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  1. I have a GSP but his hair is too short for that. My neighbor has an afgan hound and they're always playing with each other around the truck so I'm assuming it was her!
  2. definitely saved me some headache... I was trying to figure it out for a month almost before posting. Surprised it stayed in there with multiple washes an 5000 clicks.
  3. Thank you! I didn't notice that when I was taking the Pic and when I went to go look today it was hidden in that wheel well trim! It was exactly what you said a piece of dog hair! I removed it so I'll see if that's the case.. Originally thought suction cup too but I figured it was in an awkward location to be auctioned. I would have never guessed this...
  4. I haven't used anything on the paint unless the dealer did. But like I said it's not visible at all when clean.. Weird
  5. So I have this weird pattern that looks like an impact just behind my driver bedside wheel well. It's only visible when the truck has a dusting of dirt on it. When the truck is clean there's absolutely nothing there. Anyone know what this could be from or have this on theirs too? Can't for the life of me figure out what it's from. Truck is a 2020 loaded 1500 at4 with the duramax. Could there be a sensor or something back there causing a reaction?
  6. I bought mine through the dealer they arrived in 3 days. Used the same part numbers mentioned above
  7. been wanting to open mine up and colour match with clear lens but very hesitant. been looking around for a while and I havent yet found someone who colour matched with black
  8. little late to respond but was any trimming necessary? assuming you stuck with stock tires
  9. from what i've read so far the minimum size spacer you can go with is 1.5" as any smaller will need your studs to be trimmed
  10. 3000 on mine and only one notch of the DEF bar gone.
  11. The company I work for works for GM part manufacturers and all of them (In my area) are currently shut down or retooled and making parts for ventilators etc for this pandemic. Hate to say it but unless theres something made already with your name on it I wouldnt hold my breath any time soon ...
  12. not even the dealer? great im coming up on my 1st..
  13. So I've been having this issue where my infotainment wont display what song i'm listening to through an app called PowerAmp. Usually just displays my phone's bluetooth name. If I use spotify or anything else it all works fine displaying the songs. Just curious what apps you guys are using that allows you to play your downloaded music and also displays is on the screen. Either that or i'm missing something
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