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  1. Flares actually look really good on 19-21 body, very aggressive with the front end.
  2. Someone said it earlier, OEM is ceramic. Great for low brake dust, but horrible for stopping power. I noticed the spongy pedal feel on day one and started to investigate solutions. A good semi metallic pad will make all the difference. Luckily the Brembo pad is a SM and will give you amazing stopping power. My 1LE was absolutely amazing.
  3. Just picked up the S&W Thompson LRR for my personal collection (scopeless) paid right at $1150 for it. Threw on a Sig Whisky5 scope and fell in love. https://www.tcarms.com/firearms/bolt-action-rifles/performance-center-t-c-lrr/performance-center-t-c-lrr
  4. Bet someone swiped them. The new ones have the nice LOGO.
  5. I have 2.5" spacers coming in Tuesday 19 LT Silverado. We will see how it looks.
  6. How about the 2021 Raptor release today, thoughts?
  7. They don't call it Government Motors for nothing!
  8. I'm well aware how quick they can be. We have just seen several missed opportunities to revamp the GM label and each time they go into left field while the competition hits home runs. Most people are not interested in how quick an electric car or truck at the current moment because that hasn't been the standard.
  9. Ford = new Raptor Dodge = TRX Chevy = Electric? Don't even get started on the Bronco / Blazer ordeal haha! Is Chevy really about to be extinct from performance game? Thoughts ...
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