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  1. This is hilarious. Pushing a button is too hard? There is this Netflix comedy special w/Ronny Chieng and he addresses your concerns. You should watch it.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I’m hoping to find a 2020. The 6.2 seems hard to find. I may just go with the 5.3. I enjoy the one I have, but would like the 10 speed transmission.
  3. Mine will occasionally down shift hard. I don’t know if it’s a big deal or not? Tends to happen if I’m on the freeway and step on it. It slams violently. Otherwise no shake or other issues. The majority of the time it’s very smooth.
  4. I have a 17 LTZ with 19k on the odometer. It has been a good truck. I don’t have the “chevyshake”, but the 6 speed tranny shifts a little hard, especially if it downshifts on the interstate when I aggressively speed up. It’s a big clunk and feels like it’s going to throw you out the front window. I want a Trail boss with the 6.2. Crew cab and leather is really all I care about. I have the fold up front console now, would like to have the same set up again. A few questions I have if any of you have the time. Overall how are you enjoying the 19-20. Any major concerning issues? If any of you had a 14-18 how do they compare? I have been trying to research this, but does the 6.2 have AFM? How’s the 10 speed transmission? Anyone know if the Trail Boss can be equipped with leather and the bench seat with foldable console? Appreciate any information anyone can pass along. Thanks.
  5. my Understanding is Toyota is releasing a new Tundra in 2021. I have a old landcruiser and had 2 4runners i love Toyota’s but not the current tundra
  6. I planned on buying a tundra until I drove one
  7. I am averaging about 21 mpg. On a recent trip where the land was pretty flat I averaged 23.7 mpg.
  8. https://www.tundras.com/threads/tundra-mpg.38943/
  9. Funny go to the Tundra forum and most of them say their tundras don’t get close to the 17 mpg that Toyota estimates
  10. Go over to the Ram forums. The forum is all complaints. The new rams are electronic pieces of crap
  11. I think the best a Tundra can do is 17mpg on the highway. Most over at the Tundra are getting around 14 moxed. I’m averaging 20 with mixed driving on my Silverado w/o a tonneau cover. The Tundra V8 did not feel any stronger to me during test drives than the 5.3.
  12. Yes I have heard the new Tundra will be coming out in the next couple of years. May have a hybrid system. But the current truck did not feel secure or planted like the Silverado. I love Toyota reliability, here’s to hoping the Silverado can give me years of good service
  13. I am a Chevy guy in terms of my past Camaro’s and Corvettes. I am a Toyota guy coming from 4Runners and I still drive a 2000 Landcruiser. I recently bought a 2017 Silverado LTZ crew cab after thinking I was going to buy a Tundra. I am a big fan of Toyota because of their reliability. My Landcruiser has 189000 miles and still goes strong. That being said I could not believe how horrible the Tundra’s drove. They have a very floaty feeling to them and have soft brakes. I was amazed how planted the Chevy was when I test drove it. Very nice interior and tech. The thing that kills me is they are made in Mexico. My father was giving me crap about Toyota’s until I told him they were made in Texas. He always buys the W/T version and those are made in the US. Anyway I love the Silverado I hope it is a work horse for years to come
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