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  1. The Trail Boss wheels look good on the RST too.
  2. Rear window leak

    Truly a sad and upsetting experience I am sure! I hope you get everything sorted out and come out ahead somehow!
  3. Disappointed weekend -_-

    Yikes, thats very troubling to hear! I hope you get well taken care of and everything is made right!
  4. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I am intrigued with this engine, I currently drive a HHR SS with the turbo 2.0 and it's tuned and is rather stout. I just worry about all the tech, one issue and your are stuck with an expensive fix no matter what. When I look to get my truck later this year I will make sure to give one a test drive for sure.

    Jeez, I am reconsidering picking up one of these new models if they are going to be having these issues right off the bat. Not what should be happening when you spend $40k+ on a vehicle, plain and simple.
  6. They all somehow put a spin on any numbers, however I am hoping this leads to better incentives in the coming months.
  7. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    Guarantee these items will become added for the 2020 models...
  8. Any LT Trail Boss Regrets?

    I am curious to see someone with an RST paint the grille and bumper to match the Trail Boss.
  9. Not a Silverado but it is Oakwood Metallic and it looks pretty good IMO.
  10. Yikes, this is what worries me about all the technology being put into vehicles these days... If something goes wrong you are screwed and at the mercy of the dealership or someone with the correct scanner to diagnose.
  11. RST?

    I am thinking an RST would look sweet with a carbon fiber wrapped center grille vs the body color. Keep the bumper body color just wrap the cross bar piece and it would look great.
  12. This is the main reason I am not getting the Custom trim level Trail Boss. I just find it hard to believe that a leather wrapped steering wheel with controls aren't standard on a $40k+ vehicle...
  13. really??

    I smell a troll....
  14. I plan on buying this year at some point, I would go for the Custom Trail Boss because I dig the front end look but the lack of simple features drives me nuts. No radio controls on the steering wheel, not to mention it's not even leather wrapped?!
  15. Anyone See A Double Cab LT Trail Boss??

    Has anyone seen a Trail Boss in the Havana Brown like the example?

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