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  1. Yep 2020 Jeep SRT8 and 2020 AT4 Snow is my favorite Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  2. That pole is on a form we're probably many people know they need 91 as a red thread like this. Most part in Canada 91 is considerably more expensive than 87. My uncle for example has a Denali with a 6.2 and he had no idea anyone even put 91 in pickup trucks he thought that was silly. But he like me always had a diesel I've only ever had one other gas truck and that was my EcoBoost everything else has been Duramax or Cummins. If I would have done a little research prior to buying and knew my truck needed 91 I 100% would not have bought this truck. If our Winters weren't -40 I probably would have looked at the 3L Duramax for the fact that it's a straight 6 but I'm tired of waiting all day for my diesel to warm up Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  3. Interesting, I’d be surprised the knock sensor didn’t cause a CEL. or nothing like that would be mentioned by the dealer. I’d guarantee 95% of the 6.2s here are running on 87, probably only the camero or vette using 91. Our dealer is a dud that should of been told, my jeep is a performance vehicle so I suspected it would need 91 anyway but at least the dealer said it needs at least 91. I’m not worried about performance it is a truck after all, I only got it for the 10 speed and it was the only option I had without doing a factory order, all AT4 were 6.2 or diesel. If I wanted power I would of kept my Cummins with compounds and bought a Tacoma for a beater truck
  4. TRX will be way way less efficient but have 200 more hp and possibly raptor equivalent suspension. I probably wouldn't buy one as it would be over $100k in Canada. A raptor is $97k, and my AT4 was 78k. No one looks at compression ratio when buying a truck, my buddy has a high county with a 6.2 and never used anything but 87, hes lifted on 37s so his fuel economy isnt worth looking at. the dealer also filled my truck with 87 and no one ever mentioned anything about 91. First truck I've heard of ever needing 91, a raptor makes 450 and runs perfectly on 87, a 520hp tune needs 91. Truck dont knock, starts and drives fine. It idles near silent its awkwardly quiet. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  5. Stupid comment, a big rig gets like 8mpg and sell based of fuel economy as you can go further and run cheaper. No one is expecting to get 40mpg or nothing like that. But if truck A gets 5 mpg more than truck B and does the exact same task then truck B will be more desired. Plus many people say the 6.2 /10 speed is better than the 5.3 and my buddy has a 2017 5.3 and it's a pig for a half ton. There's seriously something wrong with a 3/4 ton gas is better better mpg than a 1/2 ton. This AT4 is going to cost me an extra $2500 per year vs Ford or Ram CC 6.5 box that does the exact same thing. I only bought the AT4 because everyone was like it's such a great truck and I didn't have to buy a level or new tires. My EcoBoost (CC 6.5 box with 3.55 and FX4/ tow pkg) was 20mpg easy with a level and 34x11 tires, I can't get this truck at 20mpg unless I'm driving 50mph. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  6. Dodge interior is a million times better, I shy'd away because I like the HD better, love the grill and front end on them. The sport looks better than the rest in the 1500. You can also get 3.92 gears and a larger fuel tank! 26L more than the GM. F150 has a 36L more than GM. If the summer fuel economy dont improve I'll be trying out a new Ram, maybe factory order a 2021. I hear the Rebel TRX will be released this summer. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  7. I may try 94 and see if it makes a difference, at least calculate the improvement if any. I'm not going to give up on this truck after all I did buy it for the fact that it did suit my needs the best of all the trucks I looked at. It was way cheaper than a Raptor and about the same as a rebel but at least this truck has the longer box versus the rebel and Raptor. With my wife on maternity leave I wanted a truck that suits my needs and require the least amount of modifying and that turned out to be the at4 Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  8. They all say that and its mostly bull. My F150 EcoBoost recommended 91 but 87 was ok blah blah... I tried it on 87 and noticed no difference so kept using 87. I wasted money for months putting 91 in the stupid thing. 93 isnt even available in canada and only a few stations have 94, about 4 fuel stations of 20 in my area have 94 available, many areas only have 91. Now my Jeep SRT8 minimum requirement is 91, so I use exactly that at least 91 or 94 if I'm near a station with it. Right now my Jeep 6.4 hemi is getting better fuel economy than my truck which is odd.. so Is my power wagon that's a 3/4 ton 6.4. I'm starting to miss my diesel now but at least this truck is warm in the winter and my oil changes are free. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  9. I use my truck as a daily and road trips. This truck is gonna cost me way more than my F150 or Ram, so much more I could trade it on for a loss and come out on top in the end. I'm going to wait till end of summer and see if it improves. 91 is very expensive here, cost me an extra $30 per tank to fill on 91 vs 87 Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  10. With the bottom inside the truck it only releases the gate as a normal tailgate, but once you're at the tail gate I should be able to open whichever one. If I hit both buttons, both gates will open, so it's the same difference as opening the small part and the main 2and. If you have a hitch and drop both it will wreck the gate Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  11. There's no switch with the 20s they are just buttons. I'll test again on ice to see if power is 100% positively getting sent to the front wheels. At this point the only thing I'd like to do is lower my main tailgate when the smaller upper is open, the rest I can live with. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  12. How do I not know how to operate my truck? Share your wisdom genius Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  13. Not to get off on a tangent but maybe you don't understand snow. Tail lights are probably on and working but snow builds up and covers the entire back end, so bassically it's just a moving snow ball. With big trucks on a hill in snow they may be just crawling, literally just a jogging speed on a highway that's 110kph or 70mph. A normal vehicle could maintain easily half to 70% that speed. But anyways that's all irrelevant. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
  14. Darn i thought it was just to shield me from the wind. In a snow storm, or a real Canadian snow storm it can be pure whiteout and a small car with covered taillights can be hard to see. even a white big rig can be hard to see and many people have ran into trucks on the highway during heavy snow.
  15. The message says lo traction in yellow, then the front wheels show green as it goes into AWD, then when wheel spin stops its back to normal 2wd. I tried again in better traction but still less than dry pavement and soon as the truck detects wheel spin the front engages. The TC off light is on and the message screen says TC off and ESC off as well. Sent from my SM-N975W using Tapatalk
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