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  1. when you look on your '17, could you also give a little chase to see where the wiring harness ties in? There is a cluster just forward of the receiver hitch (above the spare tire) that terminates several "back of vehicle" factory harnesses, if the brake controller terminates there, we only need to find where the switch plugs in at the dash in order to (potentially) install the factory option.. -if you look in the attached image (screen shot of a video adding auxiliary bed rail lighting) the rear access point has several "covered harness connectors"..
  2. your what isn't programmed? the bed lights turn on all at the same time when the cargo switch is turned on (installed as an option, they plug into the same wiring harness that already exists on all pickup trucks ..
  3. 7 pages? I just did the same thing and they provided me with the codes, but there wasn't anything else (better part of 3 pages).. now, where do I go to find out what else I can easily upgrade on my vehicle (I already added the rear view mirror that auto-dims, even though my vehicle came with just an "onstar mirror, manual tilt")..
  4. can the factory brake controller be added as an aftermarket option? my LT didn't come with light sensitive dimming rear view mirror, but I bought a mirror and installed it (wiring harness already set up for it). it wasn't a dealer option, and the service guys said there was no way to add it (but clearly, the truck was pre-wired for it, I'm wondering if my towing package is set up the same way)
  5. Just talk to a steel fabricator and see if one of them will make you a receiver extension that does what you want out of structural tube steel.. or just use something like THIS
  6. so, you wouldn't take a job that only you (and maybe a handfull of other people) could do for $20M/Yr?
  7. if someone doesn't have employment options in the USA, then they're the one to blame for that.
  8. get back to work.. if you dont like where you work.. change companies..
  9. I wanted to remove/replace the Z71 stickers at the back of my 2018 Silverado 1500 LT, so I went about doing research on how to most effectively remove the decals without damaging the paint. at first I was concerned about my ability to do it given that I dont mod vehicles for a living (or really even a hobby).. Enter the 3M Stripe OFF Wheel. this thing is amazing! within about 40 seconds to a minute each, the decals were removed and the painted surface & clear coat were in perfect condition. I couldn't be more impressed with this tool. I picked it up on ebay for about $22 and it was worth every penny. Link at 3M site
  10. unless you literally build your own truck.. buying a WT and swapping out the radio, seats, purchasing additional wiring harnesses , etc. so you can go in and re-wire the cab for what you actually want. My Tahoe Z71 from 2000 was an awesome truck, i'd love to have the option to add a sunroof & upgrade the stereo from the base package that vehicle had.. came with leather (and seat warmers) came with towing package 4x4 (duh) heated and auto dimming mirrors now, to get a sunroof, you'd need to purchase an LTZ or SLE / Denali I believe..
  11. that is the main reason I went with a Silverado LT and not an LTZ. I dont need all the "safety and convenience" packages they put on them. It's nearly impossible to find an LTZ or SLE or Denali that doesn't vibrate or beep or flash at you every 30 seconds in Atlanta traffic. and turning all that stuff off (that can be turned off) essentially means you are wasting $7,000-$10,000 worth of "upgrades" on your truck..
  12. I have been looking at a level kit.. (on a 2018 crew cab LT) I spoke to Southern Offroad (here in atlanta, dont know if they're a chain or not) and this is what the guy said about leveling kits: They ONLY recommend a urethane leveling spacers (top of the strut only, not top and bottom). They said to stay away from metal spacers because after they get dirty and a couple months on them, they'll occasionally squeak (metal on metal). They said to stay away from the coil-over strut designs because each manufacturer presets the spring tension to a specific setup and GM makes about 5 different spring compression setups for the different models (engine size / crew cab / standard cab / etc). they said that if you happen to have the exact setup the coil over manufacturer designed around, you're golden.. but if you dont, then you're going to have a much more stiff ride up front (but cornering will be greatly improved). so, I'm still contemplating it, but I don't know whether it's better to have them do it or handle it myself..
  13. Better question is why would a manufacturer offer a cold air intake that specifically states that it doesn't void warranty, if it actually caused damage to the engine/system? GM part number 84533096 does just that.
  14. Studies have shown that actually paying attention to the road (checking mirrors, watching pace of travel, using signals) reduces accidents by ALL. MOST people I pass on the road are either looking at a phone or trying to hide the fact that they're looking at a phone.
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