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  1. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-17-2018 Chevrolet is looking for kids who want to do on-air broadcasting. Its new Play Ball Reporter contest will be looking for two kids between the ages of 8 and 14. The two winners selected will have an opportunity to interview top players and coaches at the 2018 MLB All-Star Game this July in Washington, D.C. Here’s how your kid can enter: Kids must submit a 30-60 second video that shows off their on-camera skills by May 31. Videos should showcase interview questions and knowledge of MLB stars. Be creative and fun. Judging will be based on on-camera presence, baseball passion and clarity/enunciation. Each of the two reporters Chevy selects will win a trip for four to Washington, D.C., to attend the Midsummer Classic. Chevrolet is the Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball and also the Official Automotive Sponsor of the Play Ball initiative to support America’s national pastime. Play Ball is a encourages kids to participate in baseball- or softball. To enter, visit the Play Ball website here.
  2. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-14-2018 Each month, U.S. News & World Report Autos conducts a comprehensive review of the best new vehicle deals available in America and complies a top-ten list with details on those deals. This month, the 2018 Chevy Silverado, Buick Encore, and Cadillac XTS all earned a spot. We are fortunate to be colleagues with Jamie Page Deaton, the managing editor of U.S. News Best Cars. She and her team are some of the best in the business and she says, "Right now, we're seeing great deals over the entire automotive spectrum. Consumers can save big on everything from capable pickup trucks to cutting-edge EVs." The Silverado deal includes “0% financing for 72 months plus $2,000 cash back OR $3,000 cash back.” Not bad considering Ford’s F-150 production is shut down. The Encore’s deal includes, “1.9% financing for 60 months plus up to $3,250 cash back OR up to $4,000 cash back.” Finally, the XTS deal includes, “0% financing for 72 months plus $2,000 cash back OR up to $5,000 cash back, depending on the region.” If you’ve recently bought one of these three please tell us how you made out.
  3. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-10-2018 A Colorado ZR2 owner, Joe F., at the Facebook Colorado ZR2 Club has reported a disturbing airbag deployment that occurred during some relatively benign soft-roading. If you’d like to jump directly to the club’s page you can do so here. Joe’s truck was just under a month old when this occurred. He had not modified the truck in any unusual way. He had added a winch and LED lights. Other than that his truck was bone stock. Joe says that just prior to the side curtain airbag deployment, “I was moving up a hill slowly in 4WD LOW with OFFROAD MODE on, passenger side wheel in a rut which had me leaning to the right. It certainly wasn’t leaned over too much. Going maybe 3 mph.” Joe’s image above shows the road that he was on. Joe says the event “…was quite a violent deployment (explosion).” He was not injured, and the truck was able to run after the event. Joe has provided a long version of the events that took place after the improper deployment. He has had difficulties with GM. Neither the dealer nor GM wants to handle fixing the truck, which has an estimated repair cost of $6,500. Since the circular firing squad is only just now being put together, we will hold off on saying GM won’t take responsibility at the end of the debacle. You can read Joe’s full overview of the situation to date at the link above for all the gory details on his struggles to get help. If Joe posts a final outcome story we will update this post, or add another. This sad story leaves us wondering if any other GM-Trucks.com members have ever had an airbag deploy during off-roading. YouTube does have some videos of airbags deploying when they should not, but there are surprisingly few. If something similar has happened to you, or you witnessed it happening, please give us the story.
  4. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-9-2018 A fire at Wangfen Automotive Holding Group’s Meridian Lightweight Technologies plant in Eaton Rapids, Michigan has halted production of the Ford F-150. The plant makes structural components like radiator cradles in the F-150 and Super Duty trucks. It also makes instrument housings. Ford says that its business accounts for roughly a third of the plant’s production output. That leads us to wonder if GM might also be affected. “This is a fluid situation, but we are working closely with our supplier and UAW partners to do everything we can to limit the impact on our production,” said Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of Ford global operations, said in a statement. “It’s a full team effort and we’re confident that any impacts will be short term. The good news is we have strong inventories of our best-selling F-series pickups and other vehicles, and customers won’t have a problem finding the model they want.” GM says that the company's products may be spared from shutdowns due to shortages. “At this point, there has been no immediate impact to our operations,” confirmed a spokesperson for the carmaker. “Our global supply chain team continues to monitor the situation.” News reports say that the employees recognized the danger. One former employee said, "I'm not surprised it didn't blow up years ago." See video for details. The plant fire also included explosions, which makes it unlikely that a quick return to production will be possible for Meridian. The company specializes in work involving magnesium. Magnesium is flammable and difficult to extinguish once oxidation starts.
