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  1. The high country has saddle interior where the LTZ does not.
  2. Yeah I have mixed feeling about an intake. After reading the thread by Rotofab and seeing all the opinions tossed back and forth. For the price you're going to pay for an intake vs. the end hp/tq gain results its not worth the money. I truly believe GM invested enough time to craft the perfect setup for this engine unless you plan on doing some crazy overhaul setup. I also noted with the GM aftermarket filter kit you require a re-tune but Rotofab and K&N don't..? I think I'll trust GM Engineers when they say a ECU update is needed with mod's. To each their own obviously but I think a 375hp truck is plenty to have fun with.
  3. Take it to the Dealer ASAP, mine did the same thing, the Electric steering is about to go out. My truck lost steering about a month after that started, unfortunately there are no parts available to fix it yet, My truck has been at the dealership since December 2nd awaiting a steering box. Good-luck man!
  4. It just goes into what feels like Manual steering with no electric assist.
  5. So this being my very first posting, hello everyone! Traded in my 18 Camaro SS 1LE for a 19 Silverado LT. Two very different worlds for sure. None the less, I love my truck. I'm curious to see if any major problems have occurred since buying the new body change. I have 13k on the clock and my electric steering box went out. Basically felt a popping in the steering wheel when turning left or right to start with, then one night heading home I lost all electric steering all together. It's been at my local dealership since December 4th as the part is not in current production due to the GM strike and everyone at the plants trying to get back on track. GM has estimated the end of February early March before they get around to producing the needed parts. I'm a bit frustrated and feel let down by GM as anyone would be, but at least the dealership has kept me in rental trucks and been very open about their communications with GM.
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