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  1. Cool, I thought I had read someone say they were inaccessible so good to know!
  2. Checked the fuse and that is good, so looks like something else is up.
  3. No they were factory installed, and I haven’t checked that yet. I will take a look today.
  4. So I’ve had my truck almost three weeks now and since it’s getting dark earlier now I noticed my fog lights aren’t working at all. The light on the dash comes on but they don’t turn on. When I first bought it I noticed that one of the leds next the third brake lights was out, these wouldn’t be correlated in any way would they? I’m going to make an appointment to have it looked at tomorrow.
  5. What muffler are you going to run?
  6. Did your truck come with the bed rail caps? Mine didn't have the back two.
  7. Is there a thread of pics of different running boards and nerf bars people are running. I am looking to get some before winter and want to see what people are running, I am leading towards black nerf bars myself.
  8. Yea I hate letting them get into it but I suppose it’s worth the gamble.
  9. So I bought a Z71 RST Saturday and did a full walk around before leaving the dealership. However after using the bed lighting in the dark I noticed one of my LED lights is out, I was just going to replace myself but I searched here and saw that the headliner needs to be dropped. Should I go through the hassle and have them replace it, I mean it's minor but still sucks its out.
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