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  1. Post some truck pics! I’m thinking about getting the GM lift for my LTZ and using a 1” block too.
  2. That’s awesome. I’m very tempted to use the same tires with just a simple 1” level in the front. My LTZ Z71 only has about a 1.25” to 1.5” rake at most. I like the idea of keeping the softer and lighter tires since I don’t really need a LT tire. They make a Terra grappler in one size up 275/65r20 in the same 116 load rating that I’ve been looking at too. But I really love that ridge grappler side wall. If you get a chance could you maybe post a few more pics? I’m curious if they look any larger than factory since factory tires are not really true to size. Also I’d love to see a pic of the side wall/tread of the tire. It’s no rush, just whenever you get some free time. I’d appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Sweet! I’m tempted to stay at this stock size because I love how it drives now. Did you get the 116 load rating or the LT load rating?
  4. That turned out great. How is the ride compared to stock? Does it feel more loose since the tires are larger? Did the tires make a noticeable difference in power? Thanks! I’d love to go that size but I’m afraid it might be too much for my 5.3/8spd. So I’m leaning towards 275/65r20 or 285/60r20...i know your tires are only about 10lbs heavier than the ones I listed...but since the stock tires only weight about 40lbs, I’ve been nervous about pulling the trigger on anything since I really enjoy the stock ride quality and performance. Edit: I’ve been asking everybody on the forums, and I can’t remember if I’ve asked you...if I have, sorry for duplicating the question!
  5. I don’t think the 2020s are as prone to leaking...my 2020 is doing good and still not leaking...
  6. That looks great! Those wheels and that color look good together. How does the ride comfort compare to stock after the new tires and level? Also how does the extra tire weight feel with the 5.3/8 speed? I want to do something very similar to my truck, but I’m afraid of losing some comfort/power...Thanks!!
  7. Ionic 41 boards fit flush and look really good...gator tonneau covers are priced nicely
  8. Ah, gotcha. I see the different stitching now. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hmm that’s interesting. Cool, thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Is there a difference between the leather seats in the LTZ vs High Country? The GM accessories website lists black vinyl for the Rear Entertainment for the LTZ, and it list Jet Black Leather for the High Country...Also when building the trucks, the LTZ on mentions “front” leather seats, but the High Country just mentions “leather”. Thanks!
  11. New toolbox installed. I really like how it looks (but not very impressed with the welds)... Edit: Whoops, crosspost
  12. That looks great. I want to do the same as you with the GM lift and level, and 285/65 tires...or do the GM lift but use a 1” rear block instead of the standard 2”, and then go with 275/65r20 Ridge Grapplers or Terra Grapplers...the only reason I like the Terras is because you can get them in a lower load index. Keep us posted!
  13. New toolbox installed. I really like how it looks (but not very impressed with the welds)...
  14. Man, you got me drooling! My LTZ needs the same love! Notice any ride difference? You gonna upgrade the tires anytime soon? I’ve been looking at the trailboss lift, but just your front level looks dang good. What do you use to make your wheels and truck shine so nicely? Thanks!
  15. Oh man...I went through the same struggles when ordering my 2020 LTZ. I ended up with the 5.3, and coming from a 2008 5.3 Z71 Tahoe...it feels fantastic. I am extremely pleased with the current gen 5.3...and my 8 speed has been good too...I was already at the very tip-top of my budget, so the additional price of the 6.2 plus the slight increase for premium fuel made me stick to the 5.3...But deep down inside, I still wish I would have gotten the 6.2. But, I am still very happy with my 5.3. Edit: Around here, the average premium difference is about $.50-$.60...so I figured average fill up would be about $10 more...
  16. Thanks, good catch on part number differences. I wonder what has changed...
  17. Yea I hear ya...that’s why I haven’t already upgraded tires...I only have about 2k miles on the stock AT tires so it’s hard for me to upgrade...35s and an additional 1” level in the front would be sweet. The 35x11.50x20 ridge grapplers look great on these trucks.
  18. Nice, looks good! How does it ride after the tires and GM lift compared to stock? What load rating are your tires? If I get the GM lift, I might replace the rear 2” block with a 1” block instead of adding another 1” to the front. I want to get the same tires as you or the 275/65r20 size, so I’d like them fill up the fenders a little more.
  19. Looks good, what size are the tires? 33x12.50? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Cool, be sure to come back with some pics! I eventually want to get the GM lift kit and some 275/65r20 ridge grapplers with the stock wheels on my LTZ. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Nice, looks good! Are gonna level it? I’m curious if they would install the lift with just a 1” rear block instead of the 2”...my stock LTZ Z71 has about 1.25” rake, which I think looks pretty sweet...just want a little more height all around.
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