty anyway. I live in South GA for Pickup, 30 min north of Tallahassee. Price is $800 if I ship it, or $700 local pickup. Let me know if you have any questions ! Link to Hear the sound: https://www.borla.com/products/silverado_sierra_1500_catback_exhaust_touring_part__140535.html
  14. Anyone else out there waiting for Corsa to get their cat back out for our 2019 6.2's with CC and standard bed? I'm hoping it will be out soon. Kind of disappointed that they don't have it out yet. I know the standard bed hasn't been out very long, only 3 months. I wish I lived closer to them, they could have used my truck as a test bed for the new exhaust. But a 10hr drive is just a bit to far away. It will be interesting to hear the difference between the GM performance exhaust, Borla, Flowmaster and Corsa.
  15. Just installed a Borla Touring catback system. Was able to pull the stock system in one piece. Has 88k on it when pulled. Is it worth anything to anybody? Or, is it for the recycler?
  16. I just put a Borla XR-1 round muffler on my truck trying to make it louder than what it was before. It already had a cat-back aftermarket exhaust on it from the previous owner. Not entirely sure what brand muffler it had but it sounded pretty good. I just wanted it to have that deeper, meaner tone. Well it is definitely deeper but quieter overall unless you’re getting on it. My question is would adding another, making it duel exhaust, make it louder? It has just one with 3” in/out and a 3” pipe dumped before the rear axle. Besided adding headers, would adding another make it louder?
  17. I have a used Borla cat-back, Touring# 140570, local pickup only for $600 system has about 15k miles, great exhaust, not too loud, no drone. A bit dirty, removed because I am trading in the truck. also have Volant Cold air intake if interested for $200
  18. I just purchased a 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT 5.3L V8. I found a steal on offerup for a borla exhaust system. The part number is 19303332. However, the part number listed for my truck is 19303333 (verified with GMC customer service) I spoke with the guy and he claims the muffler package is for a Silverado but will fit a Sierra (hence the different model #) Has anyone come across this or can verify his claims? Links: 19303332- https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-exhaust-system-by-gm-19303332 19303333- https://accessories.gmc.com/product/3GTP1NEC7JG376770/53l-cat-back-dual-exit-exhaust-upgrade-system-by-borla®---associated-accessories-19303333?categoryId=12009
  19. Hi, has anyone installed Borla 2.75" Inlet x 2.25" Outlet (Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System) with Tips for 2014 & up Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra? Interested in your thoughts &/or other's I should consider? This part#140544 is the dual side exit on a double-cab 6'5" standard bed.
  20. Pointing out that the exhaust heat makes up about 60% of the total energy generated from gasoline in a vehicle, the new system being studied would take back five to 10 percent of that energy for use in the vehicle. Alex Borla, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Borla, commented on the idea, saying, “Our customers count on us to deliver the highest quality exhaust products while also helping them manage their most pressing challenges for the Class 8 truck fleet operator, and that’s fuel efficiency. As we expand into new markets, it’s our vision to combine Borla’s state-of-the-art exhaust and filtration technologies with thermoelectrics, and Alphabet Energy is the ideal partner to fulfill this vision.” If the technology proves successful in large vehicles it could later be scaled to fit light trucks. Read more about how the technology works now at this link.
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