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  1. I put falken wildpeaks 295/70 on my TB... I thought they were supposed to be 34” tire but they measure 33”-33.5” tall on the truck. They’re about 1” taller and 1” wider than factory tires. They do not rob at all. And they handle and ride just as good as the factory tires heres a crap picture of mine with them and motofab 1” level.
  2. Slightly. Here’s a before/after. You can only really tell by looking at the wheel well gap. It’s not much different but enough to tell. I’ll post more pics when I get my tires put on. They were supposed to be here yesterday but hopefully by Friday. before is on top, truck is on a slight incline with the back of the truck downhill.
  3. Here’s the pic of the bolts/nuts that hold the lower shock to the lower control arm
  4. I’ll crawl under it today and take a picture of the bolts. Wondering if I should get longer ones, and if I could change them 1 at a time without lifting the truck again.
  5. Put the 1" front level on my truck yesterday, pretty easy install... my only concern has been with the hardware for the blocks... If anyone else has use this, did the bolts only thread to the very end of the nut, as in flush with it? Figured it would go through a little to have slack incase it ever came loose... it wouldnt just fall off shortly after. Ill post pics wednesday, after I get my 295's put on
  6. Installing leveling kit, and when I try to take the top sway bar linkage nut off, seems the entire stud from the linkage boot spins... how do I get around this?
  7. Nope, got a tracking # today but hasn’t updated yet. Hopefully I’ll have it by the weekend and have it on the weekend after. I’m going to put it on myself. Doesn’t look hard at all.
  8. Sucks with the 295’s that there aren’t a lot of options, I’ve seen some on here running 35’s in stock wheels, but then read some can’t. had an offer for $450 for my factory duratracs with 6600 miles on them. Is that fair?
  9. I bought the motofab 1” spacer last night. Excited to get the front up a little bit more than it is currently. whats the largest tires I can run on the factory 18’s without issue?
  10. Looking to level my trail boss but have seen issues on here with peoples truck, angles and stuff not being good after a level and parts breaking down the road. planned on sticking with stock wheels and maybe doing a 1/2” wheel spacer, what size tires can I run without issue once leveled? 35x12.5x18?
  11. Washing today and noticed I had a chip from something, and when I was cleaning it with my pressure washer, I saw the paint come off, which is what caught my eye. whats the best way to fix this, it’s on the plastic, under the head light.
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