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  1. Maybe, but they likely just didn’t anticipate the component shortages they are seeing. Seems like this year it will be slim availability as well. They advertised it pretty hard on the trucks because of the ability to tow while using super cruise. I’m sure they’re not happy about not being able to sell it.
  2. It was available early on in 2022 production but didn’t last long before it went “unavailable to order”. There were definitely trucks that got built with it but it hasn’t been going in trucks for many months now.
  3. Lots of variables can affect hand calculation vs DIC mpg. The biggest of those variables is How far the tank gets filled because it’s not always exactly the same. 1300 miles isn’t much of a sample size and I wouldn’t claim the dash is “incorrect” based on that. I track every single fill up, resetting the trip at each fill and also hand calculating. In my 2021 hand calculation was anywhere from 0 to 1.25 mpg higher than the DIC, averaging out at .65 mpg difference. This was over 32000 miles and 84 fill ups. in my 2022 refresh, so far in 19 full ups over 7500 miles, the overall average of all hand calculations is .34 mpg lower than the overall average of all DIC trip mpgs. I wouldn’t say that in either of my trucks the dash was “incorrect”. Something seems to have changed though (should be obvious since the truck has entirely different electrical architecture) since my hand calcs were consistently above the DIC and now they are below. Even still I consider the new truck more accurate because the averages have less of a delta.
  4. Deposit depends on the dealer. I would recommend ordering from a dealer that does not require one, unless it’s small and they will refund it should you decide you don’t want the truck for any reason. Also, agree to a trade value before ordering and make sure they will guarantee it when your new truck arrives. For timeframe, if the dealer has an allocation for what you want, the wait isn’t that long. My order was accepted mid may and I received it late June. There are a lot of factors that could affect this obviously and some trucks are being built just to sit in a lot waiting for some component. It’s impossible to tell whether or not that will affect you. I think the biggest issue I would have right now are the rising interest rates. The longer you wait, the worse it will be. Your Credit Union isn’t going to give you a vehicle loan until you purchase the vehicle, in other words, when it arrives. This means the longer it takes for it to show up the higher your rate is going to be. I agree with people when they say things are slowing. Interest rate increases are going to keep some people from buying. I don’t agree with the idea that the ****** is about to hit the fan and dealers will be practically begging people to buy cars.
  5. So, according to the radio, it does have the latest “W164.4.2” software. Dealer wants to replace the radio.
  6. standard wheels on HC are 20s with your run of the mill all season tires. 22s have always been an option. Maybe true that most end up with the 22s but it is an option and someone (dealer or customer) has to opt for that when ordering.
  7. I’m not really sure what all skid plates you get, I think it may just be the one under the transfer case. If so, you’re not missing anything at all, it’s kind of a joke and not worth the hassle. If you really need skid plates look into aftermarket products that will actually provide you with some protection.
  8. I see, I read your post wrong the first time. You’ll just have to get creative and cover the hole with something. I don’t miss the column shifter one bit, I’m so glad they got rid of it. Don’t believe anyone has done this swap yet. At least, they haven’t posted about it anywhere that I’ve seen. Post your experience afterwards. I’m sure others will be looking.
  9. I don’t think the electronic center console shifter is going to be something you can add. There’s likely programming involved that GM won’t give you. You can likely swap in the rest of the parts, retain your column shifter and just cover the hole for the console shifter. You’ll be the first to do it.
  10. Do you have the actual TSB for this? I had the CEL come on tonight and the fans are acting weird. Thinking this could be the issue. I have U0284
  11. I haven’t seen anyone talk about actually getting the front heated seat retrofit put in a Silverado/Sierra yet. I know for sure, the heated seats and steering wheel were pretty nice this morning in my 22. Glad I wasn’t missing them.
  12. Your dealer likely doesn’t have an allocation for what you ordered.
  13. Headlights were one of the big reasons I got a high country. The headlights on my 21 RST sucked.
  14. You couldn’t pay me to put Rancho shocks on my truck.
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