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  1. I just got back from a 500 mile trip out of town and experienced the same howling on the driver's side of my 2021 AT4. Anyone know which weather stripping the dealers are changing out to alleviate this? Thanks
  2. I had the Bakflip MX4 installed originally and removed it and replaced it with the Retrax Pro and both retained the grab handle. Both had pros and cons but I really like the Retrax Pro.
  3. I have a set that came off my 2021 AT4 the first month I had it. I traded them out for some Amp Research steps but now I'm cleaning out my garage and will let them go for $550. You'll have to pick them up from Humble, TX (Northeast of Houston).
  4. No travel plans in the near future... sorry.
  5. I have a set for sale in Houston, TX... pickup only. They came off my 2021 AT4 at about 1200 miles. I switched them out for some Amp Research because they were too high for my girlfriend. $550
  6. I just purchased and installed the Retrax Pro XR and am extremely pleased with it. I do like the fact that it locks in place anywhere along the rail. The XR also has the tracks for a rail system so I can store items above the bed and open the cover when needed. I previously had a BakFlip MX that I took off and put on my old Silverado because I didn't want it to go to waste.
  7. I have a 2021 AT4 that I have had for about 5 months and just noticed that there seems to be a piece missing on the front valance. There are a dozen or so push rivet holes that are empty and the existing piece is warping and hanging down badly. I compared it to my buddies Denali and he has another small air dam type valance under this plastic piece that I don't have. Was this left off by design on the AT4? or is it just mine? Sorry for the bad pic but this might help...
  8. The High Clearance steps were installed on my 21 AT4 when I bought it - I think they look great but to be honest, as a step, they are not too helpful for my girlfriend who is 5' nothing. The steps are almost at the same level as the sill so it was difficult on entry. I took them off and put on a set of Amp Research retractable steps and like them much better
  9. I was wondering the same thing. I contacted DiabloSport and was told the same - they are working on it but don't have a date. They asked if I would be interested in being in the test group and of course I said yes - but never heard back from them.
  10. When I bought my new AT4 a month ago, the dealer was pushing their Nano Protection - is anyone familiar with this process? They said they do a light sanding and paint correction (if needed) and then apply the coating - I have a few questions specifically is it the same as a Ceramic Coat is it dealer specific or GM-wide? what else is included? Any information you guys may have is greatly appreciated.
  11. Correct - completely stock (6.2L - not sure if that is heavier or lighter on the front suspension than other engines...)
  12. Here's my stock 2021 AT4 - hope that helps -chris
  13. I just got it back last night - the had it since Monday to fix the passenger side mirror and a couple other items. They said the door locks were "functioning as designed" I suspect the just stood there while it locked (successfully) and moved on. I'll keep pursuing it on future visits.
  14. I seem to be experiencing the same thing - or at least similar. I have a 2021 GMC AT4 and the doors automatically lock most of the time. They sometimes do not lock - just often enough for me not to trust it - ever - so I'm constantly manually locking the doors just to make sure. I originally thought it was because I was not exiting the field soon enough but I can't seem to recreate it in any form or fashion. I am taking my truck to the dealership tomorrow for some other work and plan on having them look at this also. I'll report back once I get an answer from them...
  15. I just picked up a 2021 Sierra 1500 AT4 and have been going through the config and options. I like most everything about this truck but there are a couple design questions I have. I traded in my Tahoe LTZ for this truck and a lot of the options are similar. However, I configured the auto-lock to lock all doors when exiting the vehicle. This works well under normal circumstances when you park the truck, turn off the engine and exit the vehicle. The problem I can't seem to solve is that if you forget something and re-enter the vehicle either by unlocking via key fob or door button, the truc
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