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  1. The older 302’s were actually a 4.9L, but probably went with 5.0L for marketing. Besides, Ford already had the 300 cid 4.9L I6 in their lineup for quite some time.
  2. JAEDEE, thanks for your input regarding the strut spacers. I wasn’t really interested in those, but was interested in opinions about them. Thank you for what you posted, you e pretty much confirmed my suspicions about them. Most likely I won’t be going with the Fox 2.5 coil overs for awhile (a little too much $$ right now), but I am planning to use the Fox 2.0 coil over lifted struts, I think BDS refers to them as their snap ring coilover. Clowe1234, that’s awesome that you were able to fit 37’s on your truck, it looks great. Unfortunately my RST didn’t come with factory 20’s but I think I am going to look at aftermarket wheels with a higher positive offset that would allow me to run 37’s without have to cut up my new truck. Not interested in spacers either because I don’t care for them and PA state vehicle code prohibits anything more than a 1/4” spacer. Appreciate the insight on how the lift/tires has affected your electronic systems, this is good, real world information on what should be reasonably expected. I’m also planning to use the Pulsar LT to correct my speedo and get rid of the AS/S and DFM. I am planning on replacing the UCA’s due to the ball joint angle the lift will create, I’m just not sure if it’s worth spending the extra $$$ on the BDS UCA over the Zone UCA.
  3. Supercup, thanks for your response. I did see your truck in another thread, very nice looking truck. Nice to know you have quite a bit of inboard room to play with. Although I prefer more tire and less wheel, I am going with 20” wheels and try to preclude any steering component interference with the wheel as you mentioned. Those are some nice CV angles and that is one of the main reasons I am going with a proper lift kit over a leveling kit. Really like those Fox coilovers, but they will probably have to wait a bit. I will possibly looking for another wheel with a higher offset as the lower offset wheels seem to cause more trouble than they’re worth. I may also consider going with Zone for the lift, but I really like the BDS warranty and the higher clearance subframes. Ahh...decisions, decisions.
  4. Hey everyone, been searching these forums for a several months trying to learn as much as I can about the T1 platform. Bought my 2020 Silverado RST last July and have been wanting to get it lifted ever since, just been saving the coin so I can do it all at once. So, my plans are for a BDS 6” lift w/ Fox 2.0 lift struts (or maybe Zone) and Yoko Geolander MT 35” tires. Regarding the lift kit (whether BDS or Zone): Can anyone offer advice or experience on using the strut spacers (basic kit) for the front lift instead of the Fox lift struts? Any opinion on how these ride? What about the ride of the Fox lift struts? Are the BDS UCA’s really worth $300 more than the Zone UCA’s? I’m looking at going with a 20x10 wheel with -18 offset, does anyone know how much they will extend beyond the fender? Pennsylvania vehicle code frowns upon that without the use of flares and even then you are limited. Anyone running 37x12.50’s? According to BDS, you can run these as long as you use a 20x9 wheel with 5.5-6.25” of BS Truck won’t be seeing any hard off-roading. I appreciate any insight you can offer or any thread links you can point me to.
  5. Bluegrass, that hasn’t been my experience so far. The front Rancho struts have done a decent job, but the rear end dances around like a ballerina. Even my wife has had issues on certain occasions. Could also be some of our roads here that resemble washboards from years of frost heave. Kpromero, this also my first GM product as well; all my of my previous trucks were Fords (3 F150 & 1 Ranger). I’ve found quite a bit of information on this site about modding these trucks if that’s the kind of info you’re after.
  6. Quoted for truth. The old 396 was actually a 402. The new coyote 5.0 is a 307.
  7. I like those 327 emblems and was thinking of doing just this on my truck. I prefer the cubic inch to litre designation.
  8. Or any amount of driving for that matter. I have the Rancho’s with my Z71 pkg. and they are the suck. Rear end hop is terrible. I would second the Bilsteins, had them on previous trucks. Eibach and Fox are other good options I’ve heard, but I’ve never used those. Welcome!
  9. I used to run the first generation of the Firestone Destination M/T about 15 years ago on a lifted Ranger. I thought they were fantastic tires, never had any issues in the snow/ice/rain with them here in the mountains of central PA. I see the M/T 2’s have some siping on them, so there’s that. None of my old M/T’s ever had any siping. Personally, I’m planning on going with Yoko Geolander M/T’s. On a side note: if you do go with an M/T, rotate them...religiously. Like every 3k miles.
  10. I got one of these also, signed into my account and deleted. I'm guessing quite a few people probably received this.
  11. Well, they look great! I’m guessing 3-4 coats plus clear?
  12. That’s a nice looking truck. I have a question about your 18” wheels. Is that the factory finish on those? I have the same 18” wheels on my RST, but they’re the boring plain silver. I like the gunmetal color on yours much better.
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