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  1. Update.... Truck has now been at the dealer for 3 weeks. They've replaced the fuel pump module which took 2 weeks to come in. Replacing this did not fix the problem. Dealer claims they have been working with GM engineers to troubleshoot the issue. The next step is to replace the serial gateway module. "Hopefully that will resolve the issue"? Will update when I hear more...
  2. Same issue on my 2020, truck has been at the dealer for two weeks now.....see my post below. Very frustrating!!
  3. I've got ~6,000 miles on my 2020 Silverado Trail Boss. I started my truck and the gas gauge was at Empty, even though it had a half tank. The low gas light and check engine light also came on. Drove it to the gas station and filled it up, turned the truck on and off a few times, the issue did not go away. Anyone have this happen or have any ideas?
  4. I Have ~6,000 miles on my 2020 Silverado Trail Boss and have had an intermittent issue with my infotainment screen. Occasionally when I start the truck, The screen is illuminated but nothing is working or showing. I try several things like pressing and holding the power button, turning the truck off and back on, nothing works. The screen stays like this even when the truck is turned off. When I put it in reverse, the back-up camera comes on but there are no lines on the screen. When I put it back into drive or park, the screen goes black again. I drove 45 minutes to work and the screen stayed this way the whole time. When I started the truck to come home after work, everything was back to normal. Anyone have this happen to them?
  5. How and what did you use to do the inlay? I want to do the same thing to mine!
  6. Looks great! Any pictures of the white inlay on the front grille?
  7. That looks badass, great job! How did you black out the exhaust tips, it is high on my list. Thanks!
  8. Where did you order these from? Easy install? They look great!
  9. I would also recommend a muffler and flapper delete. I took mine to a local shop and they did it for $200. Used premium parts and also sprayed the new straight pipe in a protective coating. The truck sounds great, I'm very happy with it.
  10. Any pictures of the lighted "Chevrolet" in the grille? Something I'm interested in!
  11. Swapped out the console on my custom trail boss today. Took me about 2 hours, I took my time and went slow. Hardest parts for me were taking off the plastic covers without breaking anything, you do not get new covers with the replacement console. The seat belt anchor is a little tricky too. Once you remove the bolt, you have to bend an aluminum washer up to get the anchor off, then re-bend it back when installing the new console. FYI - there are also extra clips holding the top of the old console on if you need them.
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