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  1. Was there a noticeable difference with the exhaust in sound? I want it to be louder but can't justify spending the money for something you can barely tell
  2. Hey all, I was planning on washing the engine bay of my truck but wanted some Input first so I don't cause damage. Has anyone cleaned their 3.0 duramax engine bays and if so what product did you go with? What did you cover up to protect if anything or did you just giver? Thanks!
  3. The light stays on no matter what position the switch is in. Even in off it stays on
  4. Hey all, having an issue with my headlights I can't seem to figure out and wonder if anyone else had the same issue before I took it to the dealer. What's happening is my drivers side headlight is always on. When the truck is auto started or driving during the day the one headlight always stays on. When the truck turns off sometimes the one light will flicker like its trying to turn off before finally shutting down. Also there is no lights on the dash suggesting the lights are on. I had previously installed the illuminated gmc logo on the truck and after 2 years it got some water damage and failed. I figured it was because of that so I disconnected the inline connector but still having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated before I go to the dealer and they try blaming it on something stupid like a aftermarket CAI I attached a pic of the truck on while remote started
  5. I own one with the multi pro tailgate and I love it. At4 I went with the 5 inch and don't regret it! Stays tucked up out of the way when not in use and easy to get back into place when needed
  6. So I've officially had this happen for a 4th time now except this time I used the block heater. Temps went down to - 30c overnight so I plugged it in. Following day fans were on 100%. Made an appointment with the dealer and just got it back this evening. I put the s&b intake on between the 3rd and 4th cooling fan issue and now the dealer is trying to blame the issue on the maf sensor extension harness with the s&b kit. I think I need a new dealer or gm is just a joke it's been 2 years with this issue and still no fix
  7. I just saw a post about gm stopping production of the LM2 due to supplier shortages.. Hopefully you get yours soon!
  8. I noticed afe has come out with a charge pipe kit for the baby duramax.. https://afepower.com/afe-power-46-20454-b-bladerunner-aluminum-hot-and-cold-charge-pipe-kit-black#overview Just curious if anyone has this kit installed or something cheaper since this is pretty pricey. Wondering on the sound it brings and performance as they are claiming a 7 percent increase in air flow. Wouldn't mind hearing a vid if anyone has! Thanks!
  9. I actually got the notification 20 min ago saying it shipped
  10. Weird.. I purchased on Saturday so I either got the last one or it went out of stock shortly after
  11. This is from sb themselves Both offer similar performance characteristics, so the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it. Always wanted a filter you could just throw away without sacrificing performance? S&B's new Dry Filter is the answer. Airflow comparable to cotton filters. Same great protection S&B is known for. Lasts up to 30,000 miles on the highway. Extend the life of the filter using compressed air. Personally I got the dry as it's the only one in stock right now
  12. Thoughts on heat soak in the summer time with the plug removed?
  13. The problem is they won't change anything unless its actively happening. Both times I brought it to them and they say there's nothing they can do because it can't be recreated. Both times it happened it went back to normal after a few hours and a cold soak
  14. The cord is still all nicely in the bag it came in. I find it very weird. If it makes a difference while the fans were blowing high the ambient air temp was way off. I'm talking snowing and - 10 Celsius out while the truck is reading summer temps around 30 Celsius.
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