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  1. After talking with the muffler shop I went ahead and ordered this muffler. I ordered from another website as the vendor is out of stock at the moment. Let's hope I ordered from a legit site lol. https://blackwidowexhaust.com/mufflers/Venom-250-3-offset-center-SKU-BW002-P-p57752197
  2. Ok so I went and measured it and the tubing is 2.75". Checking with the muffler shop on if I should order the 3" one.
  3. That's not even a 2019 yo. You have a $50K truck and those boring plain ass tips sticking out of the back? Gross. I'd be embarrassed to be seeing driving that thing down the road.
  4. Basically it was a monetary decesion. I didn't want to pay over 40K and I wanted a crew cab, 4WD, Z71, Leather, V8 and an exterior color of blue. There were some other things that were nice but not a deal breaker like remote start, keyless entry, etc. I didn't care about specific trim or specific V8 engine. Basically because this is my first time buying a truck and honestly didn't know much about them. Anyway I got all the options I wanted for the price I wanted. I would entertain the thought of getting the 6.2 next time.
  5. Anyone else? Not sure if I need the one that us 3" diameter or 3.5" diameter. It does look like it is offset in and center out though.
  6. I want to order a Venom 250 muffler soon. I'm not sure which diameter to go with. Also which configuration as far as the placement (center vs offset). For that I could just go look at the stock muffler lol but hoping someone could help me out as I can't check at the moment. https://blackwidowexhaust.com/mufflers/Venom-250-series-–-$129-00-$144-00-c15730041 Thanks!
  7. I bought them on Amazon. They are not OEM or anything but that didn't matter to me. I prefer the style of this particular one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07P583J9L/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_track_package_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I meant to reply back sooner but I forgot. I took a closer look and the seat does not appear to make contact with the center console. I do feel like I'm not sitting evenly on the seat. Doesn't bother me except when my OCD kicks in and then it bugs me lol. Did you ever find out anything on this?
  9. I never knew Beyoncé drove a Chevy! That's pretty neat lol.
  10. My 2019 4WD Z71 LT was bouncy at first. I lowered the PSI in the tires and now it drives good. Very smooth, not steering wheel jerk or anything crazy like that. I even asked my fiancee and she said it seemed really smooth. Maybe this is all relative but I have no issues with the way the truck rides.
  11. Ok you got me there. Probably still a grandpa car but a cool grandpa car lol. I'll admit they are hella cool but they were all made before I was even born... lol
  12. For anyone wondering about the points, I bought my truck a couple of months ago and didn't have the 20,000 reward points. I called Chevy and they added 21,000 points. Was a painless process. https://www.gm.com/contact-us.html
  13. While it is true that they built the network for safety and crash response functions, that does not mean that their is not a cost associated with maintaining and upgrading that network at a regular interval. Just think how many times you upgrade your cellphone to support the newest features out there. I imagine they must have to refresh their compute and storage devices at a regular intervals to be compliant with whatever privacy standards are out there. I definitely get your point though. I would only pay up to around $3 a month for the key fob service. Any more than that and I'd be also be paying a good $20 each use. Just doesn't make sense. I would hope they would reduce the monthly price in an attempt to get more people to sign up but I wont hold my breath. I tried to find an article that went more into detail on the infrastructure but this is the closest thing I found. https://www.networkworld.com/article/3183090/12m-connected-cars-gives-general-motors-a-massive-iot-fleet.html
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