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  1. I have only found this one for the 2019-2021 Silverado so far. Seat Front Molle Panel
  2. Cover showed up Monday at the local delaership. Installed it today, and while it needs some minor adjustments, I do like it.
  3. Thanks. The sticker says Shadow Grey, but I swear its Northsky Blue sometimes.
  4. The baby is actually a large part of why the wife signed off on getting the tonneau cover, needed something to secure the jogger stroller from theft you see. Plus all the crap i normally have racked in the back seat that will be displaced by the car seat. And she demanded I get running boards because at 7 months pregnant, she could barely climb up into the cab.
  5. Thanks for all the information. Ended up ordering one of the RetraxONE's through the GM Accessories page. Was able to stack coupons and discounts and got it for $930. Will post pics when it's installed. In the end, I just couldn't justify the $500 more for the Aluminum, and if I need to add rails to it, I can get a set of replacement rails from Retrax for a modest fee. Also, I have a baby on the way, so the fancy electric one was WAYYY out of my price range.
  6. I have been meaning to buy one for a while, but the wife keeps bumping other things ahead on my list of stuff we need vs want to buy. Really happy with them though.
  7. Ordering a retractable tonneau cover soon, and didnt like the way the rails will leave the bed stake pockets half covered, so I snagged a pair of covers. Matches the texture on the plastic piece pretty well, and it went in snugly.
  8. Traded my 2016 Silverado 2LT Crew Cab Z71 with 68k miles on it, dealer gave me $31.5k plus another $1k off the price of the RST I was looking at. They were hurting for trucks. They put new tires on it, got it GM Certified, and one of the dealer techs bought it for $34k. I originally bought it new for $32k. (Taxes added another $3k, based on the sticker price of $51k before all my discounts) It really is pretty crazy.
  9. Looking to get one of these soon, and I cant seem to make up my mind on which one to get. Any input would be helpful! RollnLock M-Series: Initial choice, seems like a winner, but I've seen multiple complaints that it doesnt stay shut while driving, or locked in position. Plus there's been reports of plastic rail components (Stops, end pieces) breaking. I can get one of these for $1150 installed, and it does have the aluminum slats. RetraxPRO: Seems like the best option. Also has aluminum slats, and doesnt seem to have the locking issues the RollnLock does. Do
  10. Installed a pair of the Westin HDX Extreme's today. 3 hour install time, of which 1.5 hours of it was spent trying to figure out how to start 6 of the 24 bolts. . . . I might pull together and post an install guide for these which has the trick I used, would probably save others some time. Ground clearance is 11", and I do not have a levelling kit. (Factory suspension/Rake)
  11. Picked this up at the beginning of the month. Dealer has no idea how it was built, as it has features that they haven't been able to order for months.
  12. Long time lurker, first time poster. Recently traded in my 2016 2LT Crew Cab for a 2021 RST. Figured I'd join, as some of the mods that folks are posting are things I'd like to do. Pic of the new one:
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