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  1. Looks good! I’m getting an LTZ, and I’m torn between putting just a leveling kit and 275/65r20...or getting the trail boss kit and a leveling kit like yours, and doing the 285/65r20. Your truck makes me want the 285s!
  2. I’m normally more of an off-road looking truck guy...but dang, your truck looks awesome! Perfect combination of color, wheels, and stance.
  3. Damn, that’s so nice looking! Great job on the leather and amp power steps. Edit: I was thinking about getting the RST and some katskinz but my wife talked me into getting the LTZ. You are making me regret my choice lol.
  4. Nice! Got any pictures? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Be sure to come back with some pics of your AMP steps!
  6. Hahaha! I was assuming I’d probably feel the same way, so it’s good to hear I don’t really need to worry about power loss in my situation. Thanks!
  7. Looks good! How is the power with the bigger tires? I can’t decide between a few different tires with a size of 275/65/20 or 285/65/20, and I’m worried how the 5.3 8 speed will handle the heavier tire.
  8. Sweet, do you have any pics? I'd love to see it with the tires and leveling kit. I'm wanting to do basically to my LTZ when it is finally delivered.
  9. I have an LTZ on order, so just following for replies...
  10. I have a 2020 LTZ on order. It’s been accepted in the GM system, but no target production week yet. Which ones are being built in Mexico? Probably the first time ever said lol, but hopefully my truck will be assembled in Mexico soon.
  11. Looks great! I just ordered a white LTZ, but I was tempted by the black because it looks so good. I’m jealous of your power steps. That’s the one thing I regret not adding to my order.
  12. Nice amp steps. How you like them? I’ve got a summit white LTZ on order, and I’m thinking about getting some. But I’m not 100% sure I’ll like the black step on the white LTZ. I’m curious if they will stand out too much...they look great on your truck though
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