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  1. My 2015 Silverado did not come with Heated Seats. Has anyone attempted to put aftermarket heated seats in a 2015 Silverado and wire them into the original dash switches?

  2. Hi I performed a center console swap. anyone know how to make the three USB


    1. jd173706


      I don't know, I have read that unless you have the console from the factory, you cannot use both the front and rear USB/three-prong plugs. You can either hook up the front ones or the rear ones under the armrest lid. I would search for the thread that details one member's attempt to swap the jump-seat for the console though, he has had that up for a few years now and I think he's a GM tech, he might have found a way to do it by now. Good luck!

  3. Can you tell me how the black separator strip come off.
  4. Can you tell me if the black plastic spacer between the low and high beam can be removed without removing the light? how do they come off?
  5. Do you know where they terminate. Are they wired into the yellow terminal block under the rocker?
  6. Paint issues

    I have a 2015 crew cab. Black with the worst orange peal i have ever seen. I also had dirt and fishers in the paint and they fixed most of them but when they returned the vehicle to me the put a dent in the rocker panel and i found over spray on the back door. I took it back and they fixed the overspray and dent. but now there is two shades of black in the door jams and it was never buffed out. I paid 38,000 for my LTZ. I am not happy with the dealership quality and GM paint quality standards. I told the Service manager and he said i hear your complain and agree but let me show you something, He took me to the lot where there was a 2015 Corvette Zo6. The orange peal was worse than mine. He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders and said thats the way it is now.
  7. I am looked to find out where the heated seat switch terminates from the dash switches. Are they wired to the terminals under the rocker panel or do they terminate under the dash at some other location. Thanks in advance. Or if I can find a wiring scenic that would be better. Loui

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