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  1. Anybody know who makes the fender flares for SCA Black Widow trucks? or where to get them from? Looking to get a painted set for a 2020 AT4 1500. Thanks
  2. Thanks for posting this. Definitely appreciate this info and makes my decision to get one of the other CAI's much easier. Thanks!
  3. I was considering the GM CAI only because of the reflash, thinking that it was doing something for performance. I have seen the Rotofab make some impressive HP gains on the G8 GXP and SS platform with the LS3. At a local Dyno Day, we swapped from stock box to Rotofab and and back, same day, same dyno, same temp, fuel, stock cal for both, etc. and it was impressive. Not saying it the best, but always stuck in my mind that it worked.
  4. I called Phasetek the shop that did a lot of exhaust testing on these new trucks, and they seems to think that none of the systems had any drone in the cab. The Atak was the loudest and most noticeable all the time but very refined, next the S type was very noticeable at cold start, noticeable while accelerating and not really noticeable while cruising. Last the touring, was noticeable during cold start but not so much after that. The S seems to be the right mix for me, and I did want quiet while cruising and towing. I should have it on the truck in a few weeks and can post my opinion if anyone is interested.
  5. 2020 GMC 1500 6.2 GM CAI with the "recalibration" or the Rotofab with no tune adjustments?
  6. Anyone running 325/60/20 on their lifted truck? Slightly wider and taller than a 35x12.5 but 4 or 5 pounds lighter depending on the brand.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. The true duals look really clean and well done. I know the Borla is more but some of the cost is the R&D to get that exact right sound balance. I had Corsa on the last truck but not too many thumbs up with Corsa on the 6.2.
  8. Looking for a new exhaust for my 6.2 AT4. Leaning toward the Borla Atak system. Appears to deliver some sound and performance gains. Talked with Borla Engineers and they say absolutely NO drone on the Atak system ay any RPM and no problem with cylinder deactivation. I just don't want it to be too loud at cruising speed but have not heard of any complaints. Ready to pull the trigger on this but looking for any first hand experience with the Atak system. Thanks
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