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  1. I believe the lowest they go down to is 2 cylinders. The video I saw said that theoretically it could go down to 1 cylinder but the engine would be unbalanced thus causing vibrations or something like that. Also I did not like the front end's of the '19's when I was first shopping around. Was looking for my first pickup ever (I am 30 years old) and liked the last generation trucks better initially. Went to the dealer and bought a 2019 Z71 LT Texas Edtion 4X4. Salesman told me I would get used to the look. He was right. I love it. I always wanted a Chevy and I'm happy I have it. The design grew on me.
  2. Hmm I personally would get the 3 wire hardwire kit. Not sure about the static but I think that may just be RF interference. But at least I'd think you'd get more use out of your cam with parking mode available.
  3. And my rear one. Not really mounted. Have to switch the cable around so the right angle is in the rear. Otherwise the connector hits the roof limiting how high I can mount it. Works for now and window operates normally.
  4. Any news on this? Single dashcam or Dual? Have you had any TPMS issues or proximity sensor issues or key fob range issues. Supposedly the power cable on some devices can cause interference with these things. See my post for the issues I'm having.
  5. Does yours have a rear dashcam? Any interference issues with key fob or TPMS? See my post for the issues I am having.
  6. So I installed a Viofo A129 Duo dash cam with a hardwire kit, tapping off ACC power from the heated steering wheel fuse and constant battery power for parking mode from the universal garage door opener fuse. Anyway since installing this setup my proximity sensors on the doors have been inconsistent, also my front left TPMS sensor has been disconnecting. I get an error that says something like service TPMS System. From what I've read online it is the power cable (USB) that is ran to the rear dashcam. Supposedly the cable is shielded but the RKE module is really sensitive to any power running near it. The usb cable does have some type of shielding on it but it is a proprietary 10 pin mini usb cable, so no replacing it. I ran the cable from the dash cam mounted just to the left of my rear view mirror, along the headliner, down the passenger A pillar, and then all the way under the passenger door sills, and it comes out near the passenger rear back seat. Thinking of trying to route the cable down the drivers side instead but was hoping someone knew if this would work before I do it.
  7. Yes exactly. Inexpensive yet effective. Only replacement pipe was a small peice where I had the flapper cut out.
  8. 1 in 2 out. You can buy it in pretty much any configuration you want though. This was the easiest to just replace the stock muffler since I don't cars about true duals or anything like that. I got the flapper cut out and covered up the resonators myself.
  9. The one in the dash or whatever like in this example picture. I tried a new cable and nothing. It seems a little loose. The USB port next to it works fine. Any chance this is an easy fix?
  10. You find any other info on this? Just curious as everytime I hop in the truck I feel a little off. Wondering how the towel has been working for you? Thinking if I should do the same or I'd some type of pad would help.
  11. Thanks! Below is where I bought them. It comes with an extra 4 precut vinyl bowties. I only needed to use 4. So I have 4 extra in case I ever need to reapply one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07TND49D8?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  12. Changed my bowties in the rims black to match my black illuminating bowtie on the front.
  13. Thanks! I wish it was a bit louder but it sounds nice and deep without being obnoxious.
  14. "Your password is displayed on your vehicle touch screen. Tap "Wi-Fi Settings" under the main menu." found this online. If you can't find it let me know and I can go look in the truck. Lol
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