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  1. Try this method of installing your cover. It worked great for me. It works perfectly with the power tailgate. Here is my step by step for putting mine on. The directions that come with it make it more difficult than it needs to be and there are a couple things that need modified from their directions. Open the box and unpack everything. Keep the box until you register the cover with BAK for the warranty. It has all the labels with the serial numbers on it. There are 2 weather-strips rolled up, a 3/4" and a 1/4". The directions say to use the 3/4" all the way across the headwall but when I went to tighten the cover down the 3/4" was way too tall for the cover at the headwall. Clean any dirt off the headwall with alcohol or wax & grease remover. Now put about 3" of the 3/4" at each end of the headwall starting from the plastic cap inward. Keep the weather-strip on the farthest rearward flat part of the headwall. Install the 2 rails on each side of the bed like the instructions say, push them up against the headwall and clamp them in. Now use a razor knife and cut off the 3/4" weather-strip that is not under the rail. Now take the 1/4" weather-strip and put it on the headwall between the 2 rails. Keep the weather-strip on the farthest rearward flat part of the headwall. Now take the bedcover and roll it out on the rails and remove all the packing on it. Take the end of the cover an put the 4 bolts in the slots and put the end of the cover in place so the bolts go through the brackets at the end of the rail. Now put the washers and nuts on the bolts, just hand tight, they will get the final tighten later. With the bed cover all the way flat and the tailgate down, stand in front of the tailgate, lock the tailgate end of the cover down and pull the cover towards you. now close the tailgate softly by hand. You will see that this will push the bed cover towards the cab and put it in the right place for sealing against the tailgate. Lower the tailgate, get your tools and crawl in under the bed cover to the headwall without moving its position and tighten the 4 nuts that hold the headwall end of the bedcover to the rail brackets. Now crawl out of the bed and test everything. It should all work and seal up nicely.
  2. Update 9/6/19. I got my truck back last week on 8/28/19 with the new transmission. It did not fix the problem. I still hear the squeak, it is much less pronounced but I still hear it. So we decided to run the truck for a few thousand miles and see how the squeak progresses, then we will reassess it. My dealerships service dept. is top notch and they mostly work on trucks which is 75% of their sales so they know them well. I personally know all the mechanics and the owners of the dealership as I do business with them on a daily basis, so I can trust everything they tell me about what is going on. We are going to keep working on finding the source of the squeak and I will update this thread as we go along. I love the truck and everything else about it is great. So for right now I just have to crank Metallica everywhere I go, which isn't a bad thing.
  3. Still waiting on a new 10 speed transmission from GM. Been at the dealer for 2 months now.
  4. So the dealer is putting a new transmission in mine, they said it was a bad planetary gear making the squeaking/chirping noise. They said my issue is all recorded in the GM tech bulletin stuff and any other dealer should have access to it. As of right now I have been waiting for a trans, GM does not have any to give up as they are all going to the assembly line and GM does not pull parts from the plants assembly lines anymore to get a warranty service job done. So I am in a loaner truck until they can get a trans. After I get my truck back I will ask the dealer if there is any tech bulletin # to reference if anyone else has this problem.
  5. They said it was something on the 10 speed transmission.
  6. So as of today the dealership will have my truck for 4 weeks. They have ordered a part which is supposed to fix the issue. Now we are waiting for parts and will hopefully be back on the road soon. I will post a full service report after I get my truck back.
  7. Mine did not have any vibration at any speed. I only had the squeaking issue. I have been on vacation and will be home tomorrow so when the dealer opens in the morning I will find out what the status of my truck is, what they have found out and hopefully a fix!
  8. 7/11/19. Still at the dealer. They are communicating with GM engineers about a possible solution.
  9. I talked to the dealer today and they said GM is aware of the issue and the GM engineers are working on it. The Master Tech at the dealer is working on finding out what is causing the noise. He is able to reproduce the squeak and will let me know when he figures it out. So until then I will just have to wait.
  10. Yes, this is the fix. I had it done on my truck too. It is a known issue and they will replace the parts.
  11. I had the A.S.E. first gen and it did eliminate the autostop feature but also would not let me turn the autostop back on if I wanted it. I know it had an issue where it would not let the truck "sleep" and the battery would go dead if you did not drive it every day. One time when I turned the lane assist on the autostop kept turning on/off until I turned the lane assist off. It only did that once and never did it again. I received the updated A.S.E. a few weeks back and installed it, and sent the old A.S.E. back to them. The updated A.S.E. has worked flawlessly and I would recommend it to anyone. I do like using the autostop feature in chicago where the stoplights are 5 minutes long, definitely saves fuel there. Not a good feature where I live in a small town though and its great to not have to hit that stupid button every time I start the truck.
  12. I talked to the guys at the dealer yesterday and they are able to reproduce the squeak and are working on a solution with GM. They seem to think the squeak is coming from the exhaust system. They took multiple new trucks off the lot, 6.2 and 5.3 engine with 6 and 10 speeds, and tested them to see if they could hear the noise and it is present in most of them but very slight. That is how mine was, very slight squeak when new but now that I have almost 6K miles on it the squeak keeps getting louder. Maybe I will have to put long tube headers and straight pipes on it, then I will not hear that squeak for sure!
  13. My squeak is not come and go, I can reproduce it on demand and showed the dealer. As my mileage increased, so did the loudness of the squeak. Since I am in farm country, 80% of my dealers business is trucks, so they know what they are doing on these Silverados and Sierras. I am confident they will find the source of the issue. They gave me a 2019 Xcab Z71 LTZ to drive around in until my HC is fixed.
  14. Dealer is still working on finding the source of the squeaking. The squeak on mine is so loud that I can hear it at highway speeds with the windows up. It occurs between 1100-1800 rpm under light throttle at any speed. No way can I stand to have my new $65K truck with 5000 miles on it sound like my neighbors 1985 beater F150! I told the dealer to keep it until it is fixed.
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