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  1. Just got my truck back from the new reprogram. Let’s hope for the best.
  2. Hey, just wanted to get everyone's opinions on some of the products that are out there. I have a 2021 white Silverado. Been a few years since other threads on this so thought there maybe something new out there I don't know about. I've purchased and returned a AVS bugflector 2 and aeroskin 2. The aeroskin was matte finish and just seemed a bit cheap looking. I like the smoke but then you can see anything that gets stuck under. Also not a fan of taping one to the truck. As for the bugflector, they use the cheapest hardware and it causes issues trying to close the hood. A
  3. It’s just a matter of how much damage is done by now if the AFM was never shut off. Already a 8 year old truck if you get a 2013. Good luck with the search.
  4. Get the 4.8 if you don’t care about power. It has plenty but by today’s standards, it’s lacking. Just no AFM to worry about. Mine ran great and is still running strong. I had a 2012 Sierra SL CC 4x4. Sold it to a buddy and he’s happy.
  5. 2nd time just happened. First at 1312km - morning start up, 2nd at 1728km - Just parked for about 10min at a store. Started on the 2nd try no problems. Just extremely upset with this entire situation. Can't believe they may need to do open heart surgery on a brand new 61k truck. Need to go on a 1000km trek in a few weeks so no way I'm giving my truck to GM to tear apart just yet.
  6. Can anyone provide the PIP5806B bulletin? PIP5806A was the other posted here. I brought my truck in for re-alignment today (1400km on it) and mentioned it had this start issue once a few days back. They pulled that bulletin and mentions something about a shim on the sensor. All in all, the said they could do the inspection next week but again, like everyone else, I'm reluctant to let them because if the wheel is bent, they're doing the 50hr job. They agreed that I should just drive it and wait it out for now.
  7. Anyway to get a decal up here? I'd like to support the site!
  8. Check your wiring harness. I just fixed 5 wires, 2 snapped , 3 about to break. All in the rubber tube that's in the door jamb. Cheap wiring wears out.
  9. I have a 4.8... it's fine for what it is. I feel like if I had more power, I'd burn more gas as well.
  10. Yeah I know. Dummy me broke my wires for my volt meter and just said screw it. Buy the part. Bought new wires the next day.
  11. Nvm guys. Turns out one wire was getting power at the last connection before it goes through to the door but no power on the door side. Somewhere in the wiring harness the wire must have let go but I wasn't going to rip that all apart. Just ran a new wire past the problem area. Works like a charm. Gotta wonder how something like this goes bad. Lesson on the day.... Don't assume it's the actuator until you check your power feeds!
  12. So here's the problem. 2012 Sierra Crew Cab Yesterday my drivers door decided it doesn't want to lock or unlock with the remote or buttons in the truck. I thought it was the actuator as reading up on this issue seems to be that. I bought a new actuator today and put it on. Still nothing. All the fuses looks good. I pulled any related to door locks and put a new one it its place. Nothing got the door to work. Has anyone experienced this or know what it could be? All other functions work like mirrors and windows. The power locks on all other doors are fine. Truck just rolled
  13. I'm looking at brand new take offs from a 2015 Yukon for my 2012 Sierra. Will the tpms recognize the sensors in the new rims once I learn them? Or has part numbers/systems changed?
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