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  1. So mine is at the dealership now and they believe something is broken in the differential so I am now waiting on parts. I will report back what is was and if it solves the issue once its done.
  2. Sad that you had to diagnose and repair yourself. Mine is just past the 3yr bumper-to-bumper warranty but only have 29k on it so I am hoping the powertrain covers whatever is going on with it. I will post any findings I have.
  3. I just dropped my 19' RST off at the dealer for a grinding noise that is coming from the rear end at low speeds when coming from a stop. It's pretty embarrassing when leaving a parking spot and your truck sounds like its about to fall apart. I better not get some lame ass "thats normal for a truck" line or I will go off.
  4. So I have 19' 5.3 RST w/ 28k miles and I have been looking at ordering a 23' RST 2/ the 3.0. I just saw a 2020 RST exact same color as mine w/ the 3.0 but it has 42k miles, I have heard people having issues with the rear main seals leaking, my brother-in-law has a sierra 3.0 that has a small oil leak somewhere so I am hesitant now on these engines. Are they reliable and that much better than the 5.3? I have a travel trailer that is about 4,500lbs that I pull so I thought the 3.0 might be a better option for fuel economy but curious to hear real world experiences.
  5. I was looking to do the same, I imagine it can be done since that is where the factory Bose sub is located. I wanted to get an 8" or 10" just to add a little bottom end to my upgraded speakers. I haven't pursued any further as of yet but curious if anyone has done it already as well.
  6. I got a deal on a custom set on eBay that someone ordered and didn't pay for. I installed them myself in a day but paid an upholstery shop to do the center console lid. Just take your time and it's not a overly hard job IMO.
  7. I am having the same issue with my '19 RST. I just dropped it off at the dealership this morning so hopefully I get it back in the next few days. So frustrating, I would jump the switch as other have suggested but shouldnt need to be doing these things on these new trucks IMO so I am letting them dick with it.
  8. What are folks thoughts on the rear window leaks on these refresh models? Do you think GM has addressed the issue somehow with the new design? If I decide to get one I don't want to have to deal with that headache.
  9. Glad it's finally up, I built mine but I am still hesitant to get excited because of the supply issues.
  10. So has anyone had success adding the usb ports to the center console and powering them? I hate that there are ones on the dash and in the rear but none in my console so i'm looking to add them as well.
  11. I went to the dealership yesterday and they have about 6 refresh models on order. They wouldn’t deal on my truck unless I bought one of the trucks on the lot so I walked and didn’t bother putting in an order. I may see what they will give me in the summer when there are actual refresh models on the lots they want to deal on.
  12. I didn’t get a sunroof or the Bose system. I miss not having a sunroof. The other things are minor but if I do move up I’m excited about the 3.0 and 10 speed along with the other things.
  13. Totally and the only reason I’m considering trading up is to get the 3.0 and some other options I skipped out on when I got my ‘19. I’m going to price one out to be built and see what the difference ends up being.
  14. I get that, I usually wouldn't be looking for at least 5-8 years after getting a new truck. But with having so much positive equity due to the used car market I am thinking about taking advantage of it while I can.
  15. Are you guys trading your old trucks in? If so are they offering good money for them?
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