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  1. Same low speed deep growling noise. Doesn't seem to an issue, I think it's the huge aluminum drive shaft acting as a tuning fork and amplifying the noise.
  2. Sorry I haven't given an update .... I wanted to drive the truck on the exact route with the exact same load before reporting back. The fluid was flushed and the transmission software was updated. Now the transmission temperature never exceeded 175'F and all 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are on time and feel fine. The 3-2-1 downshift is smooth and no longer harsh. Amazing that a fluid change could make such a difference!
  3. Truck has the IOR Infotainment 3 8inch screen radio.
  4. Never had lines or static in the reverse camera display at night, just what I would call "over-saturation". Way too bright, but now it's all cleared up.
  5. The Work Order receipt lists the operation as... J# 6 02CVZ CUSTOMER STATES WHEN IN REVERSE DISPLAY SCREEN DOES NOT DIM AND IS VERY BRIGHT REFLASHED SOFTWARE 2886858 80YN48734810 Hope this helps you all get the issue corrected. I have a very long driveway and it was a PITA to back in or out at night before. Now it's a pleasure.
  6. Good news! Got the truck back today and they were able to correct the issue. My service writer was able to research a fix and I'm happy to report the night time backup camera is no longer blindingly bright. As a side benefit the color contrast is much better as well.
  7. My truck is in the dealer right now for the 8 speed transmission fluid flush. I mentioned the brightness of the back-up camera to the service writer for the 3rd time. Fingers crossed and I will report back with any updates.
  8. Early September 2018 build, 2019 2wd 8 speed 5.3L, transmission temp never exceeded 170, now while driving same route and conditions the trans temp is 185 and the 1-2 + 2-3 light throttle shifts are slide/ bump affairs and the corresponding downshifts are very harsh. Started all of a sudden. Very repeatable. When the trans temp is below 175, it upshifts and downshifts fine. Warranty still in effect, fluid never updated to the newer Mobil 1 version. Anyone have any experience similar to this? Thanks for any insight.
  9. 2019 RST 2wd 5.3 8 speed....tow 2000lb trailer with 3000lb car on it with 500lb cargo in the bed, mostly flat towing gets 14mpg when towing this setup in Tow Haul mode. Regular mpg is 22.
  10. While I don't have a shudder or any operational issue with my RWD 5.3 2019 RST 8spd, I can tell you from my 50+ years experience in the transmission industry, trying to dampen any driveline noise or vibration, when your dealing with an aluminum driveshaft that's as large as the one in our trucks, is going to be a tough nut to crack!
  11. Just drove my son's 2018 Ram 4wd crew cab for the first time...it's ride is light years better than my 2019 RST 2wd! This is my 10th Chevy pickup since 1971 so I'm not running out to purchase a Dodge, but when comparing ride quality, there is NO comparison!
  12. I went into the menu screen and to my surprise the option for adding the transmission temp page was there! It must have been added during one of the multiple satellite downloads the truck has seen since since I picked it in September of 18.
  13. Mobil 1 0-20 Dexos with a Delco filter every 5000 miles. I change it myself, runs about $35.
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