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  1. When I went looking for exhaust options for my 2019 Silverado Custom Trail Boss I found plenty of catback exhaust options available, ranging from around $600 to well over $1200, and of course the straight pipe option for around $110. I didn't want a loud exhaust, just something to make it sound better and get rid of the flapper that was killing power. After some searching and some dyno feedback from Engine Masters I ended up purchasing a 3" offset stainless Cherry Bomb Salute Muffler and 2 stainless clamps for a total of $80 from Summit Racing. The removal was straight forward, cut the existing muffler out while leaving as much of the factory pipe as possible. The downfall of the stock exhaust is the 2.75" diameter pipe that needs to be stretched to 3" to slip fit the muffler. I bought the Astro Tools pipe stretcher to stretch the pipes and it worked flawlessly, another tool I should have bought years ago. You could take it to a muffler shop to have them do the same thing if you didn't want to buy the tool. Install is simple, slide the clamps on loose, fit the muffler to the factory pipes, and tighten the clamps. You can save yourself a little money by welding the muffler if you have the capability to weld stainless, again a muffler shop can do this for you. Overall, sounds near stock at idle and moderate throttle application. At WOT it is noticeable but not wake the neighbors loud. There is no drone but it did increase the cabin noise at highway speeds. The best part is I noticed a huge improvement in throttle response, especially in city driving, and my fuel mileage increased by a solid 1-2mpg. My only regret is not doing this when I bought the truck.
  2. As we all know our trucks only hold 24 gallons of fuel and that can lead some range anxiety, especially when venturing into unknown territory. As a safeguard I bought a 3.5gal Risk Racing fuel can and mounted it in the rear bedside pocket with a strap. It fits perfectly and doesn't interfere with loading other items in the bed.
  3. Overland Adventure 2021 recap. Just shy of 4000 miles, 8 states, 9 days, and no hotels. I upgraded my front suspension to Bilstein 6112's a week before I left. The 5160's were on backorder and never arrived. I also installed my Auxbeam 8 gang switch to control the lights and 12v accessory plug in the bed. I also installed a Midland MXT275 GMRS radio on a dedicated 12V socket in the cab. My Falken Wildpeak AT3W's (295/75R18) arrived on Thursday and I had them mounted on Friday. I brought them home and installed them an hour before I hit the road. I ended up buying a new OE wheel and full size spare to match the other 4 that luckily fit in the stock spare location. I had no problems, breakdowns, or other issues. The air filter was dirty after 3 days of Utah dust and I managed to get home with 8% oil life remaining. I averaged around 15mpg on the interstate and 17.5 in the mountains. It was a great trip and I would do it again but give myself more time to explore instead of hitting destinations each day.
  4. Typically the CAC (Charge Air Cooler) is in that space. I had the same issue with my Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel. No winch mount would fit and most bumpers didn't either.
  5. Sounds like we have similar experiences. I had to make my rack mount because I couldn't find one that would work for my needs. I used what I had at the time but ultimately I will make a new set of bed rails out of DOM that will allow me to close my tonneau cover and raise the RTT about 3". I wanted to keep the stock bumper but again no hidden winch available so the GoRhino was the least expensive option. Ultimately it works fine even though it added 6" to the front of the truck. I take my nephews camping and fishing, 10 and 13 years old, and it is my best way to keep them from playing video games all day. In fact I am about to head to Utah with the oldest nephew for Overland Adventure 2021. https://www.fourwheeler.com/overland-adventure/2021/2021-overland-adventure-roberts-2019-chevy-silverado-trail-boss/
  6. Using your truck for Overlanding/Camping/Light Offroad duty? Post your mods and details of products here. Truck: 2019 Trail Boss Custom with 5.3 and 6L80 Rear Rack: I cut up a 2000 Suburban factory roof rack and placed it on custom stake pocket mounts. I then used the widest Thule Probar and matching feet to mount to the factory roof rack now serving as bed rails. Tepui Kukenam 3, Smittybilt 6.5' Awning, X-Bull Hi Lift mounts Bumpers: I have a GoRhino BR5.5 Winch bumper fitted with a Smittybilt X2O 12k winch. I added the light bar mount recently(no pic). Suspension: Rough Country leveling kit, AirLift airbags in the back. Currently planning to add the Daystar airbag cradles after a little mount modification to make them fit. Tires: Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT in 295/70R18 Lights: Sealight LED's in headlights, LED's in reverse lights, Nilight Flushmount LED's in fog light pockets, Hella 500FF's, Auxbeam Amber LED Driving lights Electrical: Auxbeam 8 gang switch, Rear 12v outlet in bed Other Accessories: Risk Racing 3.5 gallon fuel can, Apache weatherproof case for tools, Remington Weathertight tote for tools and offroad equipment.
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