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  1. Hi, thinking of traveling to an area of Quebec where it's not uncommon for late model trucks/SUV's to be stolen. Even with Onstar it's an issue as apparently the stolen vehicles are quickly loaded into steel containers for their journey over to Russia, etc. Is it best to remove the fuel pump relay so the truck cannot be run? Any other simple ideas? Thanks in advance for any comments. Edit: Truck is a 2013 1500 Sierra with 5.3
  2. I just took ownership of a new 2013 Sierra SLE about two weeks ago......it has the standard factory radio/speakers. I too have noticed the high pitch noise....which led me to google....and that led me to this topic/forum. Is it safe to say there is a definate fix via replacing the radio? I have yet to call my dealer but want to have my research done before I do. Any further insights would be appreciated. Thx, John
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