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  1. Oh there is definitely a "black box" in these newer vehicles. They can obtain all the data from your driving and the police will often do this in serous crash investigations. They can get consent or obtain a search warrant for it.
  2. I wont let them touch my truck unless its warranty work. I just changed my oil myself and will do the same with the pads, I was just curious if there was a surefire way to tell if your brake life monitor needs to be calibrated. I hate the thought of having to take it back to them.
  3. So I just went over 3k miles and my front brake life % shows at 57%. That seems awfully low, how do you know if your brake life monitor needs to be calibrated?
  4. Mine did this once a few weeks back but hasn't done it since. I will wait to take mine in after hearing about all the issues, these days the fixes are like phone updates there are always bugs in the initial updates.
  5. I lucked out and got a set just like that for $850. Dealer lifted a trail boss and added wheels so I got a steal.
  6. Mine has been doing this to me lately as well, 5.3 8speed w/2800 miles. I am worried its gonna **** up something in the driveline.
  7. Anyone have any insight? I have searched and there are no other threads about pulling the console out.
  8. I plan on getting a Carven muffler and replacing the stock one and deleting the flapper.
  9. So is it possible to just get the muffler or do you have to get the full system?
  10. I think XM is doing a free preview through 12/3.
  11. How big of a difference does the second amp add to the non Bose system? I am looking to upgrade all of my speakers and seeing how that sounds first vs spending the $1200 for the kit.
  12. How difficult was it to get to those wires? I’m looking to add a USB port inside the console and was thinking about using those.
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