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  1. Mobil 1 0-20 Dexos with a Delco filter every 5000 miles. I change it myself, runs about $35.
  2. Thanks for the idea but I don't have that fully digital dash. I will look into the settings menu when I put it in tow mode. Will report back!
  3. On my 2019 RST, 5.3 8spd 2wd (Mid Level infotainment dash) I don't seem to be able to get to the transmission temperature screen. Anyone have any insight as to what I need to do the see that screen? Truck tows fine, just want to see the trans temp. Thanks.
  4. My 19 RST has done this occasionally since day one...The day we picked the truck up, it did not recognize my Apple SE. Dealer replaced receptacle plug (USB) but still happens occasionally, even if we are using the USBC plug.. Kinda quirky. Can't wait for a speeding ticket on the day WAZE is off line!
  5. Are the fixed rear windows leaking now too? I thought this was a slider window issue?
  6. I installed a Reese unit a year ago and have had no issues. I adjust the brake down when the trailer is empty and back up when loaded. Works great.
  7. When you installed the drop shackles you tipped the pinion down. You need to use a 2degree shim to move it back up. That's the setup that will get you back on track.
  8. Where do you get the transmission temperature? In towing mode screen or somewhere else?
  9. My 19 RST 5.3 2wd 8spd has no upshift issues when cold. Still has original fluid as well. 15k miles now.
  10. With the tires sticking out of the wheel wells like that how do you keep the windshield clear when driving down a muddy road?
  11. Is this leak still confined to trucks with the sliding back window?
  12. "I get less mileage with larger wheels an tires. " Duh!
  13. I gave up waiting and installed an aftermarket controller with the add on harness that came with the truck. Works great.
  14. Call me back after you evaluate it's operation in a low temperature environment!
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