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  1. Update....... 2 days ago, a snow plow spins out in front of me......boom. Airbags didnt deploy, but about 90% of my front end is getting replaced. Things happen, I understand, but thank God I didnt buy the new truck yet. I would have cried like a 5yr old girl.
  2. Well at any rate, the mpgs are impressive for any pick up. Perhaps my 6 speed isnt as wonderful as I thought. Lol. And agreed, no one buys a pick up for the mpgs, but you make a very good case that they're not the gas pigs every CAR owner and green new deal supporter claims that they are. Kudos to you brother.
  3. I'm not a gear head per se, but I dont think 5.3 or 6.2 would make that much of a difference in daily driving. The torque differences is where the 6.2 would probably be the biggest change/advantage. As far as mpg, if you're getting 26mpg and GM says it 16mpg average......GM would LOVE to hear from you. Lol. Dont get me wrong, I'm not coming at this negatively, but seriously.......a V8, lifted 2 inches, on an aggressive tire.......dude, diesels dont even get that. But if you say that's what you're getting, more power to you.
  4. You're getting 24mpg on duratracs???? Downhill maybe. Lol
  5. Correct, TBs are 10s. I've read too many horror stories on the 8s. I'm sure there are exceptions and some guys got lucky w the 8s, but any part bad enough to spur a class action lawsuit, I'm staying away from.
  6. BEAUTIFUL truck man. Nicest looking truck out of the factory IMO.
  7. According to the article, GM gave no reason for the decision but the speculation is supply chain on the 10s, and abundance of the 8s. And yes, it was on the 2020s.
  8. Like i said, I'm going to really run it thru the low gears and get a feel for it. In general, it sounds like buttah. I did see an article that they stopped using the 10 speed on the sierras, and gave a 200 credit to people who ordered the 10, and now got stuck w the 8 speed. Different model 10 speed maybe? Anyone know?
  9. Well from the people who do have the problems, it seems to be from 1st to 3rd and back down to 1st. The chevy shakes arnt a problem anymore so trying to go over 60mph on a test drive isnt a priority like it was test driving my '15. I'm going to put it thru its paces and see how she does. Kinda like my ex wife, but hopefully with better results. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  10. Yeah, you're not helping my bank account....???. With all the incentives, I think I'm going to pull the trigger. I parked my '15 next to the trail boss and I felt I was in a camero. I'm not a fan on messing with levels or lifts, and the redesign is absolutely awesome. I was going to go w a ram 2500, but too many horror stories w the hemi tick. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Hey guys...... I'm eyeballing a 2021 LT trail boss 5.3 10speed trans. I know it's a crap shoot from lemon or best truck ever as far as problems go, but does anyone have any experience w these 10 speeds? I currently own a '15 1500 w a flawless 6 speed......but damn those trail bosses are sweet looking. Lots of info on the 8 speed problems, not too much info on the 10s yet. Any info you guys can give me would be much appreciated.
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