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  1. Hey gang. Life has changed a little and it's time to move on from my truck, for now. Gas is going to go into the stratosphere and I have some new medical bills I need to take care of. It's just not a great time to be making a payment. I looked into Carvana and they made me an offer I just couldn't refuse - more than I paid for the truck. I ached for a couple of months over what to get because I've always had a truck. I finally landed on a 2018 Audi A4 Quattro S Line. I was able to make an even trade for it between the Carvana offer and my payoff on the truck. I pick it up on Wednesday. I'm excited to try something new but I know I'll miss my truck. I'm due for a large raise at work in 2022 and my medical bills should be paid by then. This Audi will be something fun I can enjoy until then, when I may get back into a truck. The facelift and new interior will be out by then so that will be something to look forward to. In the meantime, I'm going to have fun with this. The warranty just ended so it's time for an ECU tune I've mainly made this post to thank everyone here for all the help. This forum is very supportive and saved me a lot of time and labor when modding my truck. I'm very thankful for all the advice I got here and I'll pass it along to local truck owners. Until next time - catch me on the Corvette Forum and Audi World.
  2. I'm in the minority but I can't tell hardly any difference after installing my 5100s on the rear. It's a little more planted over potholes and bridge transitions, but that's about it. Otherwise is drives exactly the same as it did.
  3. I bought their intake for my 6.2 and it came with a QR code you can scan to bring up instructions with pictures. They were excellent, and the owner at S&B even called afterwards to make sure the install went okay. It's the best quality intake I've seen and the customer service is even better.
  4. I put two sets of these on my K2. I thought they were great. There was a little noise as can be expected with any AT tire, but they performed excellent in rain and snow. The Goodyear tires my RST Z71 came with are actually much louder and pretty much worthless.
  5. I'll second @TNTSilverado as I have the same setup as him. The Corsa system is the best of both worlds for these trucks. The sound is very aggressive on startup and WOT, but shipser quiet on the highway. It's perfectly complemented with the S&B intake. The truck drives completely different than new. It really is a shame how much they restrict these things from the factory.
  6. I really, really love this motor and this truck. But I put about 20k miles on mine every year and my 25-mile commute to work is a lot of up-and-down hills. The gas costs really add up. I guess it couldn't hurt to look around and see what 3.0 deals are lying around... I'm still paying on the Vette but that's mostly to build credit. I could pay it off and put that payment toward fuel, but I was really hoping to use that as a down payment on a rental property to start building supplemental income while I'm young (27). So then I go back to - why am I making this truck payment when I could just get a cheaper daily? But then I drive it and remember haha. Ahh well, I've got time to figure it out. Like you said, gas won't be $4.00 tomorrow and demand for trucks isn't going away.
  7. It may hurt some but Silverado sales kept increasing even when gas was $4.00 once before. Major discounts definitely helped, which would in turn hurt the used market. But demand for trucks has never been higher, either so I don't think it will hurt too bad. I've thought about it but I figure if I trade, I might as well get out of a payment altogether. Diesel fuel is going up, too. I could put that money to better use anyways. I always wanted a 6.2 since they were first offered on the Silverado 10 years ago and now I have.
  8. I've been saving Carvana offers just in case. Gas prices are on the way up and we'll see how high they go. Premium fuel when unleaded is at $2.40 is already not fun - but premium fuel when unleaded is at $4.00 would be brutal. I'd rather keep my Vette and trade the truck down for something without a payment.
  9. It's essentially the Borla Touring system and a GM-specific CAI.
  10. Boost has a harness that will turn the spotlights on with the high beams. Not very pricey either and pretty easy to install. I don't know how bright they would be on the road at night. I've never tried them outside my driveway. But it could be a cool addition.
  11. I've got the same kit on mine. The installer warned it would cause squeaking but I haven't heard a peep in 7k miles. I like it.
  12. I did LED reverse lights in the factory housings. They're plenty bright enough for me.
  13. I don't think it's realistic, personally. I just think it's pretty words to help boost their stocks and fund their R&D. Tesla is proof that this is definitely the future but I think we're many more than 14 years away from full electric.
  14. I think this is a great description. My lights are really bright where they put light. Trouble is they don't throw light very far or wide, even in high beams. I think I've seen somewhere on the Forum you an get a harness that keeps the fog lights on while the highbeams are on. I may try that.
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