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  1. For years, I’ve been running supertech synthetic and never had issues. Usually run a purolator ONE filter... I wanted to get mobil 1 for the Silverado, thinking it’s the best oil out there but doubting the cost is worth it. At Walmart, 5qt of M1 is about $23 costco has 10qt of the Kirkland synthetic for $24.99... seems to be a good oil. And I will be doing 5k changes with no towing really. will this oil work fine for the life of my truck?
  2. I emailed range and they said the RA003 will work with AFM and DFM trucks! I’m guessing this will void the warranty, but is it possible to turn DFM back on if I needed dealer work and be ok? My truck only has 580 miles on it lol
  3. I’m about to have a borla xr1 put in my 5.3. I can’t decide on removing the resonators or the flappers. i want it louder than the silent stock exhaust but do not want drone.
  4. I’ve checked their site before but saw nothing for the Dfm that the 2020 has. Only the AFM That the previous models have.
  5. New to these trucks, last silverado was a mint 98 z71... Has anyone came out with a way to cut this crap off on the 2020's?
  6. It was 39,800 something, then had $1995 for accessories, window tent, bed liner, some other stuff. it was around $44k out the door for the truck.
  7. Do they reapply? I have read it’s hard to predict the length of life of the ceramic coating.
  8. Posted them for sale today. Whats a fair number? I put them up for $400 Going to buy the RC step rails. Also............ The front wheel wells, are carpet lined... is there supposed to be anything in the back wheel wells? Mines just metal, no liner.
  9. What did you pay for the coating? I’m wanting to get it done to my TB as well.
  10. walked away with the gray trail boss LT. Someone had already bought the black one.
  11. Thanks guys. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I really hope they are willing to play ball because I usually do not try and be a dealer up I just want to share price so I can get in get my truck and get out of there without spending half a day. I just went and looked at a 2019 loaded Nissan titan that they have listed for 41,000. They came back and wanted to $54,500 out the door. needless to say, I walked. i can’t decide on a dang color! The black or grey!
  12. Looking to buy a new truck this week. Trading in, and am $3000 upside down with that. Trading in a 2018 nissan frontier, it's been a good truck, but with 2 kids and a wife... its just too small. So here's my deal, I am financed through my bank already, a dealer had me financed with them, but at a higher rate... so with that said, what do you guys think I should be shooting for out the door on this truck? I wont get the "lease loyality" or their discount for using them to finance. Which would bring it to $43,680? + my trade, $46,680? Just looking for advice for the price since MSRP is $54,355 Thanks!
  13. I just picked up a very clean 99 classic k2500 gmc suburban 5.7 4x4... Only issue besides leaking power steering lines, someone put a dif. horn in it and it doesnt work. Its laying in the 2nd battery tray, all kinds of wires going it... But while messing with that, I found this plug... Anyone have any idea what its for? Its coming off drivers side, near the PCM, the wire is only 8" long or so before it goes into the wiring harness. Hard to get a good pic with only a 1mb limit
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