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  1. So I've read. Who ever thought that would be a good idea?
  2. From R to D let the truck come to a complete stop before shifting to D. The TCM is a special breed of slow computer. lol
  3. Well, When you have it replace you current VI and then you try to use Alexa to do basic things and you cant due to no data plan, just frustrating.
  4. Shoot the new Alexa requires a data plan from onstar to use her. Thats BS
  5. You have to come to a complete stop apparently, letting the tach hit zero. Mine used to do this when i would shift to fast.
  6. This grill is for sale if anyone wants it. all wiring and freshly painted black from a dealership body shop.
  7. Anyone heard about the new update happening that will feature Amazon Alexa for 2018-newer
  8. A buyback will never happen, the problem is fixed. lol Curious to see if the will even respond.
  9. How did you find was easiest to remove trim pieces?
  10. Also looking for CF pieces. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  11. TAC, you can find them on Amazon for a decent price.
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