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  1. Does anyone know if 1/4 wheel spacers are needed for UCA clearance with 285/65R20s on factory wheels? Got tires ordered and would prefer to order the spacers now if I'm going to need them. Thanks, Casey
  2. Got my 2" RC level and 1.5" ProRyde blocks installed. Currently have ~.5" of rake, will see if it changes after the alignment tomorrow. Getting tint done tomorrow and the new tires are also ordered.
  3. I believe I have this issue, or similar, on my 2022 RST (refresh) with 8XX miles on it. As soon as I start the truck, it says "Lane Change Alert System Off" or something along those lines. I wonder if mine does is because my truck doesn't have the rear park assist sensors working yet because of the chip shortage? The blind zone alerts in the mirrors also do not work. The lane keep assist, cruise, and everything else seems to work as expected though I'll try pulling the fuse to see what happens.
  4. I had to have the 6'7" box with a toolbox. I don't even know how many trucks I looked at across the country before I found this one.
  5. Picked up this RST with the 6.2 on Saturday for my new work truck. Tint appointment made and leveling kit is ordered to get this thing off the ground a little bit.
  6. Going to revive an old thread. Lots of good information here. I just picked up a 2022 RST Crew Z71 with the standard bed and the 6.2 on Saturday. The truck is great so far, but since I also have an AT4HD that's leveled with 35's, this 1/2 ton seems tiny to me. Reading all the posts in this thread, it seems odd to me that with my Weatherguard toolbox in the bed, I only have about a 1/2" difference between the front and rear. The toolbox is full of stuff, but I can't believe it would remove nearly all of the rake. I didn't measure before the toolbox, but I know it wasn't anywhere near the 1.25-2.5" of factory rake most of y'all seem to have. I did notice that my truck doesn't have any sort of a factory block in the rear, is that normal? Anyway, I ordered a 2" RC leveling kit (top mount) and ProRyde adjustable rear blocks. Once I install the leveling kit and get the alignment done, I'll install the rear block to level it back out. 34 or 35" Ridge Grapplers will be next.
  7. That's a good looking setup. Exactly what I'm looking to do. What leveling kit did you use and did it perfectly level your truck? Did you have to use any wheel spacers to clear the tires? Any other pics would be great!
  8. It’s the correct bulb, found it on numerous sites. Also a coworker has them in his Denali. I’m not here to debate bulb style. I’m wondering what brand has the better light output/quality between the two I mentioned previously.
  9. How are you guys liking the Morimoto D5S or DAMA D5S bulbs. Anyone tried both and have a opinion on which is better? I need to get some brighter bulbs in my Denali HD asap, can't stand the poor light output.
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