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  1. Love the look! Did they fit okay or did you have to cut the studs?
  2. Anyone else having condensation and water build up in their emblems?
  3. Not terribly worried. Just sucks because every other gear change is smooth as silk
  4. No worries! Looking forward to an update. Howd she do on the long haul?
  5. Im looking to remove my headlights to put in some klearz lenses and possibly paint match. I've searched this forum as well as google and cant find any tutorial for Sierra headlight removal. Has anyone tackled this yet/have video? I cant seem to find anything anywhere and dont want to just go taking everything apart! Thanks
  6. keep us posted curious to see how it turns out
  7. ive got about 20k on mine and its still noticeable. I noticed it day one but also thought it would work its way away. Will have the dealer look into it when I take it for an oil change.
  8. same boat as you with the duramax and harsh 1-2 change
  9. yeah theres not much adjustment with it but I havent had any issues
  10. Recieved my B&W hitch the other day and just wanted to show a couple pics of it incase any of you guys with multipro tailgates are interested! Love it so far very easy to use and its been redesigned slightly since first announced. Before the hitch had a angle to it up top so it didn't stick out as far. Now there's an indent in hitch where the receiver has a place to sit allowing it to further tuck under the truck so the tailgate can open. Definitely pricey though.
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