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  1. A leather wrapped steering wheel with radio controls is hardly cutting edge tech or only found on higher trim levels in most vehicles. Other things yes, but a leather wrapped wheel with radio controls that's ludicrous.
  2. I am torn between the RST and LTZ, I know I won't spend over $40k so I know the LTZ is a reach at that price but can be had. Really want that Havana Brown. I assume once the 2020 models start hitting lots they will want to move the '19s.
  3. What is fair to negotiate off the MSRP at this point with the 2020 models just weeks away. is asking for 25% off MSRP asking to much?
  4. Just don't understand why in the hell this isn't standard on all models.
  5. I feel like they have the Escalade and Denali that they can pull inspiration from without having to re-invent the wheel.
  6. It's been talked about, they say *Late availability on the RST and TrailBoss Models....
  7. The thought of all that sand getting into small areas makes me nervous.
  8. Is it wrong that every-time I read the title of this thread I see "Show us your tits"...
  9. Good catch, I wonder why it’s late availability?!
  10. I was just chatting with a rep on chevy.com and they said that the 6.2 was not an available option on the RST or TrailBoss trim levels
  11. Still can't add the 6.2 to the RST or TrailBoss trims...
  12. So I am looking at a few RST models at some local dealerships. Are the prices listed on carguru.com usually a ploy to get you into the dealership or are they fairly close to what you will pay? Example: Listing Summary Dealer's Price: $38,476 MSRP: $52,105 Mileage:10 miles Transmission:8-Speed Automatic Exterior Color:Brown Metallic Interior Color:Black Engine:V8 Drivetrain:Four-Wheel Drive Major Options Trailering Package - $395 Convenience Package - $1,285 Convenience Package II - $1,420 All-Star Edition - $2,075 Z71 Off-Road Package - $1,245
  13. I had my two boy's sit in both and in the double cab it was tight. My oldest is almost 5' tall and he would be cramped before long so it's a Crew Cab for me no doubt.
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