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  1. While I believe it is possible to do, it’s not as simple as you may think. You can’t just add a front factory camera and have it work. There are other modules and programming (that isn’t available from GM) that are needed for that camera to work. The Video Processing module in your truck may not even have the port to plug in a front camera, I don’t believe trucks built only with a rear cam are able to accept more cameras. So, you may be looking at finding a VPM from a truck that had more cameras. You also have to get the programming on the aftermarket from a company like WAM, whiteautoandmedia.com If you want a factory front camera the easiest thing for you to do is trade in your truck for one that was built with it. Otherwise you’re going to be stuck with one of the aftermarket solutions like what @cwtech references above with a separate screen.
  2. It’s likely a 2022 limited which is a 2019-2021. Nice truck
  3. It’s likely not doable since there’s a good chance your BCM is not currently programmed to recognize and control it. That’s the case with most of these features. It’s either built with it or it will never have it since the programming is not available after the fact.
  4. I have a Silverado that’s Dark Ash Metallic. Same color as titanium rush. When I ordered there were only stock photos online. I was pretty disappointed when I started seeing videos/actual pictures and eventually trucks in person. It is unmistakably purple in bright sunlight. In low light it’s a blackish dark grey which looks pretty good. overall it’s a good looking color however Im still not that crazy about it. it has grown on me. If I could go back and choose again, I would have just gotten white. You need to find a vehicle and go see it in person. Especially when it’s sunny out.
  5. Yeah I don’t know, I didn’t save any links or anything and don’t care enough to look it up. I have without a doubt read post about motors failing and other general corrosion issues with the moving parts. There are videos on YouTube of people installing grease fittings after replacing worn out parts. My “lots” quantifier may have been slightly inaccurate but the issues are out there nonetheless. Not saying it’s a significant problem that every user will see, after all I ordered them on my truck. However I do think the amp is a superior product.
  6. Is that too high? I’m not sure it’s much different than any stock step. I don’t really recommend the the factory retractable anyhow. I wish I hadn’t ordered mine with them. I don’t think they look that good and there are lots of reports of them failing after a few years. I wish the factory steps were more like the HD or full size SUV retractable. Look at AMP Research steps. I think they come down a little lower when they fold out.
  7. I don’t know, I think his problem is more with GM service rather than the 3.0. They obviously didn’t fix the right thing or there’s another thing that’s causing the def injector to fail. If you kept having the same component fail over and over again would you just keep replacing it or would you look for the cause? There are enough of these trucks on the road and next to zero mentions online about def injector failures for me to know there’s not an inherent problem with the def injector itself. He’s got some other problem the “techs” reading the computer haven’t identified or fixed yet. Sucks for him.
  8. Well it’s certainly not for me, I wouldn’t consider that “classy” at all. I would assume most wouldn’t like it just based of the fact that you don’t see many white truck wheels for sale or on trucks. It’s obviously not “in” or popular. What matters though is whether or not YOU like it.
  9. There’s not. GM didn’t build in a way for users to disable it. Besides pressing the button obviously. There is a company selling a little module that plugs in behind the button. It essentially “presses” the button for you when the truck starts, turning it off. I’m not sure who the company is or if it works on the Refreshed 22.5 and up trucks. I never cared about it enough to look into it. AS/S doesn’t bother me.
  10. Wireless charging wasn’t in the console lid for pre refresh. It was up closer to the center stack. So no, the current location for the wireless charging slot is not the reason for deleting the tray from the console lid.
  11. The badge on the fender will say “CarbonPro” if you have the carbon bed. Also it’s not covered by a spray in bed liner (from the factory) like the normal bed will be on a Denali. Look up google images of a carbon pro bed and compare them to yours. If you’re still unsure, post a picture on the inside of your bed. Just an FYI more “hard tri fold” covers like Undercover flex, bakflip MX4, etc. are NOT waterproof. If that’s a must for you you want to look for one that specifically says it’s waterproof and avoid ones advertised as just water “resistant.”
  12. A 2022 isn’t really different than a 19-21. Under the new grill and the new dash it’s the same truck as far as towing is concerned. The towing app in the infotainment system is different but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about. Exactly what feedback are you looking for?
  13. Sorry, I wish I had a photo to share. My only regret on the truck I ordered last year is that I didn’t get the standard bed. Silly. I get by OK without it but I often find myself wishing I had the extra space.
  14. Some trucks are being built without wireless charging, likely due to just another chip shortage or supply chain issue that have become the norm over the last couple years. If your window sticker doesn’t say “includes later retrofit” (which I don’t believe wireless charging does) then you’re not gonna get it from Chevrolet on that truck. You’d have to look at the window sticker for a particular truck to know whether on not it has it.
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