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  1. yeah theres not much adjustment with it but I havent had any issues
  2. Recieved my B&W hitch the other day and just wanted to show a couple pics of it incase any of you guys with multipro tailgates are interested! Love it so far very easy to use and its been redesigned slightly since first announced. Before the hitch had a angle to it up top so it didn't stick out as far. Now there's an indent in hitch where the receiver has a place to sit allowing it to further tuck under the truck so the tailgate can open. Definitely pricey though.
  3. Just got mine back and like others noted it was just an insert and re-torque. #19-NA-129 is the service bulletin.
  4. Just brought mine in today for the same thing and an oil change. I'm also at 10k and it just started last week making a loud clunk. Will update when I get the truck back
  5. I have a GSP but his hair is too short for that. My neighbor has an afgan hound and they're always playing with each other around the truck so I'm assuming it was her!
  6. definitely saved me some headache... I was trying to figure it out for a month almost before posting. Surprised it stayed in there with multiple washes an 5000 clicks.
  7. Thank you! I didn't notice that when I was taking the Pic and when I went to go look today it was hidden in that wheel well trim! It was exactly what you said a piece of dog hair! I removed it so I'll see if that's the case.. Originally thought suction cup too but I figured it was in an awkward location to be auctioned. I would have never guessed this...
  8. I haven't used anything on the paint unless the dealer did. But like I said it's not visible at all when clean.. Weird
  9. So I have this weird pattern that looks like an impact just behind my driver bedside wheel well. It's only visible when the truck has a dusting of dirt on it. When the truck is clean there's absolutely nothing there. Anyone know what this could be from or have this on theirs too? Can't for the life of me figure out what it's from. Truck is a 2020 loaded 1500 at4 with the duramax. Could there be a sensor or something back there causing a reaction?
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