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  1. Look at the sticker in the driver door jamb. It tells you the month and year it was built. That doesn’t necessarily tell you how long the dealer has had it though. You could just ask when they got it delivered?
  2. Definitely need to look at your paperwork since this is typically how it goes.
  3. I still have the loading audio issue occasionally when I start the truck. Creating a new profile didn’t fix that for me.
  4. I didn’t mean to imply it was a physical button issue when I said it’s “like” the button is being held in. I agree that it’s software. Hitting the mute/power button did nothing. Under normal operating conditions if you mute it via that button then adjust the volume it takes it off mute. During the issue, The radio is getting a signal that the volume is being adjusted up and it gets knocked off mute immediately. I don’t expect the dealer to do anything other than check for software updates. I could post what software version I have but I have no idea if that’s the latest. It was last updated by the dealer in March for a separate radio issue and I’ve had one OTA update since then so if not the latest it’s gotta be close.
  5. Happened to me this morning. I always use the steering wheel buttons to adjust volume. I was clicking it up a few notches and it just took off. Neither the knob on the dash nor the down button on the dash kept it down. It was like the up button on the wheel was being held in. I even pressed the knob to “mute” but it didn’t take since I think mute gets knocked off when you press a button to adjust the wheel. Pressing the down button on the steering wheel as fast as I could was the only thing that made it stop, likely just a coincidence. Happened again a minute later. 2022 refresh high country. It’s going to the dealer soon to do the park assist retrofit. I’m going to have them take a look.
  6. This just happened to someone I know with a 23 Sierra. He went to start it and the instrument cluster comes on for a second but turns right off. Truck doesn’t start. He drives it every day and the truck didn’t sit for more than 12 hours before the issue. Guessing it has around 4K miles on it.
  7. I’m on a mobile device, that area doesn’t show for me. the OP didn’t mention 2500 like it does now. This isn’t in the HD section.
  8. I dont think things are the same after the refresh. OP says he has a 2022 so it could go either way.
  9. This seemed to fox my issue as well. XM favorites look to work ok now, at least the channel name sets to the tab which is further than I’ve been so far. I didn’t have a chance to give it a full look but I’ll report back in a few weeks. Thanks again for the recommendation. Interesting observation. “Reset all infotainment data” seemed to work for me and that clears out the profiles so maybe deleting and creating a new profile is all it takes.
  10. I don’t believe there are any differences that would prevent them from working. I read that TB/AT4 got new upper control arms on 2023s but that doesn’t affect you.
  11. Thanks I’ll probably try it tomorrow and see what happens.
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