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  1. Looks great! I just ordered a white LTZ, but I was tempted by the black because it looks so good. I’m jealous of your power steps. That’s the one thing I regret not adding to my order.
  2. Nice amp steps. How you like them? I’ve got a summit white LTZ on order, and I’m thinking about getting some. But I’m not 100% sure I’ll like the black step on the white LTZ. I’m curious if they will stand out too much...they look great on your truck though
  3. Looks great! I just placed an order for a summit white LTZ. Is that the shadow gray metallic? I’m almost having regrets on the white after seeing yours. Do you have a level or anything on in this picture? It almost looks like you do. It looks pretty damn good.
  4. How do you like the GM power steps? Do you have the power step switch inside too? I just ordered a 2020 LTZ, and I kinda regret not ordering the power steps. I had planned on getting the AMP steps, but I kinda like the GM steps...a little late now I guess
  5. Hmm interesting. I might like the AMP ones better too. Thanks!
  6. What do they GM power assist steps for the 2019/2020 Silverado 1500 look like? How do they compare to the AMP or RBP power steps? Thanks!!
  7. I’ve been looking at the pace Edwards switchblade. I have not seen your retraxpro, but it looks nice. How do like it? Thanks!
  8. That red colored bumper looks really nice. Probably one of my fav trail boss trucks.
  9. Wanting to know about this to. Waiting to hear some replies. Thanks!
  10. Got any pictures? I’m liking the sound of what you did...Thanks! Edit: Disregard, I found some of your pics. Looks nice!
  11. Haha yep that sounds accurate about posting on here next year.
  12. Ahhh, I love those white letters. They hold a special place in my heart haha. I’m about to order a white LTZ, and can’t decide between black or white letters when I order my KO2s. What size wheel and tires are those? My general rule of thumb was 18 or less get white letter, and 20 or above get black letters...but yours look great whatever it is.
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