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  1. I was very disappointed to see that I had to pay for a subscription to get remote lock/unlock and start via the app. On my old 16 Malibu it was free.
  2. If you read this thread you’ll see that No one can post the solution because it isn’t clear. Plenty of speculation and potential causes but no smoking gun at this time.
  3. I don’t have any photos but My Husky TE250i easily fits diagonally.
  4. best of luck with it. Please post back with what they do and if you get a solution.
  5. Have you tightened the fuse box bolts to the proper torque yet? I had this happen to me one time at 1250 miles. Checked the bolts and they were far from what they were specified to be torqued to in the service bulletin. I find it hard to believe that GM has not been able to correct this issue on the assembly line in 2-3 years. Something this simple that causes such a big impact you would think they would take care of. Im not saying this is the root cause of the crank and no start but I have not had the issue again in the last 1000 miles. It is worth trying. Not sure if
  6. I had a crank, no start at 1250 miles. 2021 with LM2 built in March 2021. Is the problem still loose bolts on the fuse box? I find it hard to believe GM has still not corrected this in manufacturing.
  7. Can anyone comment on the ability to haul a dirt bike in a short bed with an Ultra/Armor Flex in the folded up position?
  8. What bed size do you have? If short bed, would you be able to measure how far the cover protrudes from the front wall of the bed when the cover is flipped up against the rear glass? I’m trying to decide on a cover, but hoping to get one I can haul dirt bikes without having to take it off.
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