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  1. Nope, the catalytic converter on these were supposedly designed by Cadillac engineers and keeps these trucks quiet. You can hear it when accelerating but not at cruising. I'd prefer it a bit louder but not willing to replace the cat. My previous trucks had a deep rumble + drone with common aftermarket cat-backs, but this 2019 setup is drone-less. Oh - that vid was from before I covered the screens... its a touch throaty-er now Good luck-
  2. I just happened to cover the mesh screens today only a slight difference. The muffler delete works great though:
  3. A muffler delete worked great for me, flow master turned out not to add much sound.
  4. I don't remember having an issue. I do remember though that I had to hold the washer at the top of the screw in place while turning the screw. Mine were all pretty loose, so it was pretty easy. If I had to do it over, I'd probably use some lock-tite to keep them secure-
  5. factory subwoofer

    I played around with them and ended up with 1,2,3,4,5 in the up position, 6 down. It's pretty loud, but with the control knob you can dial it back. The best crossover point seemed to be 1up, 2down, 3up (4up,5up,6 down), but the volume was too low. One of these days I'll figure out the sweet spot! Talked to Kicker, 1,2,3 = Gain Settings, 4 = 12volt or DC (leave it up for 12v), 5,6 = Slope (5up and 6down = 12db), not sure what 24db would be.
  6. Disable active noise cancellation AT4

    That sucks, I'd put it on the installer to make it right no matter the effort/cost. A reputable shop should have no issue fixing something they broke. Shops like Best Buy or Car Toys, probably won't help much.
  7. Ordered a couple of pieces of the sticker stuff folks are using for tailgate lettering inserts. Turns out you can buy custom sizes. I ordered a couple of 10"x1" pieces from bdtrims.com in flat red. $5/piece and $3 shipping. Basically unscrew the bolts to remove the top cover, clean the "Silverado" area off with alcohol pad (supplied), reposition cover to mark the edges with pencil, apply the sticker and button it up. Looks sharp
  8. Spruced up the steps a bit
  9. Leer 100XL Cap Trail Boss Installed

    Here's a couple shots:
  10. These are my favs!
  11. Bug Sheild

    Advance Auto Parts just cancelled my order of an AVS Part No 25956 due to inventory issues. Off to find the next candidate!
  12. Leer 100XL Cap Trail Boss Installed

    I have the XR, no noise issues here. I've been impressed with how quiet it is even with the rear slider open. With the sunroof cracked, rear slider open, front cap window slider open, and the side windows open, still quiet. I'd be curious if the installer removed the bed rail covers and changed the height somehow. Mine are still on for reference. Also, in a previous post it was mentioned that the cap back glass sticks out. This is remedied by adjusting the latches. Loosen the bolt, swivel the latch a bit and tighten it up - should be good to go.
  13. Leer 100XL Cap Trail Boss Installed

    Looks good! Definitely won't overlap the TrailBoss sticker, comes close but not enough to cover it up-
  14. Bug Sheild

    Is that model the AVS bug shield model 23956? Looks good, like that it covers the fender corners. Just want to order the right one! https://www.autoventshade.com/avs-23956-bugflector-stonebug-deflector
  15. factory subwoofer

    Had mine installed today, wasn't very smooth. Went to the dealer where I purchased the truck and subwoofer - they have an off-site customization center affiliated with the dealership. Quoted 1 hour. Took them 4 hours, and they wanted me to pay for the extra 3 hours. I refused and they finally relented, kudos to them for doing the right thing. Driving away, I noticed none of the HVAC or seat heat controls were operable. Turned around and went back 5 mins later, sat around for another hour, until they asked if I had messed with any of the trucks wiring. When I said no, they then wanted to send me to the dealership next week for diagnostics. I quickly Googled the issue and recommended they disconnect and reconnect the battery. That did the trick. Sounds good, glad I had the remote installed too. For anyone else going the dealer route, might want to make sure they have done one before, and definitely don't commit to a time and materials approach.

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