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  1. My vote is something else. To me it does not sound like the same noise to me.
  2. Sounds exactly like the issue everyone is having to me. Pretty sure this is not an alignment issue. Welcome to the club .
  3. Supposedly PIP5653K is out and engineering is looking into this again. Sorry for the quality but someone shared this with me on Facebook.
  4. One failed repair attempt down. They replaced the hub bearing, which of course did not fix the noise. I took it back the following Monday and they could not hear the noise. TBH I couldn't either but probably bc I went to the dealer in the morning when it was cooler. This video was taken the day after the hub bearing was replace. This is already becoming annoying. Supposedly I have 14K equity in the truck according to KBB. Hmm what to do what to do?
  5. Well the thing is that there is no permanent fix for a majority of the people. I love the truck in every other way, no other issues have come up besides my parking sensors acting a little wonky sometimes. I just don't have faith that a permanent fix is out there based on what I have read so far, both here and on Facebook. I would much rather not trade the truck since I already fixed it up the way I like. Nothing too major but I have done muffler, exhaust tips powder coated, black and red emblems, vinyl wrapped some of the interior, Amp power step running board, etc etc and it is gonna be a pain to start all over again. Guess I will see what happens when I take it in on Monday and go from there.
  6. Well surprise surprise (sarcasm), the dealer replaced the drivers side front wheel bearing and seals and what not on Friday and of course that did not fix the noise. I have another appointment set up for Monday. I was able to get better audio, I think partly because the noise seems to be getting louder! I'm going to make sure I specifically mention this PIP bulletin or whatever to point these boneheads in the right direction. https://www.carcomplaints.com/GMC/Sierra_1500/2019/tsbs/tsb-pip5653j.shtml. My first Chevy and First truck was a 2019 Silverado 5.3L 8-speed LT truck, I traded it to transmission issues because the dealer said it was normal and I didn't feel like hassling with them anymore (also the fact I got what I paid for it after driving it a year). The only good thing is that supposedly the truck is worth 52K and I paid 48K and I owe 42K, so already thinking it may be less hassle to just trade this darn thing away. What do you think?
  7. Yeah there is a lot of play, but I thought I had read even the GM differentials, with no noise had the same play. But here is the play in mine. Guess I will know soon enough.
  8. So I posted on the last page about hearing the noise. So I went to the dealer today and one of the techs or whatever drove it. The dealer told me the noise is a hub bearing and will order the part and replace it. This is what I wrote when I scheduled the appointment, but of course when I get there they ask for all my information again. I did not reference the PIP below in person as from past experience they just ignore it and say they have to do their own diagnostic, which I totally understand. Since my dealer is about 20 miles away I decided to try and get some video of the noise on the way home. What do you think? Bearing or the dreaded jingle? First video is from my dash cam, so audio kind of sucks. Sorry best video's I could get so far. https://youtube.com/shorts/rrNFv8L77eA?feature=share
  9. Well add me to the list of people with the Jingle jingle. 2020 6.2L RST Z71 here. I bought the truck in August of 2020 and it has 3600 miles on it. This is the first issue I've had with this truck. My first truck was a 2019 5.2L LT Z71that was having the 8-speed hard shifts. I've always wanted a Silverado, yay me! lol Build Date: 07/06/2020 Build Plant: Z Front Axle: SU4
  10. I'm with you on the looks. I ended up buying this. Works as intended and I currently have a Bluetooth diagnostic doohickey plugged in the other port and it works as intended and so do the steps. Just an option. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07K6MWQTB/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_track_package_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I doubt it. I don't have a HC but on my RST and previous LT the emblem fit fine and I had active shutters on both trucks. I would try calling shopchevyparts.com with your vin and see what they say. Or call another dealer. And if they say it won't fit ask again specifically why. Post a pic or your grill? Doubt it is any different.
  12. Is yours a next generation 2019? Pretty sure it will fit. Call these peeps up and ask them. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/decals-and-emblems/2019-silverado-1500-chevrolet-bowtie-emblem-black-illuminated-emblem-front-grille/84602325-p-92300685.html
  13. Just curious more than anything really as my 2019 was my first truck, I think it did it also. So basically when the steering wheel is turned all the way in parking lots and what not the truck makes a squeaking/chirping noise. I noticed my first time when I was getting my state inspection done (bought out of state, hence why I had to get it done myself). The parking lot was small and when the person inspecting the truck went to park it he had to cut the wheel all the way and that is when I heard the squeak/chirping noise. Notice it the other day in the drive through when I had to cut the wheel all the way to go through the drive through. My truck is a 2020 RST 6.2L 10-speed, it is 4x4 and it has the G80. Is it because I have 4x4 or the G80? It doesn't really bother me, just curious why it makes this noise and if it is normal.
  14. I haven't got a speeding ticket since I ditched the radar detector like 10 years ago. Maybe coincidence, I usually drive 5 over, 10 at the most. *knocks on wood*
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