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  1. Hooked up a trailer for the first time...the hitch camera is pretty cool.
  2. Looks real good! Is that 35x11.50, with GM lift, and 5.3 8spd? I have an LTZ with the 5.3 8spd, and id love to go that route but I’ve been nervous about the heavier and stiffer tires...
  3. How does the GM cold air intake sound from inside the cab? I was looking into getting the GM Performance kit...but I had a K&N CAI installed on my Tahoe, and I did not like the increased cabin noise. I was wondering if the GM CAI had this increased cabin drone noise too? Thanks! Edit: To be clear, I enjoy the sound of a nice exhaust system, but the K&N CAI had this kinda unpleasant drone noise.
  4. I wish the 2020 models would get it with an over the air update
  5. I thought about doing that or putting the little Z71 logo on the grill like some of the other models...but I’ve kinda decided to keep to leave the front alone because I don’t alter the clean stock look.
  6. Hahahaha, yep. These all terrain manufacturers need to jump on board and start offering 1 or 2 sizes larger in the Non-LT version. The Terra Grappler comes in a 275/65r20 with 116 load that I was originally looking at, but I wanted something with more aggressive side wall.
  7. Haha don’t rub it in! I’ve been seeing everyone do the 35x11.5, and they look perfect with the GM lift and level...But I got burned on my Tahoe because I added a front and rear leveling kit with E range tires, and now it drives like a turd lol. So I’m being super cautious on what I do with the new truck...and I only have the 5.3/8spd, so I’m also a little nervous about it messing with the performance
  8. Cool, good to know! My LTZ Z71 only has about 1” to 1.5” rake...so I’m thinking a simple 1” leveling kit, and those ridge grapplers should make it look really nice, and maintain the ride comfort. And later down the road, I’m gonna get that GM lift
  9. That looks really good. I was trying to decide between the ridge grappler and duratracs...but your pic might have pushed me to the ridge grapplers.
  10. Nice! Are those the 275/60r20 ridges with 116 load range. I’ve been eyeballing those because I want to keep the softer tire. I love the factory ride comfort and don’t wanna lose it.
  11. Looks good! I’m wanting some new tires really bad. How does the ride comfort for those E load range tires compare to the softer factory tires? Thanks!
  12. Hmm those look interesting. Maybe someone will chime in.
  13. Look at this pavement princess doing some off-roading to get to the bike trail head! (Ignore the road 10ft from me )
  14. That’s an awesome idea. Looks really clean. Can you post a side shot? I was curious how flush you got them...also when you get a chance, post some details on the brand and how you wired them. My 20% tint makes backing up at night during the rain a nightmare...
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