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  1. Stunning looking truck! Congrats. What tires are on it?
  2. 2021 Sierra 1500 5.3 bought in Dec 2020. Now has about 10,500 miles. Check engine light came on last night, and it was running rough. "Check ECS" appeared on dash. Symptoms sound like bad lifter(s). Selling dealer and more local dealer both said they can't look at it for two weeks....and if it is the lifter(s), they're roughly one month out!! Oh, they have no loaner vehicles due to overall industry shortage! Thankfully I have a family from whom to borrow a car.
  3. I had GREAT luck with the company attached (link below). I put them in my 2013 and used them hard and they looked like new after 8 years. I pulled them 2x annually and washed them. The fit was awesome too. https://www.caltrend.com/
  4. That noise is a royal PITA, but fortunately easy and cheap to fix. See attached, specifically page 7ish. Also, see this....https://www.spring-things.com/
  5. Does it occur when rounding a turn at slow speeds, and when the truck is not level (ie, the road is on an angle)?
  6. Here's pic of the rubber installed. Please excuse the dirt. Of note, if you have someone shake the truck side to side with moderate effort, you can recreate the noise. With someone shaking the truck side to side, you can visually see the upper and lower leaf springs moving laterally against each other.....and the upper leaf spring rubbing against the lower leaf spring INSERT is where the noise seems to come from. Whatever material they use to make the leaf spring insert isn't compatible with the steel and/or paint on the upper leaf spring....in my opinion. Nothing like buying a $50k truck and "fixing" it with $3 of rubber.
  7. No. I simply jacked up the truck under the frame, to relieve all weight off the rear wheel. Once up, with the tire slightly off the ground, you can easily drive a screwdriver between the leaf springs near the leaf spring insert (on both ends of the leaf springs), and pry the springs apart, and slide the rubber in on top of the plastic leaf spring insert that is "secured" to the lower leaf spring. The rubber I bought on Amazon and was inexpensive. So far, so good for me....but it's only been a week.
  8. See my 4/25/21 post in the below thread for my solution to the mystery noise.
  9. I think I solved this problem on my 2021 1500 Elevation. I heard no noise when the truck was new, but with more miles, now I'm at 4k, the noise became more prevalent. To summarize, the problem was worse (most obvious) at slow speeds, when turning, and when the truck was on an angle (ie, the road had some slope). Sounds like something is loose. Have someone shake the bed of your truck side to side to recreate the noise, and visually observe the leaf springs, especially at the leaf spring insert to see if this is the source of your issue, to see if this is the root cause of your issue. With much help from this thread, I added some roughly 1/4" rubber to the leaf springs, sitting on top of the leaf spring insert. Refer to TSP 19-NA-129 for pictures of the factory leaf spring insert. This TSP notes to install new rear leaf spring inserts. These are thin plastic (I think plastic) used to separate the metal of the leaf springs. In my case, when you shake the truck side to side to recreate the noise, you can see the individual leaf springs moving side to side, and the noise seems to originate from the upper leaf spring rubbing against the insert. Rather than replace the insert, I simply added a piece or rubber on top of the insert. So far the noise appears to be gone. Whatever material the factory insert is made of doesn't work well with the upper leaf spring that rests against it....resulting in noise when the leaf springs move laterally (ie, rounding a turn on a sloped road surface). At least this appears to the be case once the truck gets some miles on it.
  10. I don't hear it when the truck's level, going over a speed bump at slow speeds, for example. But as you noted, when turning at slow speeds into driveway, which often throws the truck slightly out of level if the driveway starts an incline from the road, is when I hear it. I would think if it were the Ubolts, I would hear it over all bumps, not just when turning.
  11. Thx for posting. The above "cause" doesn't seem right. Definitely don't hear it going over normal road bumps......it's when the truck isn't level. Like noted above, when turning at slow speed and road/truck is pitched at small angle. Seems like it would be bushings on, like noted above, loose u-bolts. As noted, mine has gotten worse with more miles (at 3800 miles now, all on-road and essentially clean roads).
  12. Thx for the update. Pls keep us posted on your experience with the new springs. My truck is just under 4k miles and seems to have gotten worse (essentially didn't hear it for first few miles, now it seems more often). Have yet to take to dealer.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I have not had a chance to further investigate since this thread started. Please keep me posted on the what you find regarding the leaf spring bushings.
  14. I have a '21 1500 Elevation 4x4 and hear "it". A single thump, seems like when rounding a corner slowly...but only sometimes. Almost like the weight of something shifting to one side. I checked the spare tire today and it is secured tightly. Haven't tried shaking the truck but will try that. Please keep me posted what you find. Edit: My noise also seems to originate from the center, or rear of the truck. Just shook (side to side) the rear-end of the empty truck with moderate effort and can recreate the noise. But, will need me under the truck with someone else shaking it to try and uncover the root cause. Definitely in the rear of the truck.
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