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  1. doesn't tinkeringfox have a youtube video where he does something similar to this with the overhead cab lights? (required running a couple wires to and back from the BCM connector where it would normally be included.. )
  2. It seems bizarre to me that GM would make something like this so complicated when an aftermarket box can be added so simply (at the cost of major aesthetic points). Especially when it seems every vehicle with any of the tow package RPOs appear to have the all the hardware to make it happen.. (save the dash switch).
  3. $206 should be the price of the wheel itself, he was asking about the clock spring (at least that’s what my response addresses).. I got my steering wheel from Frankie here on the site.. $125 for a steering wheel with a gouge in it.. (it is the only black Silverado trimmed wheel he had left)
  4. I ordered off EBay from a parts warehouse. Looks like your price is better than mine, I paid around $55 I think..
  5. I should know Saturday. I’ll have the part in hand Friday and plan a Saturday am install..
  6. What does the connector for your heater lead look like? I have the same vehicle 1500 LT Z71 4x4.. not sure which clock spring I need either ( I ordered the 84186645). My heater connector is oval, not the older rectangle one.
  7. that's top/center diode (based on the colors of the wiring in the post at the top of the page), on the right side, there is another diode between (looks like) BLUE & YELLOW on the brown plug.. ETA, maybe I found it. I think it's fog lights on when driving lights on.. maybe its a different diode, the center diode is IN4004)
  8. since I haven't seen a pgamboa video about this subject on YT, I assume it's still a touch further down on the upgrade list..
  9. cool.. I just noticed in the picture that there are TWO diodes.. what's the one on the right for? (running vertically in the image)
  10. you just push the diode in until it wedges between the female connector and the plastic tube of the connector?
  11. and if you're having trouble using the site search engine.. just type 'GM-Trucks' and whatever you're looking for into Google and it'll pop right up..
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