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  1. I can live with the “truck” feel, but there is a huge difference between The original ride of the truck and now. I do believe the issue started at the first tire rotation, so tire kingdom will have to keep balancing them till they get it right.
  2. Sorry to replay to my own post, but second dealer suggested tire issues as well. Are the Bridgestone Duellers a/t really that bad of a tired at 23,000 miles?
  3. I have a 2020 gmc at4 with the 20” rim combo. Currently sitting at 22,000 miles and my ride quality is getting worse. My dealer said it was unbalanced tires (had them balanced) and that did not solve the problem. i understand this is a truck and won’t have a perfect ride, but it feels like I’m driving on rumble strips , constant shaking, and a lot of side to side motion. I also recently had a failed lifter and they replaced the lifters and cylinder head. Not sure if this could cause the shaking I am feeling. i plan to try another dealer, but looking for suggestions first.
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