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  1. It's barely noticable in the day. Also I think it shuts off in park or something or maybe when the door unlocks. I forget but if I park in front of a reflective window I can see it shut off in certain situations. This pic makes it seem really bright but pretty sure it's just some phone camera magic lol (Wide Dynamic Range?).
  2. True, I wish it had a lock in the rear as well. Like one with a rod that engages the side of the bed rails but in all honesty most of the tonneau covers out there are vulnerable to being easily defeated. The soft ones of course came be cut with a knife, folding ones can usually be pried up and/or opened with a hanger, the retractable ones you can jump up and down on top of them near the canister and they may collapse/cave in/come off the rails etc. The diamondback ones look pretty tough but I'm betting they can easily be picked and I think they may use a certain number of keys but I could be wrong on that. So ehh, I mostly park in safe spots, and anyone could easily slim Jim the vehicle door to get access in the cab etc. So I think I am OK with the security level (or perception of security) that this cover provides lol. I believe the fold-a-cover has a lock in the rear as well but there customer service seemed really bad so I don't think it would have been worth the headache. Thiers also opens from the front I believe.
  3. Yes, do you have facebook? You can see pictures in my review as they are a pain to upload here. I like it, I noticed that the installers did not use the bulkhead seal for the top of the bed. I ordered a tailgate seal anyway so wasn't a big deal for me to order a 5$ bulkhead seal, hence why I still gave them a good review. Gave it a test at the carwash and had a little water come in the corners by the cab and near the tailgate. Honestly not even a concerning amount but figured might as well see how dry/dust free I can keep my stuff. No water leaked from any of the seals or anywhere near the middle which is great. But yeah I like it a lot, I think it's the best cover out in my opinion because of the way the front flips open and how easy it is to take off. We'll see how I feel after a full year or so. But I'm hopeful it will go well. How about you?
  4. You know I don't know if technically you could program a 3rd key using one (or two) of these keys without the fob since the instructions say to put the key fobs in the key holder or what not. May have to try this eventually to test it out if not then having the 3rd key fob is the way to go. But regardless still good to have these as spares. Could hide one outside the truck or use them however else a spare would normally be used.
  5. Yeah, you have to have two working transmitter keys to be able to program new keys. So assuming the dealer gave you two like me, you can program these two (or more) and as long as you have two keys total left if you were to lose or break any of them, you could program some new keys/key fobs. Vs only having the two and losing 1 then you are SOL and paying outta the rear end at the dealer for a new key fob.
  6. This is the pocket on my 2019 1500 with middle jump seat. Notice I am using a key without a fob, I had some extra keys cut since my tonneau cover (Extang Encore) is keyed to my trucks little key inside the fob. Didn't want to fumble around with trying to get that little thing out when I wanted access to the front section of the tonnea cover. Was able to program these keys to be able to start the truck which is sweet to have some inexpensive spares. This was the keys I bought, you can actually find them on other sites for cheaper if you want to shop around. OP, sorry I know you already know about the transmitter pocket but may be useful info to others. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y1HUMS8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. I was also able to program the newly cut keys to start the truck. Just need to put them in this transmitter pocket when doing so. So I now have 4 transponder keys including the 2 key fobs it came with. Saweet!
  8. @Ryno12 Thanks, key worked great. Dealer went ahead and cut them. Actually my home dealer told me they just got the machine to cut them and no one knew how to use it yet lol. Second dealer told me they wouldn't cut it because it was aftermarket. I asked for them to sell me one then and they couldn't find a full size key compatible with my truck in their computer so they decided to go ahead and cut mine. They said they couldn't guarantee it would work and I said that's fine. I'll pay either way, just cut them lol.
  9. Ok, thanks. I looked up the part number online and it lists the 2019 as compatible. Thanks! Appreciate it!
  10. Can you share the link to the key blanks you bought? Sorry just want to make sure I get the right one.
  11. I ordered the encore through the preferred dealer near me. Should have it installed next week. Wish me luck!
  12. Sweet. You got it done at a locksmith? What did it set you back?
  13. Ok, great to hear about the cover, sorry to hear about the truck. As long as you are in something that is reliable and works for your needs then that is all that matters. I'm getting the cover installed by an Extang preferred installer. Was still cheaper than any prices I found online so I'm sure they will make sure it is setup right or fix it if it is not.
  14. How's the Extang Encore holding up? Just ordered one myself. You program it to the key in your fob?
  15. Can I get a center cut key from a locksmith that matches the little key in the fob that is used for opening the door? I want a full size key not one of the little fob keys. The reason I ask is that I just ordered a Extang Encore Tonneau cover and supposedly for our trucks it is made to use the key inside our key fob to "program" the lock. The lock cylinder learns the key you use and is then keyed to that...well key. The other option is to order another cylinder that comes with a key for around $50 and swap it out. Not sure if it will "learn" any other keys as the installer I spoke to told me it was madd to use the key inside the fob.
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