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  1. Pictures of said "carbon" I've been interested to see how they come out.
  2. rough country makes bolt on fender flares, which will help with the poke.
  3. Well unless it was a mislabeled box my rear is higher than 2.0. I think i'm going to measure when I get home.
  4. I've got it on mine. No problems had it over 10K You need to purchase the rear strut extenders from motofab otherwise you will get a nasty bang every bump. https://motofablifts.com/i-30558273-1999-2020-silverado-sierra-rear-shock-extensions-gm-1500-2wd-4wd-made-in-the-usa.html?ref=category:1390563 the front 2.5 kit is really 3" and the rear 2.0 is really 2.5" You'll be shocked at how high it actually is.
  5. What a complete disaster of a owner / buyer, you're an absolute idiot and this rant is pointless. You sound like a Honda Ridgeline owner, Maybe that's the family you need to move to.
  6. My dealer was able to replicate the issue and ordered a new locking assy. its on b/o though like everything else.
  7. Maybe I did not word it properly, sorry lol. I know they come with Bridgestone AT's I meant to write a RT tire. I just can't find anything using these rims for a more aggressive setup.
  8. Not sure if this has really been discussed, I've done brief searches but I know its talked about with aftermarket rims and TB / AT4 setups. But what about the Factory Z71 LT wheel option. Anybody do any AT or Off-Road tire setups with these?
  9. Sounds like your dealer doesn't want to deal with it.
  10. Actually emission code is a Federal law, unfortunately modifying / removing / tampering with is an automatic warranty void. The MMWA doesn't protect a buyer from tampering with a Federally mandated system. The consumer would be responsible for all court fee's and then repairs (if any needed) to fix the system and or engine problems. Most dealer's are not going to challenge you on this or deny a claim due to having a CC. If you really want to get technical DOT can pull you over and do an inspection while also ticketing you for tampering with the system and driving on federal road. But it's your 45-60k truck, do what you want lol. @Grumpy Bear you would be suprised what the T1 pcm's will tell a dealer now. They knew I had changed out my tag lights to LED's due to the pcm throwing an internal code for a voltage fluctuation. Luckily my dealer service manager is a friend and let me see what was going on. It might not be throwing a CEL on the dash, but when GM plugs in, they know a lot more than people think. I work for Subaru of America, and our engineer's have to go out to dealers all the time and plug into Wrx's / Sti's to verify warranty claims on blown engines. You get there and they look completely stock, Some people even go as far as repainting the bolt heads to make it seem they have never been broken loose. As soon as the engineer's plug into the pcm, they can tell if the engine has had modifications, even as something as small as a high flow filter increases air flow against the maf which the pcm flags and saves for a period of time. Now are they gonna void a warranty for a K&N filter per say, no. But when they install tuners to the pcm (marry them), it flags the point adjustments we're made to the software and that's how they determine who's fibbing lol. And for the record, I have a CC on my 2019 LT 5.3. Sooooooooooooooo Bleh!
  11. Dealership does my 1500, and my ZL1 Camaro. One tech to touch them all! I know who's working on my vehicle and I know what product is going in.
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