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  1. What hood protector?

    There's already limited airflow on the windshield at speeds below 70 mph.The truck's grill is so flat and blunt for what purpose? Styling? Could have taken advantage of all the dead space under hood and over the engine to lower the hoodline for a better aero package. Another example of styling overwhelming engineering!
  2. Drive it up the hill. Better get ready for some work though to fix the leak. PS ... don't rely on that spotter anymore.
  3. What hood protector?

    The hood of these trucks is so high, nothing can get up there!
  4. I complained about this to the dealer 6 months ago...no fix yet!
  5. 2019 Camper Shell Cap Pictures

    2019 RST with an ARE Z2 cap
  6. ARE Z2 cap...finally

    The ARE cap "side gap" is quite regular front to back, less than 3/8 of an inch, you can't stick your fingers in anywhere along it.
  7. ARE Z2 cap...finally

    My truck has a GM rubber mat in the bed that is 1/2 inch thick...I took these measurements on top of that mat. At front window...40 inches. Middle of wheel wells...40.5 inches. Just in front of rear window... 40.5 inches. Hope this helps.
  8. Adding TBC to 2019

    I looked into this... bottom line is that the dash wiring harness has the plug and wires in it for the factory controller if you order it when the truck is built (Part # 84638509). If you don't there is a different dash harness (part # 84638511) that does not have the wiring for the factory controller. Your only option is to use the supplied accessory harness that supports all aftermarket trailer brake controllers.
  9. ARE Z2 cap...finally

    Here are the photos of the roof to cap transition. It is pretty smooth, no wind noise at all. There is even a molded in "depression" in the center of the cap roof that matches the same feature on the roof of the truck cab. This is my second ARE cap. The last was also a Z model on a 2005 ZQ8 Colorado. Got great service from that cap as well. Paint match on that cap as well as this one is spot on.
  10. ARE Z2 cap...finally

    I will take more photos of the transition and post them. The cap was priced at $2700, I added some options, remote locking, fold down front window, clothes hanger rod and 12v LED interior lights so final cost was $3200 with sales tax.
  11. Way too heavy for use in a CAFE driven world...not gonna happen!
  12. ARE is finally supplying caps for the 19 Silverado. No REVO's yet so I ordered a Z2 after waiting 9 months. Here are some photos.
  13. My real world mile figures I reported above were from the DIC, the actual measured and calculated mileage was .2 mpg better. The 2019 DIC is very accurate!
  14. Real world report on a 500 mile round trip last week...no hypermileing here! Southbound I81 Jersey to Roanoke Va, 80mph got me 22.1 mpg, coming back north 2 days later at 75mph mileage went up to 23.2. RST 2wd 5.3 8speed, no complaints here.
  15. Tailgate not dropping

    My RST has had the same "no drop" problem since day one. I lubed it and it was better but eventually the sticky gate came back. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it because ARE caps finally committed to manufacture and deliver my Z2 cap after waiting 8 months! Won't be needing to drop the tailgate after that.

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