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  1. I had ordered a set of 5100 from 4 Wheel parts and waited and waited….I also ordered a set of 6112 from summit racing…received them and 2 days later received an email that the 5100’s shipped. I installed the 5100s in the front and a set of fox 2.0, from shock surplus in the rear as that was all that was in stock at the time. Over all I am happy with my choices, however I find I have a lot of vibration (both before and after) the install.
  2. Noticed for a while….try to ignore LOL I have used the L9 trick before. I would say it helps, but not eliminate
  3. Out of warranty, and yes if I take pressure off the gas or even pressure on the gas it goes away. Reminds me of the old v4 to v8 cylinder switch as in previous models also have a very slight vibration at idle
  4. Looking for a looking advice on where to start looking for a solution. 2020 Sierra 1500at4….83,000 miles…5.3l. V-8 I have a fairly major vibration at times when driving….can be going straight and feel it….going up an overpass and feel it….when windy you can really feel it. The best I can describe is like the engine bogs down, and gives a rumble noise and shake. I can watch the tach move about 100-200 rpm when the noise/vibration stops. I have new shocks (5100s in the front and fox 2.0 in the rear) New tires - cooper at3 4s (my second set) Noise/feeling was present before and after the shock and tire change Could this be motor Mount? Need new spark plugs? Transmission fluid? Transfer case fluid? any help is greatly appreciated
  5. Sorry to revive my old post, but I went and ordered a full set of 5100s….unfortunately they are still on back order. I would have no issue waiting, but i am making a long trip in about a month and need some options. I will probably go with the 6112 in the front as they seem to be in stock, however does anyone have suggestions for the rear? Would you match with a set of icons? Any other suggestions? anyone have any insight to when the 5100s will actual come back….I know Wishful thinking thank you in advance
  6. I have a 2020 Sierra at4 with 74,000 miles and the shocks are ready to be replaced. I have already decided on a Bilstein setup, but am wondering if the 5100 will do or do I jump to the 6112/5160 or some combo of both. My driving is 99% pavement…mixed highway and around town. My main goals are smoothing out the ride (I feel it’s a bit choppy), stop the side to side rocking, and longevity. We are planning a trip to Vermont from Florida and would like to make the family and dog as comfortable as possible (yes I know it’s a truck and not a luxury sedan). I am currently running cooper at3 4s on the stock 20s. I know I will be happy with the 6112/5160, but am I just spending an extra $600 just to spend an extra $600. There are ton of great posts on these products, but none that seem to way the cost vs reward.
  7. Looking for some suggestions on a multiple dead battery issue on a 2020 Sierra at4 (5.3l). Over the past 6 months I have had roughly 6 to 7 times the battery looses its charge and will not start the truck. The battery was checked twice and tested fine, on the 3rd time it was replaced, I didn’t bring it in the first time as I figured it was an anomaly. Since the new battery it has not started 3x. On the second time with no start they had already diagnosed a bad on star module that was just waiting to arrive for the dealer to replace (this was roughly 3 weeks ago). On Monday the truck would not start (it started Sunday with no problems), I could not jump start it with another car, a jump pack, or the tow truck. The dealer currently has the truck (they charged the battery and was able to start it). Currently there is no draw showing that would cause the battery to drain. They are keeping it hooked up and monitoring now I am out of warranty (yes I drive a lot for work), and just looking for anything that can help point in the right direction. The dealer has been great in trying to resolve the issue, but we are both confused as to what could cause this issue. Each time the battery has died it was been in the driveway at home. Not sure if it makes a difference, but the cylinder head was replaced due to a DFM issue
  8. I can live with the “truck” feel, but there is a huge difference between The original ride of the truck and now. I do believe the issue started at the first tire rotation, so tire kingdom will have to keep balancing them till they get it right.
  9. Sorry to replay to my own post, but second dealer suggested tire issues as well. Are the Bridgestone Duellers a/t really that bad of a tired at 23,000 miles?
  10. I have a 2020 gmc at4 with the 20” rim combo. Currently sitting at 22,000 miles and my ride quality is getting worse. My dealer said it was unbalanced tires (had them balanced) and that did not solve the problem. i understand this is a truck and won’t have a perfect ride, but it feels like I’m driving on rumble strips , constant shaking, and a lot of side to side motion. I also recently had a failed lifter and they replaced the lifters and cylinder head. Not sure if this could cause the shaking I am feeling. i plan to try another dealer, but looking for suggestions first.
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