  5. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-9-2018 Following our recent post, “Own a Silverado? Have a Beard? Want to Be In a TV Commercial? Here’s Your Chance!,” the folks at Jigsaw casting in Toronto reached out to us to let us know that, somehow, the source we used for the casting call for Silverado owners had some bad information. Sylvia Lee from Jigsaw let us know today that Jigsaw is looking for Silverado owners, but the beard thing is not part of the required qualifications. Here is Jigsaw’s casting call info for those who might be interested. You can view the full details along with a direct link to Jigsaws post here: Jigsaw Casting Ltd. is seeking Silverado Owners from across Canada for a National Ad Campaign! Description We are seeking Canadian Individuals / Families who drive a Chevrolet Silverado for a TV & Online commercial! Does this sound like you or someone you know? Looking for: Silverado “Helpers” - Seeking individuals or families that have stories about using their Silverado to help out/give back to their communities or to a cause within Canada. Must own a Chevrolet Silverado. Examples of what we are looking for (But do not limit to just these): A) Driving across the province to another town to haul sandbags to prevent flooding. B) Hauling heavy equipment to aid with fighting forest fires. If selected, you will be compensated as a professional actor (+ travel, accommodation and meals) For your reference, here is a previous Chevrolet Campaign of this nature: Submission Deadline: May 11/18 (However the earlier you apply, the better your chances!)
  6. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-8-2018 Our friends at CarComplaints provide a unique service. The site acts as a place where owners with problems can report those problems in detail to the site, thus alerting other shoppers and owners. Having now logged owner complaints since 1983, the site has created a very useful database of glitches, goof-ups, and SNAFUs that owner can turn to in order to see if the problem they are experiencing is unique to them, and a one-off issue, or a known problem, hopefully with a known remedy. We looked closely at the data posted by the site for the Chevrolet Silverado to see which year Silverado since the year 2000 has had the most problems and the least. Before we draw our conclusions, there are a few things to know about how CarComplaints ranks the years and their issues. First, the year with the most overall complaints is noted. Next, the year that the site feels is the “worst” due to the nature and duration of the problem, and finally, the site also specifically names the single worst problem. We are going to run through all three. In the case of the Silverado, which we now call the “1500”, there are two sets of data, due to the way Chevy named the truck in the past. Without further qualifications, here we go: Worst Silverado Year Since 2000 – 2004 & 2008 The ’04 Silverado had the most complaints. The top three categories for problems with the ’04 were Interior Accessories, Steering Issues, and Electrical Issues. Broken speedometers and messed up gauge clusters were among the most common issues. The speedometers broke most often at around 64,000 miles and the average repair cost was about $440. Which truck is the “worst year” is somewhat subjective. Here are some facts that are not subjective about the 2004 Silverado: 615 TSBs, 15 Recalls, 1 NHTSA Investigation. The ’04 Silverado earns CarComplaints’ “Beware Of the Clunker” stamp. Worst Individual Problem since 2000 – Excessive Oil Consumption, 2007 The Worst single problem reported by Silverado owners occurred in 2007. In that year excessive oil consumption was reported frequently. It typically occurred at about 66,000 miles, and the problem’s repair costs averaged over $3,500. Overall, CarComplaints named the 2008 Silverado worst overall due to the compilation of problems and associated repair costs. Worst Year Since 2012 – 2014 In 2014, the Silverado had the most complaints. AC problems and interior accessories were the most commonly-reported issues. However, over the full span of the 2012-present day Silverado, CarComplaints names Transmission Problems as the vehicle’s top problem. The ’14 Silverado had 17 recalls and 1,942 TSBs. Worst Problem Since 2012 – 2017 Silverado 1500 For Surges and Jerks This problem typically happened around 3,500 miles. Owner Mark B. summed up the problems best, saying, “Same as others, new 2017 1500 Silverado, jerks, surges, during acceleration. Now and then I get a loud thud in the rear like I got rear-ended. Dealer first acted like they never heard of this issue but I confronted them with TSB bulletins and multiple complaints online. Then they took the approach of “we are aware but there is no fix” they say they are waiting on a GM tune to fix the issue but have no idea when. RIDICULOUS.” Which Silverado Had The Least Complaints? This is somewhat driven by data collection and popularity of the truck as time passed, but the 2012 and 2016 both look like the years with the least complaints relative to the rest of the years the truck was made.
