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  1. GM Financing - Early refinance

    I felt pretty good because I got two full tanks of gas from my salesman. My trade in was also on E lol.
  2. What color should I wrap my chrome?

    First of all thanks for the advice. I geniunely appreciate it as I don't want my truck to look dumb. I think I'm at least half way there if not there already. I guess one thing that intrigues me is how much black and chrome can go together, if at all. For instance from the factory this thing has chrome bumpers but also black in the grill, black around the windows, black step in the middle of the chrome bumper, black hitch thingy. So first of all I really want to keep these running boards, no doubt about that. Having said that I suppose the chrome needs to go. So my concern is that I don't want the the fit and finish to be sub par. For instance my fiancee's civic has some pink wrap on her chrome pieces and I can see the line where the wrap ends in several places up close. It just doesn't look that great up close. Also paint matched wrap is the most expensive by a long shot. I think it's at least $800 in material, if not more depending on how much I would need. Black would be basically free at this point it's basically already paid for. Carbon fiber same deal. So what the heck should I do at this point. Does my truck look like it clashes a lot now?
  3. autostop eliminator

    Dang, I wasn't even in the market for one of these but the way you handled the whole issue makes me want to buy one just to support y'all. How hard is the install. Are there instructions? I'll just YouTube it if needed or what not but was just curious as I'm not to keen on modifying my 1 month old truck yet.
  4. IDK man all the car and driver/Edmunds etc type of reviews I've seen say Ram is the way to go. I think it's kind of funny that the interior on the trucks is talked about so much. I mean as long as my a** fits in the seat and it doesn't hurt then not sure I'd complain about much else haha. I mean I did choose to get leather so the kiddos won't stain the seats and I do like the storage compartments in the seats and in the truck but I wouldn't pick a truck based on the interior. I know that's not the only difference but seems like one of the major reasons why ram edges out the other trucks. I'm like really. Literally the least important thing (to me anyways lol).
  5. Real world city MPG?

    Truth! Lane discipline and everyone needs to learn what a zipper mege is! Say you have a sign that says lane closed ahead 2 miles before the lane is closed. If everyone moved over they would leave 2 miles of road unused. It's actually more efficient to zipper merge but yet in practice people don't let you in and shoot you the finger. Not specifically related to the current topic but still. Lol
  6. noise from roof - pop

    I have had the noise a few times in my 800 miles. Seems to happen to me in the same spot on the way home from picking up the kiddos from daycare. I thought something dropped onto the roof at first, but as others have said it happens even when no trees are around. Doesn't really bother me much though.
  7. 50% of trucks with issues. I mean it's always hard to know if that is high or not. It sounds high, but it depends on what someone would consider an issue. If someone considered the fisheye reverse problem on our trucks and "issue" then you could say 100% of the trucks have an issue. I can create another poll using the equivalent choices, so that we can get more of an apples to apples comparison if anyone thinks that would be beneficial?
  8. GM Financing - Early refinance

    Hnmm, best I've seen so far is 3.75% at 72 months. After 72 months the ones I've seen all jump up to above 4.5% after 72 months. I could refinance for 72 months and pay like 3$ less than I am paying now for 76 months. Not sure if that is good deal or not lol.
  9. GM Financing - Early refinance

    My financing through GM financial is 5.24% at 75 Months. My credit union shows a range of 4.75% - 15.50% based on credit score. Is this worth it for me to look into? I used a quick payment calculator and it shows my payment would only be $10 less a month if I got the 4.75% rate.
  10. I wouldn't worry about it. You'll be on 19 soon enough! Haha just teasing but it's probably true. Lol.
  11. Real world city MPG?

    Yeah, I believe the danger comes from the difference in speed more than the speed itself. I personally am a believer of going 5 over, and sometimes even 5 under. Of course slower when traffic or weather conditions dictate to do so. Kind of like it's the jerks that go really fast or really slow that cause a majority of the issues. I don't know I think you just have to use common sense and one of the biggest things is to not tailgate the person in front of you and leave enough space to anticipate issues and practice defensive driving.
  12. 33" tires on LT?

    It sounds like my boy Brent has it down. Perfect response in my opinion. But still have to decide if I want to try it lol. Hello, Thank you for filling me in on the situation you experienced while asking for fitment advice. I will be more than happy to clear anything up with you regarding the package you are looking at. I will provide you with some general points when it come to fitting a Silverado. 1. The 20x9 18mm offset wheels should work on your vehicle no issue. Once you start going into a lower offset (such as -12mm), your wheels will start to fit outside of the fender wells which increases the chance of rubbing. 2. On stock suspension, I usually don't recommend any tires over 31.5" by 11.5". The tires in the gallery ad are 33"x10.8". Since the width is lower than 11.5" it is decreasing the chance of rubbing which is helping your case. However, the diameter being 33" may require minor plastic trimming in order to work without rubbing. This could be anything from removing the mud flap to altering the plastic near your front fender/bumper. Conclusion: If you would like to go with the setup you requested, you will likely have to do some minor plastic trimming to make the tires fit. The wheels should work with no issues whatsoever. If you were looking to install a leveling kit or lift, these tires will work no problem (still possible for a very slight rub at full turn depending on size of level). If you do not want any suspension work done to your truck, I would highly recommend downsizing the diameter of the tire to right around 31.5". I hope this helps give you an idea of what fitments tend to work best on a Silverado. If there are any questions you have regarding fitment, I will be happy to help. Regards, Brent [email protected]
  13. I've had a couple of clunky shifts but honestly it has not bothered me any yet. I only have 800 miles on the truck though. Basically was a downshift and clunk noise a couple of times when driving slow. Keeping my ear to the ground though regarding the issues and lawsuits coming of this. I've had the fisheye thing happen once but I usually remote start the truck and guess I'm a little slow to get going anyway. So usually won't be a problem for me but hopefully the fix it anyway. It's 2019 after all. Haven't noticed the screen brightness issue. Is it only at night? I hardly drive at night if I can help it. Does it happen everything and the whole time you are in reverse? Just curious so I'll know it when/if I see it.
  14. Yeah I think the brake life % thing is just plain off. Either on purpose to get people in the shop super early or just bad code. I'd like to think it's the second. Mine is off too or else I'll need new pads by 10K miles. Not a big deal to me though since I can just visually inspect the pads. Weird about the radio buttons. Fingers crossed it behaves from now on.
  15. Also if the numbers were 50/50% would I care if I was in the 50% that did not have any issues? What if it was 99%/1% and I was in the 1% with catastrophic issues. If 1% of the trucks just blew up out of no where would that be a big deal? Just some random thoughts. Sorry for blabbing on lol.

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