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  1. I ordered in the first week of March but had to wait for an allocation. It was accepted Sometime in mid to late April. Expected delivery is 6/9 High Country with LM2
  2. And have no cell phone or any device with the ability to connect to anything at all. That stuff you tell not to send data or track, likely still does so in some capacity. I don’t get the concern. Many millions in the US have a cell phone and other connected devices, including cars. For the general public, what makes you so special or interesting that your vehicle data and/or location will be actively searched out and tracked by the gov or some company.
  3. Not sure what you are getting at. Are you suggesting that the Denali Ultimates, that come with it standard, and the Denalis/HCs that are built with that option are being delivered without that functionality? Because I haven’t seen that reported anywhere. Or are you saying that people aren’t actually receiving Denali Ultimates or other trucks with the option? Because they are. There aren’t a ton of trucks out there with super cruise but there certainly are trucks being built and delivered with it. Also, isn’t it pretty “late” in the 22 order cycle?
  4. It says late availability but there are denalis and high country’s that include this feature as well as Denali ultimates being delivered right now. They are hitting the roads. Just not many people have them yet.
  5. Clearly the panels are different, not what he asked. I doubt the door itself changed at all. Decent chance the panels would swap.
  6. GMC very clearly started that price was locked in for folks that reserved and ordered. If that’s what you did, don’t let the dealer swindle you. Look at the emails GMC was sending you, they say you’re immune from the increases.
  7. The Chat on GMC.com is not there for the sole purpose of giving people build updates. I’m sure if you asked the opinion of GM, they would say go ask your dealer. The person you’re talking to is just reading what comes up on a screen no doubt and without having knowledge of how their systems work and what information is accessible where, it would be foolish to assume this person has all the info.
  8. I wouldn’t assume chat has access to all information GMC holds and that they are willing to share it with you.
  9. The unlock feature in the Chevy app has been around a lot longer than the 22 refresh.
  10. I made the center portion of the grill black on my RST as well. This is how it should have came from the factory. Love the satin steel.
  11. Another poster mentioned it in a different thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/256642-2022-refreshed-silverado-dash-and-radio-issues/?do=findComment&comment=2581621 seems like plenty of technical glitches are showing up relating to all the refreshed tech in the interior. I can’t really say I’m surprised unfortunately. Can’t wait for mine to get here
  12. Looks like an HD to me. Not a 2022 refreshed 1500. I don’t get why this is so hard.
  13. I think it looks good on the new High Country. That’s an improvement over the old style high country. I believe the new custom also looks better than the old custom. All other trims though I prefer the old grill.
  14. I did not mean GM had issues with digital clusters. Believe I said analog in the post. Yes I do believe that progress is made. my posts were not meant to say digital clusters are bad. I was just saying that things can fail neither analog nor digital are more or less probable to have an issue. I’m not at all skeptical of the digital clusters. Other posters in this thread are, not me, read again.
  15. I’ll bet that it is not possible to add that feature after the fact. GM won’t be willing to add the programming. You’re pretty much SOL, the dealer shafted you by forgetting to add the option. Maybe you can convince them to give you a discount or free service for your inconvenience, but nothing will get this truck a power up/down tailgate if GM won’t offer the reprogramming.
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