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  1. I just ordered an Autostop Eliminator, I think it will work well because Ican choose whether or not the have the autostop feature active upon starting the truck. I live in a smaller town and the autostop is a PITA at stop signs and all the stoplights here change quickly so with the autostop feature on it really sucks. The autostop is actually a really good feature that I like when I am in Chicago or a large city where the stoplights are 5 minutes long between cycles and I use it there. I will post the install with pictures and my review after some time behind the wheel with it. Here is a link to it - https://www.autostopeliminator.com/store/c10/auto-stop-start-disable-chevrolet-silverado-2019.html
  2. I also have the same problem. iPhone XR with the latest IOS and 2019 HC with the latest update. As soon as I the phone links up to the truck Bluetooth it turns the phone volume all the way down. It pops up on the phone screen when it happens. I do not have this problem in my wifes 2015 Acadia Denali. I have played around with every setting and cannot come up with a solution besides turning my volume up after I leave the truck every time. Very annoying.
  3. I was working on a 2018 Colorado ZR2 Duramax the other day and had to replace most of the front end because of a deer hit. I had to get a new shutter assembly for it and when it showed up there were no shutters in it. I called the dealer and he said that is the way they are spec'd. I had 2 block off plates for the lower shutters and nothing installed in the top. Ask the engineering dept. , right?
  4. Update 2/28/2019, at 6 weeks and 1350 miles now and I have not had the error since I moved the switch on the side of the SD card.
  5. I could smell it till about 400 miles on mine.
  6. Serice Steering Column Lock

    I had it happen to me a few times and as you said, it was after I used the phone app remote start. My truck did a software update around 1/29/19, and I have not seen it since and I still use the app for remote starts.
  7. I had the same problem with my truck since the day I bought it. My truck also has the latest software and I was still getting the error at least once every 2 days. So yesterday I was thinking about the error and it dawned on me that the truck might be trying to write on the SD card to initialize it. On every SD card there is a little switch on the side that locks/unlocks the card for writing data on it. I slid the switch from where it was to the opposite position and put it back in the SD slot. I have not seen this error for over 2 weeks now.
  8. I also turn my dash lights all the way down when driving at night. I noticed it the first time I drove at night and the seat heater button did not light up just as outlined in the above posts. Just make the dash lights slightly brighter and the heater button lights will turn on. The seat heater stays active even when the button lights are off due to the dash lights being at their lowest setting.
  9. I have the same squeak under my dash. Like yours, I think mine is coming from the same area. I cannot reproduce it with out driving so it requires something under there to flex. So since it is a squeak I have been looking at the rubber and hard plastic parts. No fix yet.
  10. I have a 2019 high country with 22" wheels, stock exhaust, 6.2L and the 10 speed. Once in a while on a 55mph highway with the cruise control on I can feel a very slight vibration from the active fuel management system being used. The rest of the time it is not even noticeable. I went for a 100 mile straight run on the interstate last Saturday and it was smooth all the way doing 70-80mph.
  11. Trail boss custom

    The wiring harness, connectors and the fuse/ power requirements could also be different. You can check with the dealer to see if the part number on the wiring harness is the same, if so you could have some luck in the swap if they fit your existing grill/fender opening.
  12. So my truck did an update yesterday by itself while it was parked outside my work. I saw a notice on the DIC that said an update was ready to be installed and I could not do anything with the truck after it started. I said why not, probably some good software fixes, so I hit OK and went in to work. Now it seems like the climate control blower motor is missing its high setting and doesn't run as fast as it used to. Anyone else notice this? There also seems to be some glitchyness with the intellibeam after the update also. Of course is has been -30 degrees here for 2 days. That always seems to wreak havoc on new cars electrical systems, but I think the update messed with my climate control system.
  13. It is the same brightness all the time. It turns on whenever the parking lights or main lights are on. The brightness of it in that picture most likely because of my phone taking the pic. It is not bright and projecting like a foglight but is definitely noticeable at night. I took that picture with just the running lights on.
  14. I looked it over thoroughly and the only thing I could find is that they do not completely clean out the aluminum chips from whatever machining is done on the roll out cover. I just used compressed air and blew it all out and no more chips. Quality is good on everything and as for making the bed watertight I am sure if you were meticulous in the installation with the weather-stripping you could get it 99% sealed.

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