  7. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-4-2018 2007 to 2018 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and GMC Sierra Crew Cab owners, heads up; This may be a product you’ll be interested in. Tuffy Security Products has a new high-security lockbox specially designed to fit under the rear bench seat of your pickup. The Model 340 fits under the driver's side and middle rear seats of the pickup, which still leaves some space available under the rear passenger side seat. The box offers 2,100 cubic inches of storage and Items 35 inches and shorter fit inside. The 340 lockbox is built from powder-coated 16-gauge welded steel and features chamfered corners to allow easy access and better concealment. Tuffy adds their Pry-Guard locking system with a 10-tumbler double-bitted lock which can be opened from either side of the vehicle. Tuffy says that installation is simple and there is no drilling. The lockbox fastens to the OEM seat bolts using the included mounting system comprised of two 16-gauge steel brackets which affix to the back of the box and extend to the rear of the vehicle under the seat. Removal is also easy. Simply unlock and open the box and undo the wing knob nuts from the inside. For more details and pricing, check out www.tuffyproducts.com or visit Tuffy on Facebook.
  8. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-3-2018 5-9-18 UPDATE: Check out this new story link for more details. The beard is not a requirement: Chevy is looking for regular folks to be in TV commercials. The qualifications are: - You must have a beard. - You must have a Silverado - Being a Canadian is helpful Chevy will want you to tell them a bit about yourself, submit some images of yourself and hear your cool story about how owning a Silverado helps you to give back to the community. If you are interested, contact the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission at 250-377-8673 or email [email protected] When you contact the agency, tell them you heard about it from GM-Trucks.com and Kamloopsthisweek.com . If your commercial is made, be aware that Mahk may make fun of you.
  9. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-1-2018 This marks the first month since General Motors joined Tesla in being the only two automakers who only report their monthly sales quarterly (as required by SEC regulations). Like all mainstream automakers, GM had reported its sales monthly for years. The reports help the media and investors with 12 updates per year on how the sales of one of the world's largest companies were trending. No more. Most monthly sales reports were relatively bland and almost ridiculous in the way that anything negative was seen in a positive light. We enjoyed making a bit of fun of those. We enjoyed the ones when GM passed Ford in truck sales and the great news that the new compact crossovers from GM were trending towards the top of the category more. Watch for the sales reports to be more meaningful now that they will come quarterly. Watch also for Ford and FCA to follow GM's lead in making the reports quarterly. Toyota's reports are much more detailed. We are not sure if Toyota will opt out as quickly. So far, no other automaker has announced its intentions to follow GM's sales news blackout.
  10. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 4-30-2018 From 1950 through 2003, General Motors had a military defense division that supplied vehicles and services to the U.S. military. GM sold that to General Dynamics in ’03, but may be planning a new military division. A new trademark filed for a logo that would be a possible part of such a new brand has been filed. The assumption is that GM’s new hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicles would make up the bulk of the new brand’s portfolio. Charlie Freese, executive director of GM global fuel cell business, said in a statement back in October, “This new business structure will enhance GM’s productivity, agility, and affordability in a very dynamic customer environment. Our goal is to make it simpler and more seamless to do business with General Motors.” The new venture is expected to be called GM Defense LLC. The former announcements and new logo trademark make it seem likely the new entity will soon emerge. The expectation is that GM will have a portfolio of hydrogen and electric vehicles it will then customize to the needs of its military customers.
  11. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 4-27-2018 Ford has announced that it will begin to phase out of the passenger car market. The most recent announcement caps a long list of hints by Ford that the company could not seem to build cars that are competitive or that were profitable to make domestically. Ford will be walking away from a volume of business larger than the total sales volume of Volkswagen in America. The Mustang will stay, but most of the Ford cars will not have a next generation. FCA recently canceled two Dodge and Chrysler models, deciding to keep only the luxury and rear/AWD muscle cars that it can also sell to government agencies. The natural question to ask, given that both Ford and Chrysler are walking away from mainstream family cars, is will GM follow the examples? Mary Barra, GM’s CEO says GM will not follow the example. At least in the near term. Here’s what Barra told investors in a recent conference call: “We launched very efficient architectures in the midsize and compact (segments) proving to be good platforms going forward with fairly minor changes…And the segments are still significant. Because we’ve made the investments, we need to deploy little to no capital going forward, so we view (cars) as an opportunity. What you’ll see us do is play very efficiently in a segment that, although it is declining, there is still an opportunity.” That does not mean that GM won’t retire individual car models across its brands. Barra has already said that the Volt will go away eventually as GM switches to battery-electric cars (fully electric like the Bolt). Cadillac, Buick and Chevy also have some cars that are moving so slowly the market is killing them off, regardless of what GM wants. All but one Cadillac car, ironically, the front wheel drive one, the Lacrosse, the Impala, and the Sonic all look like models that could eventually be replaced by crossover models.
