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  1. I bought new sensors compatible with the 2020 truck.
  2. I have 30,000 miles on my 2020 gas 2500. Occasionally (which seems to be more often lately) after I back out of the garage, stop and shift into drive, there is a hesitation before the transmission engages. When this occurs the engine will rev up to 1500 RPM’s between gears. The hesitation lasts probably 2-3 seconds. I took it to my local Chevrolet dealer this week to diagnose. From the time they drove it into the shop to the time they informed me they were done, including test drive was exactly thirty minutes. The service manager said all pressures checked out and no problem was detected during the test drive. I said nothing rather than something I might later regret. Is this the kind of service you get with a vehicle under warranty these days? Anybody else having this kind of issue with their transmission?
  3. The one I just bought is supposed to work up to 2021.
  4. I’m on my second ps pump. Dealer agreed with me on the original and replaced it. The replacement was quite for about a week then the whine was back although not as loud as the first one. I can’t tell if it really helped but I took a squeeze bulb apperatice and sucked all the fluid I could get out of the pump and refilled with Royal Purple ps fluid. I drove it a couple days then repeated the process. Mine is tolerable but not as it should be.
  5. I have a 2020 WT that I recently outfitted with a set of factory five spoke 2018 20” Chevy factory wheels. I have tried to re-learn the TPMS with 2 different tools now with no luck. Are they compatible or am I missing something. I know the take-offs have sensors because they have never been off of the downer truck.
  6. I’m thinking of buying a fiberglass topper for my truck and am wondering about the plastic bed rail caps. My truck is white and I think the combo would look better without the black strip between them. Are these even removable?
  7. Do you know if any other year console will work in a 2020?
  8. More info please. Are these salvage yard parts or what?
  9. I recently bought a set of take off wheels and tires for my 2020 WT that do t have any sensors. What frequency will work in my truck?
  10. I am seriously considering putting a Aero turbine muffler on my truck. Anybody have one installed? How about some videos of your replacement exhaust and if you are happy with your choice.
  11. I have but not sure about removing the front panels and grill. I found a you tube video that doesn’t show much. Any advise?
  12. Do any other 2020 6.6 gassers sound like the power steering pump came off of a 1995 Ford pickup besides mine
  13. Any thoughts what would cause the trailer brake warning to come on intermittently when not towing anything? It is a 2018 2500.
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