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  1. Thank you. I could have trimmed and tucked the edges to make it look better, but was okay with this look. Very nice texture and comfortable cushion. Just took 3 hours...
  2. This is another cheap way $17. I am pretty happy with it.
  3. I have 2019 Crew Cab WT 4x4. Mine (IOR) does exactly same thing plus frozen screen and sudden ramping to the max volume. To enjoy music/listen to radio while driving, sometimes I have to park and wait for 15~20 minutes with engine off. This is my first Chevy... I had never had this kind issue for the past 30 years with other cars/SUVs. Again, dealer already changed my radio right after 1st oil change, but the same issue has occurred likely once a week. Dealer does not know what the cause is. I don't understand why Chevy cannot figure it out what is going on, though tons of people experience "EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE". Is Chevy incompetent, unwilling, ignoring, or all?
  4. Yes... What I heard is although IOR has an update feature, actually it cannot be updated. Sad...
  5. I have heard IOR cannot be updated, which sucks for my truck.
  6. I am looking for Bilstein front shocks (part#: 24-293297) that look like "out of stock/back order"... Although Bilstein is so papular, why is it so difficulty to buy them? Where can I buy them?
  7. I am using the factory interlocking mats without anchors for my 2019 1500 WT. Yes, x 100 better than others. No problems at all.
  8. Thank you for the good answers. So if I don't do any height adjustment which means remaining in a stock height while installing Bilstein 5100, I won't have warranty issues except for the front shocks themselves?
  9. Believe or not, I had a bad experience with changing shocks with lift kit. Make a long story short, I had to sell my 4-year-old Wrangler Unlimited because of death wobble 1 year after installation of new shocks with 2-inch lift. The local shop who installed them & even Jeep dealer could not find the cause of death wobble and asked for $$$$ to pursue it. Almost killed by my wife, had to drive a minivan for years until I purchased a 2019 1500 WT 4.3L crew cab short box. Then I have learned death wobble often occurs in solid axle vehicles, especially with lifted. Can changing front shocks in Silverado cause any potential serious problem (like totally unexpected death wobble in Wrangler)? I installed rear shocks by myself 6 months ago and have felt great. Now, time to do the front (part# 24-293297) but installation looks complicated than the rear (and I don't have spring compressors and even jack stands). Also require an alignment after installation anyway. Where did you install them, in a local shop or dealer? How much did you pay for it? Can any local car shop do it or I need to go to a truck shop? Does it void any warranty except for the shocks themselves? Again, because of my bad experience, sorry for many silly questions. Thank you.
  10. I have heard there is a notable improvement in riding quality after front/rear springs have been retuned by GM since 2020 model year (some auto reviewers say better than F150…). I know many replace stock shocks with aftermarkets (e.g. Bilstein… I also did it with 5100s rear only) to reduce bouncy riding. Just curious, if new retuned springs are good enough, it might be better to install them on 2019 rather than pursue aftermarket shocks/struts... Anyone tried or already replaced stock 2019 springs with 2020/2021s? Can anyone of 2020/2021 post your front/rear spring part#s for future reference? Mine for 2019 1500 4.3L Crew Cab short box WT are 84168560 for front and 84469777 for rear. Any thought? Thank you.
  11. I have already installed Bilstein 5100 shocks in the rear. Yes, they made difference but I want a little more steady riding. Is riding quality with tuned suspension way better than 2019 with rear Bilstein 5100s. In the future, should I further install Bilstein in the front or replace 2019 front/rear springs with 2021? Kind of a stupid question but no clear way to check except for asking here for advices. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the info. Is there notable improvement in riding quality between 2019 and 2020/2021? If I put new springs on my 2019, it will be the same as 2020/2021?
  13. One of famous car YouTubers said 2020 Silverado 1500 had most truckish riding. Ram was best and F-150 was 2nd. The same YouTuber now says 2021 is 2nd. F-150 is 3rd. Are suspensions of 2021 different from 2020? How about 2019? Mine is 2019. Thanks.
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