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  1. I believe the 32' restriction applies to the invisible trailer option for a bumper tow trailer, when you set the camera for a fifth wheel trailer that option isn't available. My 5th wheel is 45' and the cable for the camera is the exact length that I needed once I moved the camera port into the bed of the truck, I also ran my camera cable under the 5th wheel and fished it up by the generator and pulled it out next to the pin box.
  2. Thanks Larry, I've been searching for a solution since December, I placed my order a little while ago. Great information and pictures .
  3. Cool J, could you post or PM me the information on the company you found? Thanks for replying to the thread,
  4. I've finished routing the rear hd camera cable to the front of the 5th wheel, anyone know of a mod to relocate the camera port from the bumper to the 7-pin trailer connection in the bed of the truck? Thanks
  5. I picked mine up on Monday 12-30-19, I placed my order July 18th and was told 10 weeks till delivery, then it was delayed due to the strike.
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