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  1. I need to get a tonneau cover pretty soon and have it narrowed down between the Lomax and the Roll N Lock. I had a Retrax on my previous truck but the canister took up quite a bit of room. I'm considering the Roll N Lock because it has the smallest canister on the market. I like the Lomax because it gives full bed access and I can remove the cover completely in a matter of seconds if needed. Looking for feedback on both of these covers if anybody here has either one of them.
  2. How do you like the level and ride? Any issues with balljoints, etc? Since you put the level on you have now taken away the rake of the vehicle. So now when you put a load in, the sag is more noticeable. You'll need to either add a new block in the rear or add helper airbags. I am eventually going to level but I'm likely going with the GM 2" lift so I keep my warranty intact.
  3. I definitely will. I haven't had a chance to go by there yet but I hope to later this week or weekend.
  4. I'll have to stop in the next time I pass it and see what they can print out for me.
  5. Based on how that lower surround butts up to the bottom of the grill, it doesn't look like I'll have to remove the grill. I did see three bolts on the fender that I would have to remove and assume a few on the fender liner. After that It's a mystery so I was hoping somebody had done it already. I hate pulling on parts and hoping they pop loose. Those clips they use give me anxiety.
  6. Has anybody removed the lower grill surround on the 22.5 refresh Silverado? Before I dive into taking things apart I was hoping that somebody has done it and can help me make sure I get all the clips, screws, etc off before I start prying. I'm having the front bumper wrapped and in order to be able to get the whole bumper wrapped and up under the lower surround, I needs to come off. I can only find a how-to on the early 2022 Silverado but not the new redesign.
  7. I tried the website but it didn't work. Is there a new site to order these? I'm guessing these will work for 2022.5 refresh trucks as well?
  8. Also looking for front and rear bumpers, preferably in Summit White. But, I will consider any color (as long as it isn't chrome) that I can have repainted.
  9. Yea, picked up my 2022.5 Silverado 1500 Z71 w/ LM2 that I ordered at the end of August. I tried to change it the other day but every time I tried to save it, it said the page didn't exist. I scanned the QR code on the door jam but I think it's missing some RPO codes. When I scanned it, no codes with an S showed up. Will the dealer report have more codes than what the QR code has?
  10. I'm waiting to get the RPO build sheet from my dealer since GM apparently can no longer give that information out via Chat. I was hoping there was another way I could tell without RPO codes. I tried scanning the QR code on the door jam tag to get my RPO codes but that didn't seem to work since it didn't display all of them. Not sure why GM decided to stop putting the RPO codes on the sticker.
  11. I know this post is quite old but how do you tell which rear axle supplier your truck has? My BIL has a 2020 1500 w/ 5.3 that needs some fluids changed and I have a 2022 1500 w/ LM2 that will need the fluid changed once I am through it's break-in.
  12. I am looking to buy a set of Summit White door handles for my 2022 Silverado Crew. I have the Passive entry button on both the driver and passenger doors. I currently have the chrome door handles and I'd be willing to trade if anybody wants to trade white for chrome.
  13. I'd like to know as well. I don't know the details either but remember reading that they were longer. I couldn't find any other detailed information on them.
  14. I have a 2022 Silverado 1500 LTZ and I am eventually going to add the GM 2" lift. After reading countless posts about leveling the Trail Boss/AT4 and ball joint issues (and eventually needing new upper arms and a diff drop), I'm considering just using a small block in the rear to get to level. I would love to put a 1.5" level but don't really wan to mess with new upper arms, diff drop, etc., etc. Has anybody done a reverse level either with this lift or on their Trail Boss/AT4? Based on measuring my truck as it sits now I think a 1" block would give me the slight rake I would be after.
  15. Byrds8, Did you end up going with the GM 2" lift? People seem to overlook the fact that you also get longer CVs with the 2" lift. Everybody seems to focus on the Rancho shocks but overlook the longer CVs. I'm likely going to go with this lift to retain my warranty and all the recalibrations. Then, if I ever decide to level the truck as a TB/AT4 I'll already have longer CV's to help with angles.
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