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  1. You find any other info on this? Just curious as everytime I hop in the truck I feel a little off. Wondering how the towel has been working for you? Thinking if I should do the same or I'd some type of pad would help.
  2. Thanks! Below is where I bought them. It comes with an extra 4 precut vinyl bowties. I only needed to use 4. So I have 4 extra in case I ever need to reapply one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07TND49D8?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  3. Changed my bowties in the rims black to match my black illuminating bowtie on the front.
  4. Thanks! I wish it was a bit louder but it sounds nice and deep without being obnoxious.
  5. "Your password is displayed on your vehicle touch screen. Tap "Wi-Fi Settings" under the main menu." found this online. If you can't find it let me know and I can go look in the truck. Lol
  6. I went with the Venom. I couldn't justify the price of the Borla. All I cared about was more sound. I'm happy with how it sounds.
  7. Well got the muffler installed. I'll say I'm pretty pleases with the tone and sound. Not overly loud but sounds sweet to me! I may be biased though since it's my truck lol.
  8. I thought the inlet was the offset one and the outlet was the straight one? But yeah either way it will work.
  9. I got my muffler in. Technically it's the wrong part number. I was supposed to be given BW002-P and they gave me BW002-D with a drawn on line to make it a P lol. So offset is on the wrong side. I assume it doesn't matter if the black widow logo points down or up towards the truck?
  10. After talking with the muffler shop I went ahead and ordered this muffler. I ordered from another website as the vendor is out of stock at the moment. Let's hope I ordered from a legit site lol. https://blackwidowexhaust.com/mufflers/Venom-250-3-offset-center-SKU-BW002-P-p57752197
  11. Ok so I went and measured it and the tubing is 2.75". Checking with the muffler shop on if I should order the 3" one.
  12. That's not even a 2019 yo. You have a $50K truck and those boring plain ass tips sticking out of the back? Gross. I'd be embarrassed to be seeing driving that thing down the road.
  13. Basically it was a monetary decesion. I didn't want to pay over 40K and I wanted a crew cab, 4WD, Z71, Leather, V8 and an exterior color of blue. There were some other things that were nice but not a deal breaker like remote start, keyless entry, etc. I didn't care about specific trim or specific V8 engine. Basically because this is my first time buying a truck and honestly didn't know much about them. Anyway I got all the options I wanted for the price I wanted. I would entertain the thought of getting the 6.2 next time.
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