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  1. I am running an Audio Control D-6.1200 for my dash, front and rear speakers and a Sundown Audio 1500.1 mono block for powering 2 10"subs under the back seat. The Audio Control amp is worth every penny.
  2. I also ordered an amp rack thats designed to go under the seat. He cancelled the order for that and just refunded my money, said it was on backorder. I am guessing because they are frustrated with me, they just cancelled it. I just finished doing a full Sundown Audio install. 2.75's in the dash, components in the front doors, coaxial in the rear and 2 10's under the seat. Fronts are powered by an Audio Control D6.1200 and the 10's are powered by a Sundown Audio SAE-1500. I have to figure out where to mount the Sundown amp as it is pretty large. I will probably remove the back seats
  3. Been waiting for 6+ weeks for my loopback harness and an amp rack. Anyone on here know what the lead time is or if this is normal? I have tried reaching out via phone, text and on Facebook but am getting no response. Does anyone have the contact info for the other guy that makes these, I can't find it in here? I would be willing to just file a claim and go a different route at this point. Thanks!
  4. This is pretty simple, Pull off the cover behind the door handle with a small screwdriver or a pic, remove 7mm bolt. Pull off trim where the grab handle is. Start at the front and work towards the back. There will be 3 clips. Do not just pull it straight off as there is a plastic pivot twards the back. Once the 3rd clip is out open it like a hinge and slide it out. hen remove the 2 7mm bolts. Next, remove the 2 7mm bolts from the bottom of the door. Now, start at the back corner of the door and wiggle the door panel loose working all the way around the door. Pry tool makes it easier, but you c
  5. The 5160's say they are designed for the trail boss. Anyone put a set of these on a non trail boss silverado?
  6. My truck came without the tow hooks and I would like to install them. Does anyone have a template to cutout the holes for the tow hooks?
  7. Have a 2019 new body LT with the composite leaf springs. Truck is leveled to fit larger tires. I tow a 7500lb boat and it has about 2"of squat which i feel is normal for the load. I read that you cannot add blocks to the composite leafs so what are my options if i want to add a little rake back to the truck so it doesn't squat so much when i am towing. I really don't want to use bags if possible. Thanks!
  8. I have a set of 22x12, 305/40/22 which is a 32x12 on just a 2" level in the front. There is a little bit of rub on the mud flap, but a simple trim solved the issue. I would think a 3.5" level would clear with a little rub.
  9. 2019 Silverado LT. 22x12 Hostile Sprockets on Nitto 420V (305x40x22). I did not need spacers and they rub a little on the mud flaps. Trimmed them, problem solved.
  10. I had them on my 2019. They are built really well, but I did not like the look. I ended up selling them.
  11. I have the 5.3 without the factory exhaust (LT). The fit and finish were excellent, I had zero issues getting it installed. I have the DFM so it does sound weird once in awhile when it is messing with cylinder deactivation. Sometimes it sounds like it has a cam lope when cruising around at slow speeds. Other than that, I like it a lot.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone... Personally, I would say the Volant and Roto-Fab look equally good in their own way. I would say the Volant looks more off-road and the Roto-Fab looks more street if that makes sense. I was looking for a CAI simply because I picked up a Gibson exhaust and wanted to compliment it with a CAI. I think we all know that a CAI and cat back may give a little bump in power, but in reality it's negligible without a tune. I was more interested in fit and finish as I have a list of other things I want to purchase, so if I can save a couple hundred bucks and st
  13. Just curious if anyone has installed the Volant CAI for the 19 and up Silverado/Sierra? I am trying to decide if it worth saving some coin and purchasing that one instead of the Rotofab. I had a Rotofab in my 2014 SS Sedan and really liked it, but just don't know if it is worth the extra cost that could be going to something else.
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