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  1. I’m thinking of buying a fiberglass topper for my truck and am wondering about the plastic bed rail caps. My truck is white and I think the combo would look better without the black strip between them. Are these even removable?
  2. Do you know if any other year console will work in a 2020?
  3. More info please. Are these salvage yard parts or what?
  4. I recently bought a set of take off wheels and tires for my 2020 WT that do t have any sensors. What frequency will work in my truck?
  5. I am seriously considering putting a Aero turbine muffler on my truck. Anybody have one installed? How about some videos of your replacement exhaust and if you are happy with your choice.
  6. I have but not sure about removing the front panels and grill. I found a you tube video that doesn’t show much. Any advise?
  7. Do any other 2020 6.6 gassers sound like the power steering pump came off of a 1995 Ford pickup besides mine
  8. Any thoughts what would cause the trailer brake warning to come on intermittently when not towing anything? It is a 2018 2500.
  9. I have a 2020 WT with the black front end. I saw a picture of one with the bumper that matched the body color. My question is painting my only choice or can I buy a wrap? Is a vinyl wrap something I could do myself? Where would I get it?
  10. Getting my black Chevrolet lettering for my tailgate tomorrow. Any tips or tricks to getting it on straight?
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