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  1. It’s been covered before but I believe Super 3000 is only sold in Canada. ESP x2 is green in color and smells completely different from AC Delco DexosD. It’s not the “same”. I don’t know about Super 3000 because it’s not sold in the US
  2. Well I don’t believe AC Delco DexosD is the same as Mobil ESP x2 (their approved DexosD). Mobil 1 may supply AC Delco but they are selling something different for themselves. Not that this has anything to do with The OPs request for info on Amsoil. Sorry for the hijack.
  3. Orange peel, mine (2021) has a metric ****ton. What’s orange peel have to do with any epa requirement?
  4. Have them wrapped, get them painted, find painted used ones, take your pick you can buy black mirror caps from GM Your pic is crooked btw
  5. The local Napa’s stock it around here. You could have yours order it for you I’m sure. You may find it with the older label where DexosD is not included. As long as it’s Mobil part number 125386 it is the DexosD oil regardless of what the label says. You can contact Mobil and confirm this for yourself. It does seem to be out of stock most places online. I have a back order from summit that is supposed to ship this coming week. You can order it at a premium from eBay or Amazon and get it now.
  6. Rust is the iron in steel oxidizing. Aluminum oxidizes too, but unlike steel/iron, it’s oxide is (most of the time) a protective layer rather than one that will ultimately destroy the material. To the OPs issue. That looks like the front of the bar. Right behind the front tire is a pretty tough spot for anything to survive with everything being thrown up from the road. You could try to get the dealer to do something under warranty but I’m not sure how that will go.
  7. It seems to be pretty common for the 3.0. Mine does it as well. During regen it is even more prevalent. My truck did not do it at all when new And within the first 1000 miles developed the rattling under light acceleration. It bugged me and I searched all over the internet. Apparently, the injectors can be “relearned” or something which will get rid of the knock/clatter under light accel. I read information that it’s temporary relief from the noise and it will return. Someone on some forum mentioned a TSB on this but I never found it. I considered taking it to the deale
  8. Speaking only about the front, I believe if you remove the stock springs you’re going to remove the “stock lift” as well, since they are what provide it. Replace them with something and you’re adding from zero. Unless they advertise that it is 4 inches over AT4 height, then it’s 4 inches from regular Sierra height. A strut/coil over replacement will effectively remove your stock lift.
  9. Assuming he means this since he mentioned “CRR”: https://ccrsport.com/ccr-sport-bed-buddy-motorcycle-tie-down-truck-rack-full-size-60/ I don’t see how you would only mount that to only the tie down points in the corners. Aren’t they designed to bolt through the front bulkhead of the bed? I guess you could fashion a way to only mount it in the corners but I don’t think you’d have a ton of structural integrity in the middle where the bikes tie to. I get the concept, and having tie down points in the center would be nice, but since the new trucks have tie downs up high near
  10. If a truck is ordered with 22s, doesnt it ship to the dealer with steel wheels on it? What size are they? Maybe ask a dealer to buy some take offs.
  11. Meh, it was definitely most prominent on the first couple, yeah. But I catch a whiff of it still occasionally if sitting still.
  12. To save your next question, the burning smell is normal too.
  13. Speed cut off? Isn’t it like 98 mph? Man you must really not like being beside them if you need to pass them doing almost 100. No rAgrets on my 3.0 in 13,000 miles
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