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  1. It’s a truck not a car. Depending on the road it may or not be bouncy. The trail boss is going to be firmer. I don’t believe the LTZ has any different of a suspension. Different wheel size and tires yes.
  2. I have a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser that is my daily driver. 203.5k miles. Never a CEL, never in the shop besides maintenance and brakes. Built in Japan. 2019 Trail Boss already to the shop 2 times. I hope it’s a good truck. Part of me wanted a Tundra for the rock solid Powertrain, but the truck is old in terms of design and tech. I love my TB. It’s a better truck all around than the Tundra. Just not sure how reliable it will be
  3. Idk. I like the current interior. I look at these new high end ford truck interiors and think it’s way too much. I mean I guess for the guys that don’t use there truck for work and just drive a truck for commuting this is what they want. But I can imagine the software glitches and problems they will have. Just look at these trucks
  4. I was wondering if it was the angle. I just ordered one like it
  5. It looks too long. Why’s it hang off the ends?
  6. I was able to get ahold of customer service and cancel my order. They will contact me when I am credited in 3-5 days. What I ordered they did not have in stock. They had to contact the 3rd party vendor to make sure it had not been shipped yet. It’s a messed up place. Will never attempt to buy from again
  7. The gauge cluster is simple, but clean. I like it at nite when it is just white and red. I like it better than the blue in the previous generation.
  8. I called and after over a hours wait got someone on the phone. I told them I wanted to cancel my order and receive refund. Said they had to contact their supplier to see if the item had shipped. Told them I have not received any notification of shipping. I guess we shall see. I called my credit card company and contested the charge. I bet they try to send it quickly now
  9. Sure does. Wish I would have seen this before spending $100. Going to call and try to get a refund as what i ordered still hasn’t been shipped
  10. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.realtruck.com
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