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  1. FYI, I had to return the lights to my dealer because it requires programing for my WT after installation (a program code on the instruction in the box as well). Dealer said $130~140s for programing. I think paying ~$300 (part $155 + $130~140 for programing) is not worth for this. Thank you.
  2. How bright are they? Bright enough to find something on the bed at night or should I look for another aftermarket one?
  3. Thank you for the answer. Does it require dealer programing to activate after the installation? Or just good to go…
  4. 2019 WT crew cab short box. I want to install this cargo light kit but cannot find any installation instruction or video for 2019~. I found some in YouTube for 2015 (installed under the bedrails) but not 2019~. Is it the same? As per GM website, it is $155 (part No 84659238 ) which is only for one unit or a pair? Do I have to buy any wiring harness too? If anyone already installed this, please let me know. Thank you.
  5. I have a 2019 1500 Crew Cab bench seat and need to take 5 passengers for a long trip frequently. However, I am concerned that the headrest for the rear middle seat is too short to be properly positioned and the front middle seat does not have a headrest at all (F-150 has it!!!). I suffered from whiplash pretty badly when rear-ended a few years ago. Any idea to solve this issue? Is there any place to install GM headrest guide/bracket and headrest for the front middle seat (I already asked my dealer but they couldn't)? Does any other headrest of the different cars/trucks fit to the rear middle seat of our Silverado? Any other neck brace/gear (even football/dirt bike gears) that can prevent hyperextension of the neck when rear-ended?
  6. My shocks (24-293297) will arrive soon. The dealer says they don't install aftermarket parts because of a warranty issue. Local shops ask $400~1000 for installation only. I watched YouTube and decided to do it by myself. I need to rent spring compressors, but also have a few questions. Mine is 2019 1500 WT crew cab 4x4 short box (I will keep the stock height). 1. How did you remove the top 3 nuts? It seems that there is not enough space to put a wrench/socket attached to a socket wrench/even torque wrench later. I took a loot at the engine bay to approach from the top but they look very busy many things blocking the nuts. Also. how did you remove the plastic parts holding wires sitting on the nuts (just pop them up?)? Any tips to do remove and retighten the top 3 nuts easily? Do I have to remove the wheel liners? 2. Did you loosen the sway bar link to make a little bit more play before taking out the shocks? or can I just skip this part? 3. Using spring compressors are most worrisome. If I use them correctly, is it going to be safe? Any tips? (I don't have 2nd car to bring them to a local mechanic) 4. the instruction on Bilstein website says "OEM Spring Seat (Resting on Supplied Bilstein Spring Seat Adapter)" This means the OEM spring seat has to be put on top of supplied Bilstein spring seat adapter? Stupid question but want to make sure. 5. Did you guys use the supplied Bilstein flange lock nuts (1 for top and 2 to the bottom) or just the OEM flange lock nuts? From my research, the Bilstein flange lock nuts sometimes give noise and also has less torque spec at 19 ib/ft than original 37 lb/ft. I want to use the OEM nuts with 37 lb/ft torque. Which way should I go? 6. Is alignment optional/recommended or must to be done after installation? If my truck drives well, can I skip? Thank you.
  7. Thank you. I could have trimmed and tucked the edges to make it look better, but was okay with this look. Very nice texture and comfortable cushion. Just took 3 hours...
  8. I have 2019 Crew Cab WT 4x4. Mine (IOR) does exactly same thing plus frozen screen and sudden ramping to the max volume. To enjoy music/listen to radio while driving, sometimes I have to park and wait for 15~20 minutes with engine off. This is my first Chevy... I had never had this kind issue for the past 30 years with other cars/SUVs. Again, dealer already changed my radio right after 1st oil change, but the same issue has occurred likely once a week. Dealer does not know what the cause is. I don't understand why Chevy cannot figure it out what is going on, though tons of people experience "EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE". Is Chevy incompetent, unwilling, ignoring, or all?
  9. Yes... What I heard is although IOR has an update feature, actually it cannot be updated. Sad...
  10. I have heard IOR cannot be updated, which sucks for my truck.
  11. I am looking for Bilstein front shocks (part#: 24-293297) that look like "out of stock/back order"... Although Bilstein is so papular, why is it so difficulty to buy them? Where can I buy them?
  12. I am using the factory interlocking mats without anchors for my 2019 1500 WT. Yes, x 100 better than others. No problems at all.
  13. Thank you for the good answers. So if I don't do any height adjustment which means remaining in a stock height while installing Bilstein 5100, I won't have warranty issues except for the front shocks themselves?
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