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  1. I just bought a new truck last week. It was 6500 in rebates OR the zero percent then an additional 1k dealer incentive. In total is was around 13k off MSRP I believe.
  2. I wish the tanks were larger so I don’t have to stop as much, but at least gas is cheaper than water!
  3. I'd walk....not what you signed up for.
  4. This is a long story that a few on here have heard. I'll summarize it. 2019 Trail Boss 5.3L/8 Spd - traded after 1 year 11,500 miles for something with more features/options/comfort and because my transmission was annoying, not knocking the truck though, it was solid 2020 AT4 6.2L/10 Spd - traded after 3 weeks 550 miles because I think there are a bad batch of clunky ones being sold in the area. I had it in to the shop to be checked out 3 times. They let me test drive 2 other new ones that all had the same slow speed clunking that they said was normal play in the rear differential. I know they aren't all like this, so I'm not trying to stir up a debate 2020 Denali 6.2L/10 Spd - picked up today so I didn't spend all my evenings researching potential issues with the suspension on the other one. Even bought an extended warranty because my wife said I can't trade out vehicles like this anymore!
  5. This was my mistake, I didn't research this one right for you. I wasn't financing much so I went with a short term. I bank with Navy Federal Credit Union. Up to 36 months - 1.79%, 37-60 months - 2.19%, 61-72 months - 2.29%
  6. Alright....I had a change of heart. The new truck is below.....don't ask me about trading a 3-week old truck in....it was painful! I'm happy though, that's all that matters!
  7. Bmoney is right about this. You're better off to take the $6500 and finance through your own bank. My bank offers something along the lines of 1.5% right now on new vehicles. The only way I'd choose to finance through GM Financial would be if they are offering a finance incentive of a couple grand. Then you only need to finance through them for 6 months to get that rebate. Then at 6 months and a day, refinance through your bank. In that scenario, draw the term of the loan out as long as you can so you pay as little interest per month across the 6 month period. If you're financing too high of a dollar amount, the math may not be worth the extra finance incentive though. Run the numbers!
  8. Employee pricing usually doesn't touch the rebates at a time like this. My buddy is a manager for a team within GM. As I'm on my 3rd GM truck in a year, I've had him run his numbers out of curiosity, whenever they're offering something like the $6500 rebate, his price won't touch it and they don't stack.
  9. Your location is probably very different than mine! You buy an AT4 with 20" wheels when you just want to look cool! And a 2" inch lift gives just that much more viewing angle when looking over traffic. The only way I could find dirt would be to pull off the shoulder of the highway or to drive through my neighbor's yard!
  10. Ouch! Sorry to hear that. I hope you don't have to wait long to get another one...
  11. Exactly. Take the $6500 GM rebates over the 0% and just go finance through your own bank or use GM Financial (if they're offering an extra 1 or 2k off) then refinance in 6 months once you've met their minimum obligation.
  12. I paid 41,500 (part of that was a 4k conquest trade for a Ford F150) for a 2019 Trail Boss, drove it for 1 year and put 11,500 miles on it. I got 39k in trade in credit (other brands offered 37k, but GM can sell it certified and extend the warranty). That truck is sitting on the lot listed for 44,500 https://www.crowngmcbuick.com/VehicleDetails/certified-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LT_Trail_Boss-Saint_Petersburg-FL/4207890593
  13. Conspiracy theorist! Who's buying this vehicle? BMoney or Carson? That is a broad quote, they have all those blank lines that usually start with MSRP, rebates, dealer fee, tax, etc., to lead you to that dollar amount. I'd want to see it all broken out. I would expect that type of quote from JimBob's used car lot!
  14. For the original post, the dealers I spoke with today during my trade won't give you both the $6500 GM rebate and the 0% together. You have to choose one of those. They have to make their money somewhere! If you do manage to get both, please don't post it on here or I'm going to feel like an idiot!
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