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  1. Any chance you can measure how tall the top of your truck is now? Preferably the top of the shark fin antenna? Want to put this lift on my truck. Just have to make sure it fits in my work garage which is only 7' tall (I think it may be slightly less in certain spots. Will have to double check lol).
  2. I chickend out and cancelled my order. Read a few 1 star reviews about the valve slowly leaking oil (defective probably) and a couple more about debris or somethint causing the valve to open. I know probably super unlikely but after seeing those reviews and what not, there's no way I can run this without thinking about the worst case scenario all the time. I have generalized anxiety disorder/panic attacks, so kind of why I ask for step by step of everything so I can plot out everything that could go wrong to try and avoid it. Lol guess I'll just have to deal with potentially making a mess. No biggie.
  3. Yep I actually have about $80 worth of points on my card right now. Going to see if Amazon carries any ramps. Lol
  4. Meant to put the link in my previous post. https://www.fumotooildrainvalve.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoub3BRC6ARIsABGhnyYt1cKHEynI5WJISxD6ICR5gCuovFlYgmL1kSSxpZ9mkuOB1s3TULgaArEtEALw_wcB Gives you the option to select 2019, whereas futomoto USA site doesn't. I ordered from Amazon just to be safe. Not sure if both sites are legit but I assume they are lol.
  5. Yep, did that before I got my muffler swapped out. Definitely recommended if you are going for more sound.
  6. I just put in an order for a Fumoto valve. According to this site the F137 is the one for the truck. I think it is just the newer model with larger body for faster changes. Thread size seems to be the same as F107. I went with F137S, the one with the short nipple valve. Guess we'll see on my next oil change which is still close to 6 months away (won't hit the mileage due to working from home because of the coronavirus).
  7. LOL I should have bought the house before the truck but I was done waiting. The Focus ST was fun but the truck is fun and roomy lol.
  8. sweet! Going to buy some when my next oil change gets closer. Looks like I will be getting a fumoto valve also. I've read about them for years, I know they were popular for my last car (Focus ST). Ppl swear by them so guess I'll need to join the crowd if I'm going to be doing my own changes from now on.
  9. Yes really. Lol I've never done it before so just want to make sure I did it right. First truck and I'm not that mechanically inclined. *shrugs* at least I'm trying to learn lol. Thanks for the step by step. I think I can do that! Lol
  10. Thanks. So what time are you coming by? Lol Actually that makes sense. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I knew what to do. I think I can do that. Lol
  11. Ok the owners manual seems very vague to me. Was hoping someone does it regularly and can school me in what I need to do lol.
  12. Where do you jack it up to lift the front, and where do the jackstands go? Just did an ATF drain and fill on my girls Civic. Was really easy but I'm not so confident on knowing the right location for the jack and stands for the truck. I'm going to get some ramps but still want to know how I could lift the front up with the jack.
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