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  1. lol.. You know that when new vehicles arrive to the dealership and the PDI's are done, if they find damage they send it to their body shops to have fixed before the PDI can be completed. Most new cars you buy have had some sort of damage before it made it to the lot, you just never see or hear about it when buying. This isn't a big deal, I know you "feel" cheated because you bought a new truck but in reality they have not delivered it to you yet and they are going to fix it. So many people talk out of their ass on here it's unreal and have no clue how the process works. When I bought my Zl1 1LE it had damage rolling off the truck, I was watching it be unloaded and felt the same way you do. 75k for a car with 1 mile and has damage. Dealership fixed it and no one knows except me and the sales team lol. No harm no foul. I'm sorry you had to go through this but as someone said earlier, its life and life goes on. it will be ok bud!
  2. Yeah, helps with braking for sure, with the 2.5 rear lift the shocks we're over extended. You get that nasty BANG over every bump, but man when you had to lay on the brakes, there was no room for the rear end to lift so you will skip and jump while braking. The extensions fixed that problem!
  3. https://motofablifts.com/i-30558273-1999-2020-silverado-sierra-rear-shock-extensions-gm-1500-2wd-4wd-made-in-the-usa.html?ref=category:1390569 Had to use these when I got my 2.5 rear blocks installed.
  4. Kit number: CH-25F-2R 2019 LT Z71 package Suppose to be a 2.5 front, 2.0 rear Being its not a 1 for 1 lift the rear seems closer to a 2.5" and front closer to a 3" Install went smoothly but now every time I hit a bump there is a thud in the passenger rear. Took it to my dealer for an alignment, and asked them to recheck everything and they seem to think the rear Rancharos are maxed out and the piston is slamming down. You would think Motofab would alert you before buying the kit that you need longer rear shocks if that was necessary. Im gonna re-torque the rear U-bolt nuts today at lunch to 140pounds. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  5. Installed the MotoFab 2.5 F&R this weekend. Install went smooth, however now there is a bang in the right rear after you hit a large bump or speed bump. Any ideas, Gonna pull it in after work and check bolts.
  6. What was the kit number you ended up buying? I've read reviews that the Motofab kit doesn't fit the 2019's correctly.
  7. As I stated in a different 8spd posting, Other than the occasional Ka-Bang from Reverse to Drive, and the Hard shift from 1st to 2nd, its a good transmission. Responds well when needed and loves to tow.
  8. Other than the occasional KABANG going from reverse to drive, and the hard shift between first and second constantly no matter the temp. , No complaints lol I've had my fluid flushed and what not by the dealer, with no lucky fix.
  9. I've got black one up for grabs or trades.
  10. You are correct, the housings are sealed. If you need more light, put in a lightbar,
  11. Does Anyone have their driver side window creek and moan really loudly when rolling it up or down?
  12. The high country has saddle interior where the LTZ does not.
  13. Yeah I have mixed feeling about an intake. After reading the thread by Rotofab and seeing all the opinions tossed back and forth. For the price you're going to pay for an intake vs. the end hp/tq gain results its not worth the money. I truly believe GM invested enough time to craft the perfect setup for this engine unless you plan on doing some crazy overhaul setup. I also noted with the GM aftermarket filter kit you require a re-tune but Rotofab and K&N don't..? I think I'll trust GM Engineers when they say a ECU update is needed with mod's. To each their own obviously but I think a 375hp truck is plenty to have fun with.
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