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  1. Anyone install that can provide new feedback? has there been any negative impact on mpg’s for those not using a heavy foot for throttle response?
  2. I recall reading about driving in heavy rain maybe instructions, this have any impact on bottom hole being open? don’t think it gets real wet in that location.
  3. That’s what I’m unsure of but she definitely said to try to reuse sticker or get new one from dealer. wondering how everyone is handling this? in PA diesels are emissions exempt but not sure if not having this sticker has an impact on that.
  4. @Lucely Engineered what did you do regarding the emissions sticker on factory box? were you able to transfer it or get a new one?
  5. How bad is the install? I’m assuming you did the full install to the turbo? So the instructions recommend bottom plug out? You try both ways? I watched the S&B video and she had her apple watch on and it seemed there was quite a bit of elapsed time. im guessing 3-4 hour install?
  6. Will be interesting to see how the mpg’s are affected. Engine breathing better so it should improve but will be hard to determine in the short term with everyone looking for the power increase. Lots of start and stop and heavy pedal by most right after install so numbers won’t be accurate right away.
  7. I think it sounds pretty good, almost like an old school military deuce and a half type sound as I think they were inline 6 engines. you notice any difference in performance or increase/decrease in mpg’s?
  8. Just curious if anyone knows if there is a tow mirror accessory from gm that retains the power fold option and blind spot alerting etc...? the one for $750 online says not compatible with vehicles with those options but I could have sworn there is a higher tier mirror that allows these functions. I have a 20 AT4 with all the cameras and blind spot lane assist options.
  9. Looking for feed back on installation and perceived results, power, mpg + or - and sound. someone here has to have it by now
  10. The last page and a half is S&B air intake discussion. I’ll start the new thread.
  11. Someone here has to have it installed by now that can post a review. I do have to say that the thread topic title is a bit generic and perhaps a title specific to this 3.0 duramax air filter would get more traffic.
  12. Honestly I think unless you put it on a dyno it’s going to be hard to determine performance increase by seat of the pants feel and hammering it. need to just go drive like you do every day and start with mpg differential. I think if the truck gains 1-2mpg then of course there should be some hp/tq gain. Going around and flooring it because of greater throttle response will only tank the mpgs so important to not do this for a bit. im definitely interested though, my ears are hearing increased sound at idle and under load vs stock setup.
  13. That guy didn’t have much to offer as far as mpg’s or increased power etc...
  14. would replacing just the rears factory bose speakers with the 6.5” c1’s improve the sound in rear? im quite happy with sound up front so hesitant replacing all of that.
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