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  1. Adding factory brake controller to 1500

    Has someone actually tried this install on a 2019 and failed or are the reports of it not being possible from attempts on earlier trucks? The wiring harness and controller are available from GM.
  2. The photo is from the bottom with the skid plate removed. (Four 13mm bolts)
  3. I've spoken to a good friend who is a 30 + year tech at a North Jersey Chevrolet dealer. So far he has seen two '19 Silverados with blown oil cooler hoses. He said to look for a yellow witness stripe that becomes visible as the hose begins to squeeze out of the crimp. His dealership is looking at each Silverado that comes in for the free oil change. For the record my 9/18 5.3 Ft Wayne truck shows no sign leakage or line distortion at 6500 miles. There are green inspection stripes on my hoses as well.
  4. Same problem here...dangerously distracting!
  5. 2019 Camper Shell Cap Pictures

    Send more photos of that red Leer cap please!
  6. XM Radio on Trail Boss Custom

    Do you have buckets or bench seats?
  7. Rear camera too bright?

    The issue isn't the light in the tailgate for the camera being too bright at night, it's the screen on the dash! Might as well be an interior floodlight! Dangerously Distracting!!! I will make an appointment with the dealer to start the process. At least I'm not the only one! Thanks.
  8. The reverse rear view camera is way too bright at night. So bright that it makes the mirrors useless. Any one else notice this or have a fix?
  9. Caps yet???

    Has anybody heard when the major manufacturers are going to have well styled, matched color caps available for our trucks? Leer has nothing, ARE just released one for the 19 Dodge, but none for our T1. Been waiting now for since September. Also noticed a lack of enthusiasm in general regarding aftermarket accessories for the T1 compared to previous Chevrolet new truck releases! Frustrating.
  10. When your truck was new, did you use inner panel rustproofing inside those rockers?
  11. Lowering kits or info?

    Hopefully Belltech will have something soon...all I'm looking for is 2" front and rear.
  12. Drop Shackles

    Ditto that. Let us in on the result!
  13. Anyone run into this yet? Yesterday no problems, Apple car play Waze, Sirius/XM all good, snowed overnight, truck got cleaned off but today the 4G signal is only 1 or 2 bars at most. Suggestions?
  14. Has anyone installed the factory trailer brake controller in a T1 that did not have one from the factory? Is the harness already there and are any BCU updates necessary? Thanks, Bob V
  15. Had this happen yesterday. Screen and functions locked up with only limited response to some home screen inputs. Finally froze on the camera icon. was able to access the system through Apple Car Play on the phone but nothing happened on the truck's screen. After turning truck on and off a couple of times and a 2 hour drive it went back to normal.

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