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  1. I don't hear it when the truck's level, going over a speed bump at slow speeds, for example. But as you noted, when turning at slow speeds into driveway, which often throws the truck slightly out of level if the driveway starts an incline from the road, is when I hear it. I would think if it were the Ubolts, I would hear it over all bumps, not just when turning.
  2. Thx for posting. The above "cause" doesn't seem right. Definitely don't hear it going over normal road bumps......it's when the truck isn't level. Like noted above, when turning at slow speed and road/truck is pitched at small angle. Seems like it would be bushings on, like noted above, loose u-bolts. As noted, mine has gotten worse with more miles (at 3800 miles now, all on-road and essentially clean roads).
  3. Thx for the update. Pls keep us posted on your experience with the new springs. My truck is just under 4k miles and seems to have gotten worse (essentially didn't hear it for first few miles, now it seems more often). Have yet to take to dealer.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have not had a chance to further investigate since this thread started. Please keep me posted on the what you find regarding the leaf spring bushings.
  5. I have a '21 1500 Elevation 4x4 and hear "it". A single thump, seems like when rounding a corner slowly...but only sometimes. Almost like the weight of something shifting to one side. I checked the spare tire today and it is secured tightly. Haven't tried shaking the truck but will try that. Please keep me posted what you find. Edit: My noise also seems to originate from the center, or rear of the truck. Just shook (side to side) the rear-end of the empty truck with moderate effort and can recreate the noise. But, will need me under the truck with someone else shaking it to try and uncover the root cause. Definitely in the rear of the truck.
  6. That is NOT my understanding. It is confusing because, imo, an ext warranty STARTS when the mfg warranty expires. However, regardless of when it starts, as I understand it, the ext warranty runs until your odometer reaches 100k (to use your example), NOT 100k plus whatever was on your odometer when you signed up. Confirm with whomever is selling the ext warranty.
  7. Price this place....http://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html And also here: https://www.knappvehicleservicecontracts.com/ Curious to hear what you decide. Edit: The second link offered me (if memory serves) 7 years and 120k miles, pretty comprehensive coverage, with $100 ded, for roughly $2500.
  8. Extended warranties are pushed hard at the dealers, and via the third-party market. This leads me to believe they're very profitable for someone(s). One of the more comprehensive ex warranties I researched for my 2021 1500 Elevation was roughly $2,500 and it extended out to 7 years and 120k miles, and it covered a lot. As of now I simply set aside the would-be premium to pay for future repairs. If I consume the funds before 120k miles on needed repairs than I lost "the bet"......if I get past 120k miles without having $2,500 in repairs, then I figure I won the bet. I paid $1,500 for an ext warranty on my 2013 Sierra, and didn't use a dime. In fact, the truck went 150k miles for me without ever going back to the dealer.
  9. Same with me, seems like Nov 2020 time-frame, at least in the mid-Atlantic dealer lots, you started seeing way more 8 spd Elevations and very few with 10 spd.
  10. Thx for the reply. Lowered PSI a bit today, will try it this week.
  11. I had an Access roll up on my '13 Sierra and, for the money, thought it was a good product. I garaged the truck so that helped maintain the life of the cover, in my opinion.
  12. Hi, I have the above truck, with about 2k miles. Rear end seems unplanted when hitting small bumps and/or very small ice heave-type road imperfections. Basic research suggests some guys say the factory Rancho rear shocks should be replaced with Bilstein 5100's, and to ensure tire pressure is set to factory specs, if dealer overinflated the tires beyond factory specs. Curious if other's here have same issue, and if you tried different rear shocks, what has been your experience? Also, if you did replace the shocks, what mfg and part number did you purchase?
  13. Hi, thinking of traveling to an area of Quebec where it's not uncommon for late model trucks/SUV's to be stolen. Even with Onstar it's an issue as apparently the stolen vehicles are quickly loaded into steel containers for their journey over to Russia, etc. Is it best to remove the fuel pump relay so the truck cannot be run? Any other simple ideas? Thanks in advance for any comments. Edit: Truck is a 2013 1500 Sierra with 5.3
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