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  1. yeah was just thinking being in Canada it would probably be an arm and a leg to ship
  2. The parts for the exhaust tips are GM 84644535 and GM 84644536 As for the badges I still cant find those either
  3. There is a member on here that has access to an electronic parts catalogue but I cant remember his/her name!
  4. Damn that looks killer! How it should look from the factory! How much did he charge you?
  5. So the new 2021 Yukon got released today and I noticed that the headlights on these are completely blacked out and I absolutely love it. The one complaint id have about the new Sierra's for me personally is that theres too much chrome going on in the headlights especially on an AT4 with its darker nature. Was curious if anyone has taken apart/sent out their housings to be blacked out or colour matched? I feel like if these were even just a darker chrome like gun metal it would make the trucks appearance that much better. Also swap out the orange side markers to clear ones! Attached some pics of the new Yukon headlights. If anyone has done this some pics/pricing would be greatly appreciated!
  6. is there a way us average folk can get access to the parts catalogue?
  7. looks killer makes such a difference! just ordered! I've heard its difficult to reach the bolts how was it for you?
  8. I got my order in on Nov 22/19 and I have a build date of Feb 3/20 .. It appears to be different for everyone though as some people stated in the other thread they placed orders days/weeks after I did and for the most part all have build dates in jan. One guy placed his order Nov 13/19 and it was built on Dec 14/19. He received it Jan 3/20. So I guess once you have a build date roughly 2 weeks after that you'll probably get it
  9. well that makes me feel better....... does anyone know how it works because its not making any sense to me??
  10. A member Eddy posted these on the facebook group.. From a dealer in Naples, FL. Looks like a custom TB with cab marker lights. Not sure how this was done but at least now you know that its been done before
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