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  1. Looks nice! My furry friend is grumpy and jealous now! He wants me to get some so he can ride in the cab too haha
  2. Looks great! How does the ride compare to the stocks? Did you think about going with the 285/65/20? When my 275/60 ridge grapplers wear out, I’m thinking about the 275/65 or 285/65 ko2s.
  3. Really nice subtle aftermarket wheel. What kind are they? Got a full side shot?
  4. Check out that link I originally posted. They look pretty good, and I bet they would look nice paint matched. But I’m too chicken to be the first person to try it
  5. Nice! You have the 5.3? How did the CAI change the sound from inside the cab?
  6. Bought a new toy. Will being using it first on our older Tahoe for practice. Not sure when I’ll need it for the truck though. Hand washing and spray on wax during drying process is plenty right now.
  7. Just go ahead and get that trailboss lift or BDS 4” lift
  8. Sweet! Can’t wait to see it. After my stock size ridge grapplers wear out, I want to add the trailboss lift to my LTZ and those 285/65/20 bfg ko2s. Let me know if you notice a big drop in power or more harsh ride. The fear of that held me back from doing those tires or bigger ridge grapplers originally. Thanks!
  9. Looking real nice! How do you like the bilsteins compared to the trailboss monotube ranchos?
  10. Those look nice! Could you post a close up? I was just thinking about getting those exact ones for my truck, but paint them to match the truck.
  11. Has anyone tried these low pro fender flares on a SIlverado? I’m really curious how they would look paint matched to the truck. Thanks! https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/low-profile-fender-flare-set-in-black-by-airdesign-associated-accessories-19419893?vin=1GCUYGED5LZ167730
  12. Got any pics where you did the sanding? I took my deflector off a while back but still have the tabs in place. Haven’t decided how I wanna handle it...
  13. My driver side interior door handle is scratched up too. I’m thinking mine might have come that way from the factory or the delivery guys did it. I remembered seeing some scratches on the handle when they delivered it but forgot about it until you just mentioned it. I had intended to contact them about it...but it was Christmas time, then corona hit...I’m currently at 7500 miles...share some pictures...I post some pics later too...
  14. I really like how Ford’s factory power steps tuck under the truck, and the chrome trim piece. But it seems like the Amp steps for the new Silverados don’t tuck under nearly as nice. Any chance of Amp or another company making some that tuck under as much as the F150s? Can you adjust how far they tuck under the truck? Also has anyone ever added the chrome trim piece to the steps? I really want power steps but I have a white LTZ, and since they don’t tuck under very good...they might stand out instead of blending in with a white chrome themed LTZ... Thanks!!
  15. I wonder if the truck alarm is going off, would it still allow you to open the garage?...Because if you lock your truck, then you should be protected. I might have to try it out tomorrow.
  16. Looks nice! But now you are going to experience unexpected rain this weekend haha. That always happens with me. One time recently with a 0% chance, it started raining right in the middle of me washing the truck haha.
  17. Nice! What made you swap? How do you like the retrax? You live anywhere near Alabama? I might be interested in bakflip for right price
  18. Oh, thats interesting. Never thought about that.
  19. ...I came here to just say that I got the crew cab short bed simply because it looks better to me. No other reasoning behind it lol. I actually like the idea of the standard bed, but it does not please my eyes lol. Let the bashing begin
  20. ...it would nice if they gave 2019/2020 models wireless CarPlay. I’d even pay for that upgrade.
  21. Adding just a single front camera would be a nice alternative to buying a bunch of cameras. Curious about the answer!
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