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  1. I guess if you can get more than what you paid for your old truck MSRP is a little easier to swallow. No way in hell am I paying over that, these dealers are crazy.
  2. Im ready to order a RST or Trail Boss w/ the 6.2 but I need to see some pics. I like the wireless CarPlay feature for sure!
  3. I am seriously considering ordering a 22.5' refresh and trading in my 19' RST. Can you negotiate any off of the MSRP or are you stuck paying that and hoping the current offers are decent when you take delivery?
  4. Had the same issue with my 19' 8 speed. It only does it after backing out of a driveway and slams into 1st if you don't wait. Dealer changed the fluid to Mobil 1 and "retuned the shift points" but it does the same thing so never bothered to take it back to them.
  5. I wonder if this will increase the used trucks prices that have these features. I have been debating trading my 19' RST in on an LT1 Camaro until the new Silverado's are plentiful.
  6. I am debating trading my 19' RST in on a 22' LT1 Camaro until the new model becomes available at reasonable prices. I owe $25k and can get $43-44k on a trade so the decision is tough but that new interior does look pretty sharp.
  7. Had my stock muffler replaced with an SLP muffler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd-r8tBX1nE
  8. Finally got my stock muffler replaced. I went with a SLP muffler and kept the resonators covered. Much deeper sounding now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd-r8tBX1nE
  9. Mine is doing the same thing, when I back out of my driveway its a violent shift upon acceleration. They just called and told be I need to ensure I come to a complete stop before hitting the gas. This is a BS answer to a problem with the transmission they obviously dont want to address. I am beyond annoyed at this point, I almost want to get the transmission to fall out so they have to admit its F'd up.
  10. So I used a line output converter to install an upgraded sub and amp in my old HHR that had a Pioneer setup. Can one of these be used in a non Bose system? I want to add a simple 8" or 10" sub just for a little more bump but dont want to **** anything up. Has anyone posted the correct wires to tap into where I can go back and check out?
  11. Same here, my seats, steering wheel and heat all turn on when I use my remote start.
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