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  1. Good to know about about the over 80 in Virginia . As for my route I was on the other side of the sate and came up 77-81 through fancy gap and lot more hills over there!!!
  2. Just did a 2200 mile round trip from New Hampshire to North Carolina round trip with my 2020 trail boss 5.3. I put a factory front air dam on for the trip since these trucks are awful on the highway to see if it would help and I was surprised to average 18.8 mpg overall and at one point had my 50 mile average to 24.8 mpg at one point in Virginia with driving a lot at 80-85 mph. So the air dam is definitely worth something g
  3. I put the same setup on my trailboss this week it fit and went on really easily but I was disappointed with it is actually quieter than stock once warmed up and has that overly muffled sound I’m hopping some packing burns up a little after a little bit!!! I put some sheet metal over the screens tonight which made it a lot louder but not real clean sounding but i am used to my Camaro with no cats and borla atak so it has that rich muscle car sound!!! But it is a good option for the money
  4. Where did you find this available? I keep checking in on the AFE website for my 5.3 l trailboss but just says coming soon!!! Thanks
  5. My radio does the same thing here and there where my phone says it’s playing but nothing is coming out to radio. I have had two trucks with non Bose and 2 with the Bose and the Bose runs flawlessly but both trucks without Bose must have some software programming that gets stuck here and there! I noticed that if you switch apps on your phone like going from pandora to YouTube if you shut down completely before opening the other it limits it getting stuck!
  6. I clamped the flapper valve open on my 2020 trailboss and it did make it louder on startup but it makes zero difference when you accelerate because it will be pinned open anyways. My fuel milage on the same road driving the same way for 50 miles was 14.1 clamped open and 17.8 with it working normally! I will leave it alone for the little bit of noise I gained at idle!!!
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