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  1. If your going all out go get a fuel injection service done and make sure you get the actual service where they clean through the fuel rail.
  2. Did the brake feel spongy at all? Like right after they put in the brake booster/master cylinder?
  3. Loose connection I believe, near the firewall
  4. I’ve inquired about this before because one side was squatting more than the other. Tech told me they hardly ever fail and to inspect for cracks but I’m still wanting to do it because even when I’m on empty it’s squatting on the driver side.
  5. Try relearning throttle position sensor before doing anything else, just YouTube it it’s so fast.
  6. I have the same problem and the only possible answer I got is leaf springs. The other is gas tank weighing the other side down.
  7. I’ll have to check. But by the time I had the third alignment I was pretty much losing confidence. It was done at the shop I work at and it’s calibrated bi weekly so it should’ve been done right.... SHOULD.
  8. Did this issue ever come back? I’ve had the same damn problem for a year now and put new tires and rims on. I’ve been told to try new shock but I’m not doing that if I don’t feel like they’re bad. I already did tie rods for the hell of it because I had a little chop.
  9. Had this truck for a couple years now and can’t seem to figure out why I keep have re occurring inner tire wear. I’ve had ball joints, tie rods checked for play, even had 3 alignment but it’s just not going well. Shocks are good supposedly, I have low profile tires so it’s always been a little bumpy. I just don’t want to replace anything that I don’t have to. Any ideas?
  10. I got this truck with a one inch drop shackle in the rear and the bushings were completely gone, that’s exactly what I was hearing and took me a year to figure it out.
  11. Man I work in an automotive shop and I’ve had them check everything 3 times! I even thought I had a bent rim so I replaced all my wheels and tires too, still nothing. They’ve tested literally everything and all they can diagnose is slight play in my u joint... so basically I’m going to wait until my rear end blows up and hope somehow what I’m feeling in the front is coming from the back.... good luck man.
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