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  1. TB looks better. I don’t like the orange seat inserts in the AT4 and personally I don’t like the snout on the GMC, just too much for my liking.
  2. Ya because we all going to be drag racing our trucks Friday night. The 5.3 has more then enough power. If you have a heavy foot and want to get from stop light to stop light a second faster and brag about and inflate your mpg you belong in the 6.2 club.
  3. I have never had a sun roof leak or let in wind noise. Honestly I don’t use mine that much, but it’s nice to open up on nice evenings.
  4. How do you deal with having to turn the hvac system, heated seats or radio on and off?
  5. Bought my 19 TB LT for $42k. Sold it to Carvana for $52k this week!
  6. I thought trump got rid of these rules?
  7. I don’t get it. You can just push the button to shut it off. We adjust our radio, gps, ac with a button. But OMG people cannot be bothered to push a button to shut off the auto shut off technology?
  8. You bought a BMW hoping for reliability? LOL. Plus once you are out of warranty any repair costs will drain your bank. Not sure you were rationally thinking on this one.
  9. If it don’t have a column shifter it ain’t a truck
  10. Have to remember he paid taxes on his vehicle and will have to pay them again on a new one.
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