  12. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 4-26-2018 Framingham Massachusetts-based Bose has earned the 2018 General Motors Supplier of the Year Award. The award was presented during GM’s 26th annual supplier recognition day in Orlando, Florida this week. “This is an opportunity for General Motors to honor those suppliers who are truly the best of the best,” said Steve Kiefer, GM vice president, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain. “The automotive industry is transforming at an incredible rate. The relationships we have with our supply base means everything when it comes to delivering a strong vehicle lineup today and the cutting-edge vehicles and mobility services of tomorrow.” During the event, GM took time to recognize 132 of its top suppliers from 17 countries. GM’s awards for best supplier go to companies that consistently exceeded GM’s expectations, created outstanding value, or bring new technological innovations to the company. Bose has now earned the top spot in five of the 26 years the award has been presented. “We have a team of highly dedicated people who support our global work with General Motors, and they make sure our systems consistently exceed expectations,” said Ken Johnson, global director for Bose Automotive’s GM business. “This award is a testament to that commitment and we are incredibly honored by the recognition.” The privately help Bose company was founded by MIT Professor, Dr. Amar G. Bose, in 1964. However, it wasn’t until the early 1980s that Bose began to provide premium audio to automakers. Dr. Bose approached GM with a surprising proposal; That he and his company could make premium audio for cars that sounded better than the best home systems. Bose pioneered tuning audio systems to specific models, a practice that is now commonplace. Coincidentally, Bose is headquartered and does much of its manufacturing and research close to GM-Truck’s members’ homes. We have a number of neighbors proud to work at the company, which has a reputation for hiring the best minds in the region. Bose is considered by many to be one of the best places to work in the Northeast.
  13. Nah. Holden the brand is not dead. GM just isn't building vehicles in Australia anymore. "Australian import tariffs have since tumbled through bilateral free trade deals with car manufacturing countries like the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia." They took away the tariffs protecting the jobs and the jobs went away. Source
  14. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 4-25-2018 General Motors recently dropped about 1,500 jobs at its plant that build small cars. However, the shift to crossovers is also adding workers to GM plants. The most recent announcement is that GM will add about 700 workers at its Spring Hill Tennessee plant. Spring Hill builds full-sized, three-row crossovers for GMC and mid-sized, two-row crossovers for Cadillac. The plant will also be building the Holden Acadia for export to Austrailia in 2018. The assembly plant is accompanied by an engine plant. The work added will be a full shift. Spring hill currently has about 3,000 employees about 85% of which are hourly. The total investment in the plant is almost $300 million. Ken Knight, GM's Spring Hill Plant Executive Director commented on the added capacity, saying, “This shift addition is not only an indication of the popularity of these GMC and Cadillac crossovers with customers but is a testament to the great work being done by the Spring Hill Assembly team. Their commitment to building quality vehicles is visible every day. It also demonstrates the strong spirit of teamwork between GM and our UAW partners, as we work together to satisfy our customers.” Mike Herron, Chairman of the UAW's local 1853, added, "Today’s investment is a perfect example of what we can achieve by working together and strengthening our UAW and GM relationships. I congratulate the entire Spring Hill Manufacturing workforce for their hard work, commitment and dedication to going above and beyond to build fantastic vehicles for our customers. This is very good news for our team members and for Middle Tennessee.” The Spring Hill plant was originally a Saturn plant. In the past, it has build Chevrolet crossovers.
  15. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 4-24-2018 General Motors and Amazon have finalized the rollout of a new delivery service that will allow GM owners with OnStar to have their Amazon deliveries placed directly into the trunk or cargo area of their 2015 or newer GM vehicle. Called Amazon Key In-Car, the service is now available in 37 cities and will rapidly expand. “Partnering with Amazon to leverage our embedded in-vehicle connectivity gives Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac owners the option to conveniently receive deliveries inside their vehicle parked at home, work or near other locations in their Amazon address book,” said Alan Batey, President, General Motors North America. “This is another example of how we provide customers with technologies that add value and enhance the ownership experience.” Users can track the progress of the package and are notified when it is delivered and locked inside the vehicle. “The in-car delivery option is another way Amazon helps ensure that my order is delivered safely and conveniently. Setup was super easy for my OnStar-equipped car—I granted Amazon Key permission to open my car’s trunk and the ability to relock my car when done, and that was it,” said Scott L. from Miami, one of the Amazon Prime members who received early access to the service. “I can’t wait to check my car’s trunk to see what’s delivered next!” To get started users need only go to Amazon and download the app. If you own a Volvo, you are also eligible for the service. Thus far, only the GM brands and Volvo can take advantage of the service.

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