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  1. Tagged.. I was thinking about replacing my speakers and adding a small all in one amplifier with a loop harness just this past weekend... I love the factory head unit in my silverado, I really just want to be able to crank the volume when "its time".. I assume if I'm replacing all the speakers in the doors, it's a great time to add dynamat (or other sound deadening material)to the doors (and floorboard)?
  2. it's not cheap, $225 at our dealership. It required dealer install because there is a code that they have to get from GM according to the VIN to program it? (they waited 4-5 hours for GM to get back with them).. I've seen the part number for sale on Ebay for around $130ish if you can get someone to install it.. (maybe the Dealer will install your part for a fee?) my wife handled it for Fathers Day..
  3. They didn't put it exactly where I would have installed it, but i love it. I haven't looked at the instructions about replacing the battery but it's essentially a code-key fob that sticks to the door with 3M tape. go to the GM website and search through the available accessories for your vehicle. I dont know if it works with "proximity unlock" setups.. but I dont see why it wouldn't.
  4. DONT.. go to the dealership and have them install the keypad entry. (works like a code-activated keyfob). I LOVE it on my truck..
  5. Also check Facebook marketplace. It’s not uncommon at all to have local offerings..
  6. The UCA is connected to the frame while the LCA is connected to the drivetrain. Any spacer lift that attaches to the strut makes the drivetrain and the frame geometry change by the thickness of the spacer. It changes the geometry. In my case (like yours), the ride and feel of the truck didn’t change.. other people have a different experience. I attribute my ride consistency to the fact that I used 2” lift spacers made of urethane (actual thickness was about 1-1/4"), while most spacers are made of aluminum.
  7. I used Daystar's 2" level kit using urethane spacers and my ride is EXACTLY the same as stock. no difference in cornering, breaking, or bumps..
  8. Leveled several months ago.. just picked up the wheels last week.. not stock to my vehicle, but stock to a GMC Elevation (I believe that’s what he told me he had them on).. (stamped factory UCAs at this point, not sure I need to replace them until I increase the size of the tires - currently 275/55r20)
  9. I've never heard that on the black wheels. (chrome yes, but not on black)
  10. media blasting is what you use, then powdercoat. the places here charge $140ish a wheel..
  11. my favorite too... but it looks like Im going to have to settle for the 20" midnight edition wheels like came stock on yours.. (5 spoke) with silver center cap and silver lugnuts
  12. ok. so I'm looking to potentially put 35s (34.5" KO2s) on GM stock 20" wheels in a couple months when I need new tires.. most of the things I've read says that aftermarket UCAs will allow me to do this (I already have a 2.5" urethane spacer level kit installed). -2018 Silverado 1500 Z71, so I have the stamped UCAs Am I understanding this is accurate? I like the Readylift 37-3500 uca..
  13. If they're LED, they're probably not serviceable. generally speaking, they'd be soldered onto a board that is then soldered into its current carrying conductors.
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