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  1. So I've been having this issue where my infotainment wont display what song i'm listening to through an app called PowerAmp. Usually just displays my phone's bluetooth name. If I use spotify or anything else it all works fine displaying the songs. Just curious what apps you guys are using that allows you to play your downloaded music and also displays is on the screen. Either that or i'm missing something
  2. also looking to do the same. Black surround with the red lettering.
  3. I did Xpel on full hood, full fenders, full bumpers for $1500 CDN
  4. Awesome thanks! Was looking for these but didnt want to take a chance on the dodge ones glad they work! Purchased
  5. There is good information in this thread. According to some, even if you have the correct harness your BCM might not have the pins for those functions in place
  6. If you switched from the regular mirrors to the tow mirrors theres a wiring harness you need to buy to make all those features work
  7. I have an AT4 with shutters. As OnTheReel commented he said max trailering packages are the only without
  8. I have a 2019 sprinter also for work and a duramax 3.0 daily. The duramax blows the sprinter engine out of the water. Test drive the gm variant you will be surprised.
  9. TFL Truck had a drag race with the 5.3 vs 3.0 and the 3.0 killed the 5.3
  10. Keep in mind they are at a higher elevation so the 5.3 struggles a bit. But the 3.0 definitely feels faster than my old 5.3
  11. Awesome guys thanks for the responses! Will make me sleep better haha
  12. I was curious as well but not tints. I feel like it'd be safer to colour match the inside of the headlight where it's all chrome. Like they did with the new Yukon AT4 I think that would look killer on these trucks.
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