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  1. The problem with a blown LS7 is that it can quickly become a blown LS7. Actually, they can blow straight out of the box haha. Too many demons hiding in those engines that GM has never admitted to. But with a good set of aftermarket heads, they're great motors. I'd love to see a high-performance truck from GM, too. They have all the components to make it happen. I'd get in line for a truck like that. I think it's strange they seem to ignore the segment. It's not like the typical Raptor or TRX buyer is cross shopping anything in the GM lineup. Those sales are lost from the get-go.
  2. Love my double cab! This is my third Silverado and they've all been double cabs. I'm single with no kids so they always have enough room inside for me. Plus with the double cab, you get the bigger bed. It's perfect.
  3. Those aren't turn signal mirrors although they look like they should be. I have them on my RST and I thought the same thing. Turns out they came with the safety package and they're essentially LED spotlights. Pretty darn bright but can only be used in Park. I haven't found a use for them yet but they're neat. You can turn them both on or each mirror individually.
  4. The Cybertruck is cheaper but then you'd have to look at it everyday. Yikes. Plus it isn't very good at actually being a truck. I think GM did a great job here. Yes, it's expensive... and it's already sold out for the first year. This is the reality of where fully electric vehicles are for now. This is what is costs to sell a truck that is as capable as what we're driving now (more, actually), fully electric, and reliable until economies of scale start catching up to the EV market.
  5. Hmm... how strange. Don't think I've seen that before. Thanks, I wasn't in it for any hp gains. The 6.2 has plenty as it is. I just wanted to be able to hear all that power and now I can. I've got Corsa on my Vette though and I love it.
  6. Just talk to your exhaust buddy. On the 6.2 exhaust, there's a flapper valve before and after the muffler. I recommend leaving both for low highway noise. My guy just welded a pipe back in place of the muffler. Sounds aggressive on startup and under throttle but quiet on the highway. It's the perfect blend for me.
  7. Congrats! Definitely go with the muffler delete on the 6.2. I did on mine and it's great. At $75, it sounds just as good as those $1400 systems to me for much less money. Post pics!
  8. Wait so a 5.3 SLE or Elevation comes with the 10-speed but the 5.3 AT4 comes with the 8-speed? How odd. Anyways, love the truck! I like that color. Congrats.
  9. I have to agree. Even upgrading from a K1, the fit and finish and materials are noticeably better. I truly don't understand what the journalists are complaining about. I agree that the packaging is odd and makes things appear cheaper, i.e. the infotainment screen which is perfectly acceptable but looks smaller the way they positioned it. But everything is solid and it's very quiet. I've been in the new Ram interior, for example, and I honestly don't see what's so much better about it... Looks like that's the direction we're heading. If you see the 2021 Escalade or the new S-class, it's very telling. I wouldn't mind it so much if most of today's screens didn't look so out of place. So many interiors looked like they were designed completely and then they thought, "Whoops, forgot the screen. Let's just stick it here."
  10. I've got some start up videos I can send you but you're right, you can't tell much until you hear it yourself. I'll say this - I honestly don't think it's too loud or daily driving. I seriously can't even tell I did it on the highway. But I also have a cammed Corvette which is much louder so anything else is quiet to me haha. The good thing about a muffler delete is the cost is very minimal so if you don't like it, you can buy a Borla or Magnaflow muffler to put back in. You'll still make a better sound and save $1000 on a catback system. It's the best $75 I ever spent on a vehicle.
  11. I'm all in on this when it's ready! The plug-in version is nice since it charges your phone but wireless would be really convenient for daily driving.
  12. No tuning here either but I have to agree, the 6.2 and 10 speed combo is smooth and quick. I'm constantly surprised how much faster it is than the 5.3 6 speed combo I had in my K1. I may take mine to the trip too and see how it does.
  13. This is exactly what I did - left both flappers in and the resonator mesh uncovered. The sound is perfect to me. No drone on the highway but really nice on startup and under throttle. It finally sounds like it has all this power.
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