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  1. Great info here @Wheelguy As an update, I have had the "fix" completed 3 weeks ago and jingle HAS NOT returned. I did ask the SERVICE MGR directly whether or not the stub shaft/"front wheel drive shaft" as the bulletin references and he could not provide a definitive answer. He did agree that the PIP bulletin was poorly written. My truck is at the dealership NOW getting the rear window serviced and this request with contact to GM TECH has been added to my RO. Hopefully, they're able pop a new stub shaft in so I can have greater confidence the full repair has been completed.
  2. It has been 3 weeks since I've had the bulletin (seam sealer) fix which was the 1st repair attempt. Big rainstorm last Friday and the leak has returned Dropped truck off Monday and dealership has leak tested and verified. Took some convincing and lengthy discussion with the service mgr however I do have a new rear window being installed as I type
  3. Mine has build date of 11/9/18 and did have the leak FYI @WWIII Been driving mine with the sealant "fix" for 5 days. Rained once- leak (from what I can see) has NOT returned.
  4. @pearlymae19 @Thejet07 keep us updated on whether or not the new diffs fix the issue! Knock on wood- I have been driving mine with the "fix" for 5 days and jingle has NOT returned. Hoping I didn't jinx myself.
  5. Can you hear any jingles with your SU5 axle coming from ~from front left?
  6. This make me hopeful! @lebag335 Through looking into your last few posts in here- you've only had the "sealant fix" completed- not the full window replace, correct? My truck is in for service right now getting the jingle jingle (FR axle fix installed/completed) as well as my rear window leak handled.
  7. Has the "fix" been successful with anyone and eliminated the chirp noise? Bulletin #PIP5653 is what I'm referencing... My truck is in service getting this done currently and I am excited to get it back.
  8. @Sin City Trail Boss @truck_newbie Thanks for clarifying gents. Sounds to me like your noise issues with TB and AT4 equipped trucks is different than non-equipped trucks’ jingle jingle.
  9. @Z06JPB this is not consistent with the jingle sound everyone else is hearing in this thread. The jingle is a constant “ringing” (similar to the clip I just quoted) after full operating temp is met. Nothing to do with bumps and is always present (doesn’t come and go) like SinCity’s issue. The only way to make jingle go away is if “Auto/4” transfer case selection is made.
  10. @truck_newbie This is the sound. Mine is most noticeable 35-50MPH. Let us know if this is the same sound you’re hearing in your AT4 (w/ factory 2” lift and extended CV shafts)..?
  11. Interesting- I think you may be the ONLY one that has had GOOD luck w/ the reseal. What are the details on your truck, build date, where was water originally spotted leaking in from? @RAYS B4U My headliner on passenger side has water stain (attached pic) which leads me to believe it is NOT the 3rd brake light (center) leak.
  12. Can anyone provide feedback on this? I don't see TB owners complaining of this ringing noise.
  13. Mine has build date 11/9/2018 and is a leaker. Going to dealership tomorrow- going to push for full window replace.
  14. Any issues since the FULL WINDOW replacement?
  15. Ok thanks. Did you finally get your window fully replaced? Any leak issues since? @ShamrockShooter Also- does anyone have a build date as late as mine (11/9/18) that is experiencing this rear window water leak? When I called GM and explained situation and referenced bulletin #18-NA-383.. I was told my truck falls out of the affected date window (10/18).
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