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  1. So I just ordered this muffler yesterday. I called Borla to ask them if I should remove the resonator or leave it and they told me this muffler was designed for crate engines and is not the correct muffler for my truck. Seems some ppl just swap this muffler and it sounds virtually the same to them as the catback system. Anyone on here do this yet? I have a 2020 6.2L RST and since I already ordered this I figured I'm going to just swap the muffler, delete the flaps and send it! What do you think? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01CO4K694?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image
  2. Interested to see what options you went for. When I was looking for my truck that's what I called mine. A unicorn of a truck. Flew 550 miles and drove back for my deal. Would have flown across the county for it. Since I live in Texas this was only 1 state away lol.
  3. Hardest part so far. Also biggest piece. Messed up one piece of vinyl before I got it right.
  4. Thanks, fits a sanitizer bottle and a pack of cigarettes just perfectly. Lol. Keep my hands clean and my lungs dirty! D'oh!
  5. I've decided I can't cover all the chrome because there is just too much of it. It's around or under ever button or dial on the truck. So Instead of the AC vents, I am going to wrap the area around the radio and call it day (other than wrapping the back seat handle trim just like the front).
  6. Not quite done yet but should be able to wrap things up today, pun intended!
  7. Carbon fiber upgrade straight from the carbon fiber tree! JK, it's just vinyl wrap but I keep it clean! lol
  8. Well it started with the carbon fiber tailgate lettering I did. But indeed, down the rabbit hole I go! Exhaust tips are going to be hydrodipped in a carbon fiber pattern also. Theme of the truck is Red and carbon-fiber
  9. 2nd piece, was a lot harder but still manageable. Pretty happy with it also.
  10. First piece done! 1st time doing this so pretty happy with the results so far.
  11. I want to vinyl wrap all the chrome looking shiny interior trim to prevent sun-glare and just to make the truck look a little different. I've seen videos on how to remove the trim around the radio/middle AC vents and the cupholders. How about the trim around the other AC vents? The chrome ring that wraps the drivers side AC vent along with the other driver control knobs in that area such as lights, tow/sport mode, 4WD etc. and on the other side around the passenger side AC vents? Those are the ones I want to get to the most. Do those have clips like the cupholder or no? Also want to try the chrome trim around the faux wood wood on the door and center console. Anyone able to remove all the shiny "stuff" yet?
  12. Just build your own RCSB... problem solved. Lol https://carbuzz.com/news/this-is-the-gmc-sierra-shorty-that-gm-wont-build
  13. This is the LT interior from the current gen silverados. Looks the same as all the other trims except no full middle console and gold bowtie instead of black. Looks pretty much the same as your GMC interior to me...
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