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  1. Air compressor in spare battery tray?

    Thanks, I’m thinking about re-doing it using the battery tray and shooting a video of the whole process. I have more pics but I’m limited on the MB size and never get it to work.
  2. Air compressor in spare battery tray?

    I recently mounted an ARB twin compressor in our 2016 Sierra 1500 light service truck. It works really well for filling flat tires, spares. It’s my third one of these and none have had any Issues. ARB does offer a rebuild kit for something like $70 if you smoke one. I mounted it to the second battery tray. This tray wasn’t set up for mounting a battery but a tray capable of battery mounting would bolt right in in-place. My plan was to mount the ARB to a plastic cutting board, shaped like a battery, then install the board like a battery. I was in a time crunch so I improvised when I figured out the tray had no hold-down spot. I shaped the cutting board to fit the tray. Mounted the ARB to the board. Next drilled the board/tray at the corners and tapped the tray holes to 1/4-20. Counter-sunk the corner board holes and installed the unit (ARB/Board) using tapered Allen head stainless screws. I wired the switch signal to the S48A dash switch as in the “Aux switch install” on this forum and labeled it “Aux 1”. I ran a hose to the bed and plumbed in a Flexzilla 50’ hose reel.
  3. AUX switch install

    I installed an aux switch bank in my 2015 3500HD, ran the wires to the X50A and had backfeeding to the indicator lights. Also when the power was turned off sometimes the indicator lights would come on as soon as I turned off the key and they would stay on until the courtesy timing timed out. Other times they would stay dark. If I would press AUX4 sometimes the indicator lights for other switches would come on too and stay on until I turned off 4. With the addition of diodes all of this was totally resolved.
  4. AUX switch install

    Ok, let me get see what I have. Here is the bulletin about the diodes....
  5. AUX switch install

    You are likely missing the wiring between the Aux switch (S48A) and the junction block down by the pedals (X61A) and then out from the X61A to the Underhood fuse box (X50A). You can bypass the X61A altogether and go directly from the S48A to the X50A through the little “nipple” on the large boot on the firewall behind the X50A. You will also need to add diodes on each of the four wires coming from the S48A. Part number IN4004 (eBay).
  6. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    The power or signal wire already is coming from the BCM. Since it’s positive it won’t be able to trigger the X50A upfitter relays. You could feed it through the X61A junction block and then out to the X50A to keep the harness clean but it will still be a positive signal.
  7. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    The reason I’m asking is that there is an unused “fuel pump 2” relay in some vehicles. I believe this relay uses a positive signal to energize. Check your fuse box for it. My wife’s ‘16 Duramax doesn’t have the relay or the pins to support it but my ‘17 Duramax does as well as my ‘15 6.0.
  8. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    The OEM drawings are for use with a relay provided with a harness that circumvents the X50A. The problem is that the X50A upfitter relays use a negative signal or “trigger” to energize. There is a way around this though. Is your truck a gasser or diesel?
  9. That’s a Pretty truck! I just picked up a ‘17 2500 Denali and I’m pretty much following the upgrades I did to my wife’s ‘16 Denali 2500 over the last 2 years... Today I installed in-channel Vent Shades, stubby antenna and a DU-HA.
  10. Marriage saver though....every time I swap out driving to passenger I just hold the button until she’s seated and the close the door for her. I’m sure Phil will incorporate the Tesla “Drive home from Alaska” module into ‘14+Up GMs soon though.....
  11. My 2016 Sierra 2500HD has 176,000 miles on it already and recently started eating parts. The latest part to fail was the reductant tank heater (DEF Heater). Upon cold start the check engine light came on with code P21DD. After a little reading I learned that this can result in “Limp Mode”. I was in the middle of nowhere in Northern Wyoming. Not cool! I drove down to Denver and replaced it that week. I shot this video of the repair.....
  12. AUX switch install

    I upgraded my ‘15s fuse box (X50A) to the one with the pins for upfitter relays at a cost of $130. Wires do need to be added to the harness but the harness doesn’t need to be replaced. (8 wires, 4 triggers, 4 outputs) Here are a couple pics of my new X50A (6.0 gasser) and my wife’s with the pins (‘16 Denali 6.6 LML)
  13. AUX switch install

    Hi there, I ran into this same issue using a 15303 fuse box and relay center with an auxiliary switch bank. I was able to solve the issue by isolating each switch signal by adding a diode between each switch output and each relay trigger. These are the diodes I used as they can plug right into a fuse panel.....https://www.waytekwire.com/item/46880/Littelfuse-02400104P-1A-MINI-Diode/ an inline fuse holder will work as well. You’ll need to trim a little tab from the edge first but they work great. This is covered in a video I’ve been working on for some time now, just really busy with work.
  14. Denali cluster in SLT

    This is my wife’s Denali 2500. I was driving and had no time to respond....had the passenger take the pic.

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