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  1. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    yep, just have a straight pipe now. Not sure if there were any flapper valves when stock, but there gone now for sure. Sounds great, no drone. Should be about $50 at a muffler shop, maybe 20 mins to finish.
  2. Let's talk assist steps / nerf bars

    Just went to look, here's a pic looking from under passenger rear seat toward the front to the truck. BringTheRain403 is correct, they are rocker mounted. Parts guy had me convinced they were frame, and I never looked after install! Reminds me, "what's expected gets inspected"...
  3. Let's talk assist steps / nerf bars

    From product description: "Utilizes factory weld nuts in frame for precise mounting".
  4. Let's talk assist steps / nerf bars

    Went with OEM. They are frame mount. Took about 5 mins to install, after 10 mins of unboxing...
  5. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    I have the same model, tried a flow master, not much louder than stock though. The truck has a big cat and 6 diffusers making it more prone to quietness. Solution was to remove the muffler, much happier now. Good growl when accelerating, mild at speed with no drone. Surprisingly cheap to do also.
  6. factory subwoofer

    Did you have to remove any of the console to get the wire in there?
  7. Nav Upgrade

    Wow, this site says 0.5hrs - https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2019-silverado-1500-navigation-system-conversion-kit-navigation-radio-upgrade/84531832-p-92300645.html Maybe check another dealer-
  8. factory subwoofer

    Looks great, I like the storage mod -
  9. factory subwoofer

    Yikes - Just ordered one yesterday. Seen some pretty good reviews, what have you experienced?
  10. Removed the muffler

    Surprisingly quiet at speed. I've had drone with cat-backs on previous trucks and know what you mean, but no drone here. Gets loud on mild to hard acceleration only, slow or regular driving is tame. I'm not sure what the flapper is, but there is some back-crackle during low speed deceleration if that's one in the same.
  11. Removed the muffler

    There's no noticeable loss of power, If anything deleting the muffler would result in a modest (+5) HP gain. There is some back crackle at low speed deceleration though. Wife doesn't like it, but sounds good to me! Thinking about covering the resonator vents next to see what happens...
  12. Removed the muffler

    A better video below. Figured youtube is better than the file above... https://youtu.be/j68egCpZm_w
  13. Removed the muffler

    Here's a vid, audio kept cutting out of the iPhone recording for some reason... probably too loud for the microphones, but managed to capture a bit of it. IMG_0195 (2).m4v
  14. Wasn't happy with the TrailBoss exhaust note, had local shop put a flowmaster muffler in instead. Much smaller than the BBQ grille sized OEM muffler. Not much louder though. Exhaust shop guy says the new chevy's are really quiet due to the cat and a resonator. Solution was to delete the muffler all together. Much better. No drone at speed, but a good amount of rumble when accelerating. If I hadn't put the flowmaster on initially, shop would've charged $50 to remove the factory muffler. Just fyi, seems like a good alternative to buying the OEM performance exhaust.
  15. USB Dust Covers

    More like this...

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