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  1. I didn't really like where the 6.2 badges are from the factory so I ordered some black ones off eBay and put them where the Z71 badges used to be. I love the way it turned out. Just throwing an idea out there for others.
  2. For what it's worth, I had the same rims on mine and got $650 out of them on a local sell. Took a few weeks but someone popped up with interest.
  3. That's crazy talk. The markup from the name-brand dealers is insane.
  4. The Corsa system also adds an extension for the crew cab standard bed trucks. I haven't heard the Borla Atak system on the T1. But I had a Borla system on my K2 and compared to it, the Corsa is significantly quieter on the highway but still aggressive under throttle. It's uncanny how much it sounds like my Vette at idle. Either way, you're going to be happy with a catback system. It really wakes the truck up. They neuter these things from the factory.
  5. I really love Satin Steel. It looks good on any trim and any combo.
  6. That, I'm not sure about. I bought them from @lapoolboy when they came off his truck. I believe he bought them from a local muffler shop. He may be able to give more details. There's a few options on Amazon as well.
  7. I've seen a few T1 around the Forum with quad tips and it's been tempting me. I love the look on my Vette and figured I would try it on my truck. Big thanks to @lapoolboy for providing the tips! Getting the factory tips off was a pain but putting the new ones on wasn't bad at all. I've got a friend who's a great welder and he made short work of the project. I really love the way they turned out and they made the exterior sound of my Corsa system just a hair deeper.
  8. Install went good. Took me a couple hours but I'm not generally very handy with my own vehicles. There's a QR code in the box you can scan with your phone that will bring up step-by-step installation instructions. They're really detailed and very good.
  9. I put the S&B cover on the side but I left the top holes open. There didn't appear to be a way to close those.
  10. Well... it's installed. Man, what a NOISE! I had my foot in the gas all the way home, grinning ear to ear. The intake combined with my Corsa catback makes for a fun truck. Nothing this large should be this fun. If you're on the fence about getting one, don't be. Also, I committed the greatest internet sin and forgot to take a picture. I'll be sure to get one soon.
  11. Looks good! I have the same level om my 2020. In fact, I used the same RC level for my 2009 and my 2017. Never had a bit of issue with them.
  12. Mine also updated today. I was beginning to think they forgot about me.
  13. Funny you say that because I ordered mine Friday and also got shipping this evening. Luck of the draw and we drew good haha.
  14. Nice! Sounds nasty! Mine is around 500hp. Nothing crazy because I semi-daily it in nice weather. Cam, headers, full exhaust, street tune. But I can tell you I've never smiled more in a car haha. Here we are on the Dragon last fall.
  15. Any muffler shop can get rid of them and weld pipes back in their place, especially if you plan on removing or replacing the muffler. A good aftermarket catback system will also take care of the flappers. I'll say this - there's an incredible difference in the way these trucks drive with the flappers gone. I did the muffler delete and left the flappers and have since moved to the Corsa catback system. It's a different truck now.
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