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  1. GM finally released some information on the new LZ0. GM’s New Duramax Diesel 3.0L LZ0 Engine Gets More Power, Torque No details on MPG numbers but at least we have some information.
  2. I just got notification and confirmed twice that my order was just built two or three days ago. It's currently at 3800 but no ETA. I'm waiting to find out which plant it was built in. Now the shipping/delivery waiting game begins.
  3. I ordered my 22MY mid-June and order was picked up and assigned an order number late June. Current build date is 8/1 but I need to contact GM again to see if they have an update. It was at 3400 about two weeks ago. I ordered a 2022 LTZ w/ LM2
  4. I ordered my 22MY mid-June and order was picked up and assigned an order number late June. Current build date is 8/1 but I need to contact GM again to see if they have an update. It was at 3400 about two weeks ago. I ordered a 2022 LTZ w/ LM2.
  5. Any update on your order status? I'm guessing you got an order number too? Have you checked with GM to see what event code your truck is at?
  6. I do have in writing from my dealer what the out the door price was when I ordered. I haven't heard anything from my dealer in a few weeks so I'm going to call tomorrow and see what is up. I know everything is speculation on what the LZ0 will be, but I really hope it doesn't have DFM/AFM. We all know that's one of the worst things GM has ever put in a motor.
  7. I placed an order on 6/14 for a '22 Silverado LTZ w/ 3.0. Now I'm worried about what I am actually going to get. Will I get what I ordered? Will it come with the center console shifter? For the 3.0 is it just a RPO code designation and some emissions stuff? Is it yet known what these new emissions and fuel economy changes are? I got in writing what the price will be out-the-door for the truck I ordered but worried about a price increase with the new MY. Does anybody know if there are any cosmetic changes (interior and/or exterior) with the 23MY?
  8. Very clean and extremely well maintained 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ with 166,900 miles. I bought it new in late December 2007 so it is a one owner truck. It has been garage kept its whole life except for 3 year period. Graystone Metallic with black leather interior. Has everything except the rear sliding window. Below is everything that the truck has or what I've done to it. 1. Installed the 2012 split grill and bumper along with 3M clear on bumper 2. Morimoto LED fogs along with colormatched headlights with GTR LED switchback turns and S-V.4 LED headlights 3. Halo Aluma 2.0 Coilovers and JBA upper control arms - Roughly 3" level 4. Front diff drop 5. Basically a completely new front suspension (lower control arms/ball joints, inner/outer tierods, CVs and hubs) along with new brakes front and rear. All new components have around 2,000 miles on them. 6. Rear ICON 2.0 shocks 7. Airlift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate rear bags 8. Catch can 9. Airraid MIT 10. Diablo Tuner with custom LEW Tune. AFM has been turned off since around 30,000 miles 11. RetraxPro polycarbonate bed cover with LED lighting 12. Vinyl wrapped all the wood grain interior pieces 13. Line-X, sprayed over-the-rail 14. 275/60r20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Rotated every 4,000 miles or so. 11/32 tread left. 15. Tekonsha P3 brake controller 16. WeatherTech front and rear liners 17. Vette Servo installed since 20,000 miles 18. Corsa Touring with black chrome dual tip Maintenance was done religiously with oil changed every 7,000 miles (or roughly 20% left on OLM) with full synthetic. Trans, TC and diff fluids replaced every 50-75,000 miles along with spark plugs. Complete clay, spot polish and wax 2-3 times a year. Also replaced any other wear items when needed. When I installed the JBA control arms I decided to go ahead and replace all other steering and suspension parts while I was in there. They were all fine but everything had 166,000 miles on them so it was all done as preventative. The plan was to keep the truck for an additional 3-4 years when I replaced everything but we decided to go ahead and put an order in on a new truck. I'm located just south of Nashville, TN. Asking $19,500 OBO If you want to see any other pictures, just let me know.
  9. Has anybody installed the Supreme Suspension wedge-style diff drop bracket on the Silverado? Supreme Suspension Drop Bracket I currently have one from Protune Suspension that is all aluminum but I think it might be causing my front end clunk. It is the only thing I haven't replaced or checked yet. I've tried to reach them but they have not returned multiple emails for the past month and have no phone number listed. The Supreme Suspension one is poly with aluminum inserts so I'm a little hesitant on using that one. It's the only brand I can find in the wedge-style.
  10. It was an ordeal to say the least. Shakenfake is correct. The GMT-900's don't use a relay. Everything is controlled through the BCM. You can replace the relay on the 800 series truck though, which would have been ideal.
  11. This is my current headlight. It's color-matched with LED headlights (S-V.4s) with the switchbacks. I might go back to orange LEDs but I had the same problem as the switchbacks with hyperflash, even though they have the built in resistors.
  12. Agreed. Most likely they were not aimed properly. I currently have LED bulbs in my factory housings that have been color-matched but was just going for a different look. They are currently aimed correctly since I get no flashing from oncoming vehicles. After driving my wife's company car (BMW 330i) and getting used to the headlights on that car, nothing else compares. Getting into my truck with the brightest halogens I could find, it seemed like I didn't have my lights on at all. Plus, during hunting season I'm driving down two lane rounds well into the country at 4am so I need all the light I can get. I don't really care for most of the aftermarket housings for the GMT-900 trucks either but these I like. But, after emailing Raxiom's customer service on a few questions, I don't get a good feeling after a few emails. First they asked me to give them the part number even though they don't have a products page on the website (had to pull it from americantrucks.com). Second I asked what the light output and color was and they said they couldn't give that to me since that information is not available to them. And last I asked about the warranty which they said they are not able to offer warranties on their items but their authorized dealers offer a 90 day warranty. Strike three. I found some other lights that look similar made by VLand which are clearly Chinese made and they were able to give me all the information I asked about, and offer a 1 year warranty, which is still not much. Morimoto offers a 5 year warranty, I just don't like the style.
  13. Has anybody installed Raxiom headlights? I'm looking for new headlights for my 2008 Silverado and came across these. They look like the new style headlights and are some of the better looking ones I've come across, at least for the GMT-900 series. I know the Morimoto headlights are quality but I just don't like the style. I think they look too much like the Sierra. Raxiom Projector LED Raxiom LED Curious on the quality and light output as well.
  14. How much more torque will 170 degrees really provide? That doesn't seem like much more force past 44 ft lbs.
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