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  1. You realize these electric engines are fast as F right?
  2. If you plan to keep the vehicle for 200k miles you are going to have to spend money on maintenance. So I would not rule out the diesel. The custom is a work truck with the trail boss lift, wheels, tires and appearance. Pretty bare bones. Most people later wish they would have bought the LT. IMO I would look for a non trail boss LT or RTS. The 5.3 with the 10 speed is a great drivetrain.
  3. I saw this. Idk. Maybe I would like it if I had one. Seems like one more thing to break.
  4. I had a 17 Silverado with the 6 speed that did this.
  5. I am a Chevy guy, always have, but if I was to buy another truck it would be a Ram or Tundra.
  6. No GM has the #1 selling truck. Numbers are numbers.
  7. I must be pretty lucky my 8 speed has been perfect. Super smooth.
  8. Sure, but why go to a 6.2. If you want power and you want to be comfortable towing get a diesel and HD. That is my recommendation.
  9. Here is my advice. Go big! My father in law was in your same situation. He bought a 1500 w/5.3. Then bought a 2500 with a 6.2. He ultimately ended up with a 3500 Duelly, diesel to tow his motor home to Arizona twice a year. I think you should at least look at a 2500.
  10. 19 TB built in May 2019. 8 speed. No issues.
  11. Just over 10 k miles on my TB and the brakes squeak
  12. I feel mine shift and downshift from 1st to second some. Maybe I would call it a mild clunk. Rest of the gears I barely feel. I think it’s normal.
  13. I am curious if you have an update. Did the dealership fix the truck?
  14. So I’m playing devils advocate here. What if Chevy says the vehicle is running fine besides making a noise that you find not normal. I’m not saying it’s right but does a noise make it a lemon?
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