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  1. interesting.. What are the potential downfalls from a setup like this?
  2. does the inside of the cab sound louder? (do you notice it getting louder inside the cab when you're driving - not using the phone) also, do you have any AC vents blowing straight onto the mic in the roof?
  3. I've got a RETRAX Pro XR bed cover on my truck and utilized Yakima's options for mounting the round bars. I already had the XL bars so I just needed the Landing Pads and Skyline Towers. it's ROCK SOLID as are all of yakima's options and I absolutely love it.
  4. I believe a 2.5" level kit will handle that "wish list" easily.. (that's what I put on) they say that more than 3" will strain the drive train, but I didn't want to cut it that close $60 for the kit and i installed it myself (3-3.5 hrs).. -Daystar Urethane Spacers for the upper strut assembly is what I used.
  5. I can't believe that any Ram trucks ever roll off the lot.. everyone I've driven felt squishy and nearly every one I've known with one had major (trans @ 60Kmi, Engine @ 130Kmi) trouble.. Ford sales I get.. they're not terrible by any measure.. (and that was all I drove in the 80s and early 90s)
  6. that's crazy. I wouldn't think it's going to be the mirror heater, that's a very thin heating element inside the glass of the mirror itself. (similar to a defroster on the rear window). if that had been the issue, it would have manifested itself on the other side of the assembly and/or destroyed the positioning motors/brackets inside the housing. keep us updated..
  7. I didn't think any voltage running through the mirror would cause that kind of damage/heat/etc. could it have been something that "happened TO" the mirror from the exterior..?
  8. yeah.. 1AAuto videos on youtube can show you how to do just about anything on a vehicle..
  9. I've been watching a few "full interior" listings since i got my 2018 and they all seem to be $1300-$2000. it's A LOT of work to re-skin an interior, but it CAN be done by yourself.
  10. You can also just replace the bushings if you need to. (unless your existing sway bars have an issue?)
  11. RC has one that is black (doesnt tell what it's made of) and one that is red (Billett Aluminum). if yours is black, maybe just lube the sway bar linkages at each front wheel..
  12. to me, that sounds like the squeak that an "aluminum spacer" level kit causes. it's why my level kit is urethane.
  13. It looks like most Denali's to me.. Are you sure that the "GMC fender trim" isn't giving you the optical illusion that it's sitting lower?
  14. maybe post a picture.. could the cold weather and how/where they're fastened be putting them in a bind..?
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