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  1. Looks good, what size are the tires? 33x12.50? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cool, be sure to come back with some pics! I eventually want to get the GM lift kit and some 275/65r20 ridge grapplers with the stock wheels on my LTZ. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nice, looks good! Are gonna level it? I’m curious if they would install the lift with just a 1” rear block instead of the 2”...my stock LTZ Z71 has about 1.25” rake, which I think looks pretty sweet...just want a little more height all around.
  4. Dang, that looks nice. Did you notice a big drop in power with the heavier tires? How about ride quality and handling? I want the exact same look on my 5.3 LTZ. I wanna go with the same tires as you or the 35x11.5x20 ridge grapplers. Thanks!
  5. How does the ride and handle compare to the OEM duelers? I have an older Tahoe that rides like crap since I added 10 ply tires...wanna avoid that mistake with my new truck...
  6. Yea GMs website shows only a $75 or $100 install fee, so that doesn’t sound right...be sure to post pics when you do finally install them!
  7. Nice! Looking good. What kind of measurement are you getting for the front and rear fenders to the ground? I was thinking about doing the GM kit, but letting them use a 1” rear block instead of the 2” (if they let me)... Thanks! Edit: Also wondering about the ride quality after the GM lift compared to the stock truck...
  8. I wanted the same thing as you for my Chevy. I wanted the tailgate to still open and close automatically, and I wanted the ability to remove/add it quickly and easily. Since I only wanted to use it a few times a year for travel, I decided to get a cheaper soft tri-fold. This is the one that I ended up getting... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HHJJBZ3/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_QKuiEb282NCWJ Eventually I might upgrade to the hard tri-fold, but I’m content with the soft tri-fold for now. It’s also not very heavy, which makes it even easier for installing/removing/storing.
  9. Nice, looks great! Notice any difference in ride quality? Also if you get a chance this weekend, could you get a measure for front fender to ground and rear fender to ground? I’m curious what kind of rake you have after the lift. I only have about 1.25” difference between the front and back on my stock LTZ. Thanks! Edit: Could you also get an after pic from the same angle as your before pic?! Sorry for so many requests! Haha
  10. Nice, looks good. Probably my fav RST color. What kind of leveling kit do you have?
  11. Did you get your trail boss lift installed on your LTZ? Thanks!
  12. Is that the trail boss lift? Did you also add an additional level? I’ve been meaning to call my dealer to see if I they would install the trail boss lift on my LTZ, but use a 1” rear block instead of the 2” block...not sure how they will feel about doing that though...
  13. Super simple. I did it in about 10 minutes. This guy breaks it down nicely.
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