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  1. Nice! I was looking at a truck just like that one last week, but it did not have the nicer 20” wheels like yours. The dealer would not come off MSRP either. Were you able to get a good deal on it?
  2. Yea I have always been a fan of the classic gold bowtie, but I might end up liking the black better this time.
  3. In one of the videos for the reveal, I noticed a digital image on the gauge cluster of what looks like to be the LTZ model.
  4. Awesome, thanks! Another question…how does ordering from the dealer work before online configurator is up? Do the dealers ordering forms have pictures and details of each package/options? Last time, I used the online configurator, selected my options, and then emailed it to my dealer…
  5. Is this official?!? I got a wild hair and just sold my truck because the offer was so good. Now I’m just waiting for the 2022 books to open. Thanks!!
  6. Can the bottom portion of the chrome window trim be replaced? If so, what is the part number? We have a dent in the chrome, and I wanted to get the piece replaced. I see on amazon they make some stick on covers, but I don’t really want that. Thanks!
  7. Do you have a full side shot of your truck? I wanted to see how the 2” GM lift looks with the stock size tires. I have some stock size ridge grapplers, and I’d like to leave them on for a while if I get the GM lift. I also have a 1” level on right now, and I can’t decide if I want to tell them to leave that on when the install the lift. Thanks!! Edit: Another option I am considering...get the GM lift and replace the 2” rear block with a 1” block...then when I upgrade tires, go back to the 2” rear block and add the 1” front level.
  8. That turned out really good. Nice looking truck. Thanks for the lift info.
  9. Nice, that looks great. Post some more pics if you get a chance. Maybe a full side pic and a rear pic with the bumper. Which Zone lift options did you select? I wanted the Zone lift with 35x11.5 nittos too. I was leaning towards Ridges but your Terras look good. Never thought about doing bumpers but you might have changed my mind. Edit: The black Rough Country Power Retract steps or AMP power steps would tie in nicely with the black bumpers and toolbox.
  10. I might be late to the party but I just noticed the multi-flex tailgate available in the Silverado builder.
  11. Whoa, are you sure? I still see it on the Chevy Accessories page. I was planning on adding the TB lift to my LTZ this spring. If that’s true, then that will really really suck.
  12. I think those look better than the Amps too. The amps are too short. They don’t cover enough of cab. The RBPs appear to be longer so it looks more “factory”...
  13. This repair guide seems pretty thorough. I might follow their steps for my first repair.
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