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  1. Yeah im just trying to help out , the top rated “AT” tire I can find for any truck is the nitto ridge grappler, ive looked pretty extensively. now some people are buying on price. if thats the case im sure there are cheaper tires on the market as there will always be . But I can only go off the info Ive found, everything ive found shows the Nittos as the number one choice. My buddy confirmed the quality in comparison to several other top choice AT tires. I bet there are 5-10 other tires that are going to satisfy most consumers. Look it up and see what you find though, im 100% certain you will find Nitto Ridges rated #1.
  2. The top rated AT tire is the Ridge Grappler, although its classified as a hydrid tire its very much an AT. my buddy has them on his F250 and has over 70k and they are holding up great. He said its the best tire hes ever had , hes had K02s , cooper ATs , duratracs, stt.
  3. Hahahha . good talk. the fact you throw insults shows how invalid your argument is. Your opinion of noticeable vs others is subjective. Until you actually do something you wont know if its noticeable or not. Im saying the best bang for your buck is headers , you can get headers for these trucks fairly inexpensive, if you want the kooks full ultra green kit its going to cost you, they are an option for those who do not want a tune to bypass the downstream o2 sensor. most people arent putting headers on to get a better quarter mile time at the track . You come off sounding pretentious. My job revolves entirely around math and calculations, I already broke your argument As it was based off your opinion and you are just showboating your calculations thinking you impressed anyone . You didnt , its subjective , you have an opinion. Not the truth. We see what your OPINION is , not what the Truth is. Please stop passing yourself off as god you dont know everything and it shows in this thread. my argument isnt with you or “god” . Relax captain. good day sir
  4. Your post was too long to quote. people will argue against the noticeable gains from any upgrade. Most have an agenda , whether it be because they are afraid to do something, they are a brand lover and feel the truck was made from Nasa scientists and cant be any more properly designed or maybe they just are budget conscious and hate on the people spending a modest amount of money on their ride. either way you are fairly ill informed , these engines benefit from headers, always have. Ive had headers on multiple LS engines all with big gains. If there wasnt any gains I wouldnt have done it a second or 3rd time. They made an insane amount of header options for LS for a reason. im not calling you out , but throwing random numbers out their and theories does not equate to real world , if you dont think its worth pursuing thats fine and dandy. But to kinda witch hunt against it is silly, anyone who understands motors understands the purpose and application of exhaust . To say you lose power down low is also funny, who the heck is looking for power below 2500 rpm? Ive never seen someone concerned about power at such low rpm. Regardless of your stance the chart shows noticeable and desireable results. Ive been happy with my previous model year trucks with headers installed, all put a smile on my face and I felt was the best upgrade I made on those vehicles. Ive had buddies with the same truck drive mine and they all noticed the difference between our trucks. i dont see how these 2020 with the same motors wont have the same results.
  5. Oh I just assume anyone running long tubes are not using cats . And if they are they arent factory cats which also tend to throw a code. Im interested in defoulers with flow inserts just to further my knowledge. Can you link me .
  6. You can but the tune is to tune out the cel, sure some run defoulers but they dont always work .
  7. you are right GM wouldnt do it for no reason. Its possible that it also prevents the ecu from throwing a code due to the higher air flow. I guess the main thing im pointing out if you installed the intake and didnt to the ecm flash vs doing the flash , you arent going to see a hp/Torque discrepancy between the two setups.
  8. Its to reset the fuel trims , Disconnecting the battery can do this too but it can take several hours to do. You need all residual power to leave the ecm. and dont kid yourself its not for free the intake is priced accordingly. If the GM intake came with any kinda “tune” every single person would go this route .
  9. The point is the ECM flash they do isnt a tune , it also 100% cannot change the way the maf works. The ECM “flash” is a reset . It equates to the same function unplugging the battery does, it resets the fuel trims and relearns based on conditions . This is why if you are after the best intake , its best to look at design and airflow numbers . In this case the S & B is the best per the data published . The design is also the nicest but thats opinion not data.
  10. So far the best intake from the ones ive seen, S&B , Volant, Cold Air Inductions, rotofab, k&n, GM, AFE. Out of these the S&B looks better and flows better. With good data to back it up. Just tough to find it stock.
  11. Nitto seem to be the one of the best tires right now, but you have to pay for them. Ridge Grapplers give you the aggressive look and great on road performance and quiet. Trail grapplers are more aggressive as they are a mud tire but they are probably the quietest mud tire on the market. For size if you are talking 18s see below.
  12. Ive contacted a few companies , readylift said the trail boss can fit 35” tires on stock rims as long as you stay at an 11.5” tire. This will clear the control arm that readylift supplies. Some tires measure differently but the manufacturer will typically post proper measurements in the details on the tire size . So confirm actual measurement , some guys are running tires that are almost an 1” wider than what the tire size depicts. I got 35x11.5 coming in a Nitto Trail Grappler , they actually measure 34.76” x 11.42” as shown below. if you are wanting to run wider tires you could try a spacer , I think between a 1” and 1.25” get you around the same tire poke as a 0 offset rim. 1.5” would give you a little more. The simpler solution would be to stay below 11.5”. just remember the more negative the rim offset actually makes less tire clearance not more , thats where you get into trimming.
  13. Afe has shorties for these trucks and Dyno sheets posted. long tube require a tune no matter what. But ive seen a few shortys on the silverado 1500 without a tune. Note “Gains” vs “peak”. Gains are taking from a dyno run where the highest delta is. Peak is taken from where the peak power is generated. If at 4000 RPM the difference is 15 HP between Headers and no headers but one peaks at 290 and the other 280. The gains are 15 HP but the peak Increase is 10hp increase. See attached Dyno sheet for comparison of stock vs shorty headers.
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