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  1. Looking at some 18" fuel tech wheels and wanted to know if anyone knew if the -12 offset would poke them out enough for the 12.5" wide tire to clear the UCA? Also, about how far out does the -12 make the tires go? Im stock currently but already have a few chips in the bottom door from the tires throwing rocks
  2. I just changed the oil for the 3rd time on my 2020 trail boss. 14k miles. I didn’t pay attention to the amount drained on the first 2, but noticed I drained exactly 7 quarts on this go around.... I let it drain until it quit dripping, there’s no way 1 full quart stayed in the engine... im going to change it again at 20,000 and if it’s still low, may go ahead and trade this thing in. I love it and it’s the nicest truck I’ve owned but I got it As a long-term vehicle but if my $54,000 truck is going to be burning oil from the get go I don’t think it will be something I want to deal with over the next 10 years
  3. They look good. Any future concern with the wheel spacers wearing out front end components? Wheel bearings? I've wanted my wheels out like yours, but read spacers arent good? Also, any problems with rocks hitting your body? My falken wildpeaks sling gravel like crazy
  4. Can you take a pic from the top of your tire, inside the wheel well, looking down on the upper control arm? I can’t even get a finger between my tire and control arm with 295’s
  5. Does anyone know of the DFM is causing the issues that AFM caused? I’ve got 11k miles on my 2020, debating to get the module to disable it.
  6. Looks good!! Are those 35's? Im eyeing the same wheels and clueless on offset, would 18 offset still clear the calipers or would it make it worse? Thanks!
  7. I’m not sure how you guys are fitting 35’s. I have 295/70/18 falken wild peaks and they’re supposed to be 34.3”x11.6” and actually measure about 33x11.5 barely clear the UCA.
  8. I put falken wildpeaks 295/70 on my TB... I thought they were supposed to be 34” tire but they measure 33”-33.5” tall on the truck. They’re about 1” taller and 1” wider than factory tires. They do not rob at all. And they handle and ride just as good as the factory tires heres a crap picture of mine with them and motofab 1” level.
  9. Slightly. Here’s a before/after. You can only really tell by looking at the wheel well gap. It’s not much different but enough to tell. I’ll post more pics when I get my tires put on. They were supposed to be here yesterday but hopefully by Friday. before is on top, truck is on a slight incline with the back of the truck downhill.
  10. Here’s the pic of the bolts/nuts that hold the lower shock to the lower control arm
  11. I’ll crawl under it today and take a picture of the bolts. Wondering if I should get longer ones, and if I could change them 1 at a time without lifting the truck again.
  12. Put the 1" front level on my truck yesterday, pretty easy install... my only concern has been with the hardware for the blocks... If anyone else has use this, did the bolts only thread to the very end of the nut, as in flush with it? Figured it would go through a little to have slack incase it ever came loose... it wouldnt just fall off shortly after. Ill post pics wednesday, after I get my 295's put on
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