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  1. The first time i took my 19 Z71 off road, she got stuck in wet mud/grass. As disappointing as it was to get pulled out by my buddies FX4 F150, I took the blow with my head up and went an ordered MT tires. The next time through the same wet trail, the Z71 was pulling the FX4 out. Moral of the story is tires make the difference.
  2. Your warranty is for 36,000 miles. The dealership has to honor it. Take it to them with the complaint.
  3. "Gas is going to go into the stratosphere" Is gas cheaper in the Audi?
  4. I swear I read somewhere that the 2019's had ceramic brake pads, and that was the cause of the mushy pedal and sloppy stops.
  5. Ton's of people have. I run it on my setup, with 275/65/20 MT's no problems!
  6. I rock them, haven't had any issues with them. they do give you specs when you pick which light you want as they have like 5 different options.
  7. Why would you spend $150 for these mounts when you can get the brackets, lights and the harness for $100 from Rough Country? I know these only fit the Silverado, RC is in the process of making a set for GMC. https://www.roughcountry.com/chevy-silverado-led-lower-windshield-kit-70840.html?find=2019-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-739956
  8. Flares actually look really good on 19-21 body, very aggressive with the front end.
  9. Someone said it earlier, OEM is ceramic. Great for low brake dust, but horrible for stopping power. I noticed the spongy pedal feel on day one and started to investigate solutions. A good semi metallic pad will make all the difference. Luckily the Brembo pad is a SM and will give you amazing stopping power. My 1LE was absolutely amazing.
  10. Just picked up the S&W Thompson LRR for my personal collection (scopeless) paid right at $1150 for it. Threw on a Sig Whisky5 scope and fell in love. https://www.tcarms.com/firearms/bolt-action-rifles/performance-center-t-c-lrr/performance-center-t-c-lrr
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