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  1. Anyone See A Double Cab LT Trail Boss??

    Has anyone seen a Trail Boss in the Havana Brown like the example?
  2. I like the aggressive look of the wheel/tire package of the trail boss and I could live with both front end styles, but I did some digging and the custom doesn’t even have steering wheel controls for the radio or dash cluster screen. That is beyond stupid by GM and I’m sure was done in some way to persuade people up to the LT trim. I’m wondering if it’s a better option to get a loaded ‘18 model at a deep discount and add a lift and wheels.
  3. Yea it's crazy, I would hate to spend that kind of money on a truck to abuse it so I have my '86 Squarebody for my work truck and I can actually get a full sheet of drywall in that one...
  4. Thanks for the clarification, yes the prices they have these trucks at is pretty outrageous. $40k+ and cloth seats seems odd to me, I will explore the different trims more and see if I can find a specific one that checks all the right boxes without having to sell a kidney to get it haha.
  5. I have an '08 HHR SS and I am thinking about selling it this year to get a new Silverado or Sierra. I like the look of the Trail Boss but there are so many models and trim packages I cant keep them all straight. I want to get a nice 4x4 and keep it under $40k so I have been eyeing the Custom Trail Boss but I saw the AT4 is the GMC equivalent but around $50k is the elevation similar to the custom trim level? So many trims and damn are they all expensive...

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